Pendragon Patch 1.125

Posted by John Thornhill | 2018 Oct 11 20:17 -0400 GMT
Patch 1.125 is now up on the Pendragon test server!

Friends and frenemies,

The wait is over. Our fingers may be numb and tired, our eyes dry and drooping, but patch 1.125 is here and the day seems brighter already.

The crisp Spring and humid Summer weather has come and gone but nothing beats a perfect Autumn day for the launch of a major version (even to our test server) - especially one that coincides with Dark Age of Camelot's 17th anniversary month.

Patch 1.125 is chock full of updates and fixes that we're confident you'll enjoy. Bountycrafting is here with the ability to earn end-game gear exclusively through RvR.

Better yet, despite the previous Producer's letter warning of difficulties with the Race, Gender, and Name changes, we're ecstatic to announce that all 3 are in 1.125 and the mechanism for them is streamlined and part of the character customization interface. We know you're going to love how it works! Several much-requested bug fixes and client/server performance measures have been implemented as well.

But before you dive into the full notes, we'd like to humbly request your help.

Yes, you.

We need your help to ensure that this patch launches as smoothly as possible. The Race, Gender, and Name change feature is something we want you all to use A LOT and it involves fundamental changes to characters - the more eyes looking at it and trying to break it the better! Any major bugs found will be handsomely rewarded!

Additionally, the Bountycraft system has a TON of items available to be crafted and woe be us if, despite our testing and re-testing, one of the recipes has the wrong ingredient listed or crafts a different item than intended. Users that have experienced crashes at specific locations in cities or dungeons and users that occassionally see other characters and monsters disappear should visit Pendragon and see if those issues are all cleared up!

Finally, there are many, many RvR-related changes that will affect how siege warfare is waged in the frontier and battlegrounds. We'll be hosting some events while 1.125 is on Pendragon and we encourage you all to come out and enjoy the fun!

Without further ado, check out the rest of the patch's highlights below or better yet read the notes in their entirety by clicking the image-link! 


John Thornhill

Important Note:
  • We highly suggest duplicating your game directory and using the duplicate copy as a Pendragon-only game directory *before* patching and testing on Pendragon.
    • ​This means duplicating the entire "Labyrinth" folder (usually found at C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\Labyrinth) to another location and using that copied folder exclusively for Pendragon testing.
    • If you do not do this, you *will* experience issues when patching from Pendragon back to live.
      • To force the live client to fix these issues, you will need to delete the mft.myp in your game's directory and then run the camelot.exe patcher again.
For those interested in testing on Pendragon, follow the character copy process here!


  • Race, Gender, AND Name change services are now available for purchase at the Mithril shop!
  • Your votes have been tallied and 2 new race/class combinations are available in each realm!
  • Earn your end-game gear exclusively through Realm vs Realm with the new Bountycrafting system!
  • Keep difficulty, ram and siege tower adjustments plus new gatehouse doors spice up siege warfare!
  • Check out the new dynamic keep-objectives in the Molvik battleground!
  • New streamlined RvR quests and rewards await!
  • Client improvements and fixes galore!
  • Stay on top of the new class adjustments and read the notes!

Midsummer, Traveling Merchants, and Hot Fix Notes

Posted by John Thornhill | 2018 Jul 26 11:58 -0400 GMT

Midsummer Event update: The Spirit of War's Mark buff now applies to all players in the same zone that the Spirit of War is in, instead of just in a radius immediately around the keep. This also extends credit out to the entire zone for the [Midsummer] Spirit of War kill-quest. Happy hunting!

The Midsummer celebration is upon us with a brand new event! Midsummer and the traveling merchants will run from today, July 26th, 2018, through August 28th, 2018.

Read on for the full notes, including some Hot Fixes which are now live!

1.124D Live Hot Fix Notes

Posted by John Thornhill | 2018 Mar 28 12:06 -0400 GMT
The following notes are now live. Thanks to all on your ongoing feedback and bug reports!


Class Changes


  • The Arcane Weapon Shard 3 of 3 should be dropping normally once again.
  • The Cursed Dream Gauntlet’s The Dream Stone /use2 has had its effectiveness reduced from +33% mez dampen down to +20%.
  • The healing-effectiveness spells on the following items have been reduced:
    • Cloak of the Loyal Paladin’s /use2: reduced from +25% to +12% healing-effectiveness
    • Cloak of the Loyal Cleric’s /use2: value remains at 10% but it is no longer a buff to heals cast on its affected targets; it is now a normal healing-effectiveness buff instead.
      • This means it will no longer co-exist or stack with the Cloak of the Paladin’s /use2 ability, or any other healing-effectiveness buffs; the higher value effect will overwrite any lower values.
    • The Cursed Life Gauntlets’ /use2: reduced from +25% to +10% healing-effectiveness. Duration is increased from 5 to 10 minutes.
  • The Ghostly Medal of Valor /use Ghostly Regeneration has had its heal value reduced from 10%/tick to 7%/tick.
  • Illusion /uses and spells should now only last their intended duration and should no longer become “stuck” on the target for the duration of the first illusion’s effect.
    • This means if an illusion with a 10 minute duration is active, like Shades of Mist, and a 60s illusion is subsequently applied, like the Bat-form from the Halloween Helms, the Shades of Mist form will return when the Bat-form’s duration has run its course.
  • Minstrel’s Unyielding and Freezing Vagabond Vests’ Ravage ability now properly gives the Minstrel’s pet the damage boost instead of the Minstrel.


Envenom specialization

  • Tranquilizing Miasma has had its duration reduced from 10s to 8s.
  • The weaponskill and stat debuff poison has been adjusted as follows:
    • The strength and dexterity stat debuff components of this poison have been removed entirely.
    • The constitution stat debuff component and values remain unchanged.
    • The weaponskill debuff component has been increased as follows to compensate:
      • Level 7 – Weakening Poison – weaponskill debuff component increased from 5% to 8%.
      • Level 17 – Inhibiting Poison – weaponskill debuff component increased from 8% to 11%.
      • Level 27 – Enervating Poison – weaponskill debuff component increased from 10% to 15%.
      • Level 37 – Unnerving Poison – weaponskill debuff component increased from 14% to 20%.
      • Level 47 – Touch of Death – weaponskill debuff component increased from 19% to 28%.
    • This change was made to consolidate effects by removing the extraneous strength and dexterity debuff effects.
      • The weaponskill debuff values were increased so that debuffed targets will deal about the same melee damage as they did prior to the removal of the strength and dexterity debuff components.


  • The Amber Simulacrum pet now runs at normal + sprint speed.


  • The Underhill Stalker pet now runs at normal + sprint speed.

Enchantments specialization

  • All levels of the single-target, 30s duration healing-effectiveness buffs have had their healing effectiveness values reduced by half.


Enhancements specialization

  • All levels of the casted, single-target strength, constitution, and dexterity debuffs have been changed as follows:
    • The strength, constitution, and dexterity debuffs are now instant-cast, PBAoE spells, with a 350 radius.
    • The debuff values remain unchanged.
    • The strength and dexterity debuffs share a 15s timer.
    • The constitution debuff is on its own 15s timer.


  • The Umbral Aegis pet should once again land melee attacks on its targets.
  • The Plated Fiend pet now runs at normal + sprint speed.

Death Servant Baseline

  • A pet-target casted heal has been added as follows:
    • Level 13 – Animate Flesh – Heals pet for 41 hp – 3.0 cast speed – 8 power – 2000 range
    • Level 23 – Animate Blood – Heals pet for 88 hp – 3.0 cast speed – 17 power – 2000 range
    • Level 33 – Animate Muscle – Heals pet for 152 hp – 3.0 cast speed – 22 power – 2000 range
    • Level 43 – Animate Body – Heals pet for 244 hp – 3.0 cast speed – 28 power – 2000 range
    • If currently logged in, please zone or relog to see these new spells.


Augmentation specialization

  • All levels of the single-target, 45s duration healing-effectiveness buffs have had their healing effectiveness values reduced by half.


  • The Spirit Hunter pet and its Spirit Avatar now run at normal + sprint speed.


Witchcraft specialization

  • The group-target heal-effectiveness chant has had its healing effectiveness reduced as follows:
    • Level 34 – Calming Incantation – Reduced from 10% to 8% healing effectiveness
    • Level 45 – Calming Incantation – Reduced from 15% to 10% healing effectiveness


  • The Night's Servant pet now runs at normal + sprint speed.

Bug Fixes

  • The Midgard Dragon’s Curse Chapter 9.2 encounter’s barriers now reset properly at the beginning of the encounter.
  • Vulcan will no longer occasionally attack Golestandt during the Albion Dragon’s Curse Chapter 7 encounter.
  • Several items have had their missing stat value added:
    • The Incandescent Black Jewel, Shrunken Bear Skull, Water Bound Gem, Dark Crystalized Poison Sac, Hob Hunter Gem, and Darkseed Sleeves all now correctly have +20 hits cap.
    • The Hammer and Sword of Evisceration both now correctly have +5% thrust resist.
    • The Envenomed Choker now correctly has +3 envenom skill.
  • Players will no longer be temporarily snared when using NPC teleports in housing.


Live Server Maintenance and 1.124D Hot Fix Notes

Posted by John Thornhill | 2018 Feb 12 13:33 -0500 GMT
Update 10:40 AM EST / 3:40 PM GMT: Ywain, Gaheris, and Pendragon are now open to all players!

Ywain, Gaheris, and Pendragon will be coming down tomorrow, February 13th, at 5:45 AM EST / 10:45 AM GMT to perform some additional server maintenance.

Estimated downtime is no more than 8 hours.

These 1.124D hot fix notes will be live when the servers return:


  • Love and bonuses are in the air!
  • Pets and pet-based classes have received much-warranted attention!
  • Improved Mercenary and Hunter RR5s!
  • Assassin and several other class changes abound!
  • Item changes and bug fixes, galore!

Live Hot Fix Notes

Posted by John Thornhill | 2018 Jan 12 17:10 -0500 GMT
A few hot and ready bug fixes and adjustments, mostly involving A Dragon's Curse campaign, are below! We'll have some more class-centric changes coming in the next week or two, so stay tuned and keep sending in your feedback!


  • Doppelganger Shards and Magic Orbs can now be used anywhere, including the capital cities and housing zones.
    • This fix should also address the issue with stealth classes that could sometimes /use these shards or orbs and then stealth and not receive their items.
  • Nearsight cures will now only remove the nearsight aspect of the Golden Scarab's Vest proc and not the snare and shapeshift too.
  • The following Curse Chapter 9 set bonuses should now properly apply their respective ability upgrades (many of these have been fixed since before the new year but are being retroactively noted):
    • Bainshee
    • Eldritch
    • Spiritmaster
    • Sorcerer
    • Valkyrie
    • Wizard
    • Healer
    • Scout
    • Minstrel
    • Reaver
  • Several Curse Chapter 9 chestpiece and leggings icons have been corrected to display the appropriate armor slot.
  • Heal procs on Curse Chapter 9 armors should now all fire properly.
  • Necromancer Bloodlord's Armor should no longer drop as "tattered" from the Curse Chapter 9 instance.
  • Valewalker's set bonus has been increased from +33% to +66% additional absorption.

A Dragon's Curse Campaign 

  • All realms Chapter 10:
    • Encounters now award area credit.
      • Please note that to receive area credit, players must be within the magical barriers that are active during the encounters.
      • These encounters will no longer grant credit to any battlegroups that are setup.
    • It is no longer possible to receive the glove reward without first completing Chapter 6's quest.
  • All realms Chapter 8:
    • Encounters now award area credit.
    • The countdowns between attack waves have been reduced from 30-300 seconds down to 30-60 seconds.
  • Albion Chapter 9:
    • Janus should always reset his encounter properly now.
    • Some of the normal mobs and Albion's 9.3 encounter have had their difficulties reduced to better align their difficulty with the Midgard and Hibernia versions.
  • All realms Chapter 7:
    • Encounters now all award area credit.
      • Please note that to receive area credit, players must be within the magical barriers that are active during the encounters.
  • Albion Chapter 7:
    • The barrier will now properly reset when the encounter is completed.
  • Albion Chapter 6:
    • Morella's ability to mesmerize has been removed.
  • Midgard Chapter 6:
    • The Dark Oracle and Dark Drakulv will no longer aggro as a group.
  • Hibernia Chapter 6:
    • The Glimmer Ghoul and Dark Glimmer have been relocated to alleviate line-of-sight issues.
    • Additional instructions have been added to direct players to the proper pathway upon clearing the second area in Aerus City.
    • Avriels have had their difficulty reduced slightly.

Midwinter Festival Returns

Posted by John Thornhill | 2017 Dec 19 07:32 -0500 GMT
In celebration of the Midwinter Festival, we have the following notes (including one Hot Fix!) for you:


Hot Fix
  • Buggane's Obelisk will no longer spawn at the Lucan's Summit, Uald Heights, or Cavana Drift locations.
    • The obelisk can still spawn at the three realm maze locations or on Ellan Vannin.
      • The chance for it to spawn on Ellan Vannin is now double that of any of the maze locations.
Midwinter Festival
  • The Frozen Medal of Honor and Frozen Cloaks of Midwinter are once again available!
  • Battleground Presents are there to be gathered!
  • 50% RP, BP, and XP bonuses are now live!
  • The Traveling Merchants have made their winterly return to the realms!
  • The Frozen Cavern instance will not return with Midwinter and instead will be available in a separate event in late January.

Midwinter will start today, December 19th, and will run until January 15th, 2018.
The 12 days of Midwinter event will begin on Thursday, December 21st!

Read on for more details!

A Dragon's Curse Campaign: Chapter 10 and Hot Fix Notes

Posted by John Thornhill | 2017 Dec 12 18:43 -0500 GMT


Live Hot Fix Notes #2

Posted by John Thornhill | 2017 Nov 21 12:11 -0500 GMT
Feedback on patch 1.124C has been rolling in and it's been great to read all of your thoughts! With that in mind, here are a few notes for your perusal!

Ruined Areas

  • Grouped characters that are within 3,500 in-game units of the center of the ruined areas at Folley Lake, The Trellebourg, and Moydruim Castle will have their Buggane's Folly, Lone Wolf, and unlocked obelisk-teleport buffs forcibly removed.
    • Judging by the feedback we've received on these areas, they are clearly a big hit! Possibly too-big of a hit. This change is meant to alleviate and disincent some of the group-traffic in the areas but is NOT designed to eliminate it. These areas are still a part of the Frontiers and we do not intend to create any areas where only certain types of players or playstyles can venture. While we can encourage a certain type of play in some areas, the Frontiers are a sandbox for all playstyles and players. This change follows in that vein and is designed to encourage one type of play without also eliminating the other playstyles.
  • Minstrel pets should no longer stop for a split-second when casting the Song of Everlasting Fervor (celerity).
A Dragon's Curse

Chapter 9

  • Loot chests from defeating each boss in A Dragon's Curse campaign Chapter 9 instance will now disappear 60 seconds after spawning. Be sure to get your loot!
  • Loot chests should now always drop something in Chapter 9's instance:
    • Some items from previous chapters, as well as Pure aurulite, have been given a small chance to drop.
    • Cracked aurulite has been added to the loot chests that will drop if no other item is received.
    • These additions do not affect the existing chance of getting your class' set armor or the existing small chance at getting any class' set armor.
  • Sleeves, Chest-pieces, and Leggings/Boots from Chapter 9's instance that were missing armor procs now have them. Characters that do not see the procs when delving the items may need to zone or relog.
    • Procs are as follows:
      • 150 absorption ablative proc, 50% damage absorbed
      • 120 point heal proc
  • Several classes' erroneous Set Bonus descriptions have been adjusted to reflect their actual ability upgrades.
    • Please note that the ability upgrades are meant to be useful, but not game-changing, and to work with most/all specializations within each class.
Bug Fixes

  • A Dragon's Curse Chapter 7 and Chapter 8 encounters in all realms should now award credit more reliably.
  • The Pure Aurulite reward for completing the Chapter 9 quests should be correctly awarded now.
  • Chapter 9's Ingolf encounter should reset properly now.
  • Chapter 9's Najah's damage protection shatter should correctly trigger now.
  • Chapter 9's Varshe should now correctly toggle between his modes with the correct visual cues.
  • The Undead NPC in Camelot now shows its pending quest step knot on [Curse] A Friendly Face.
  • Please note that we are still looking into issues with the [Daily Quest] The Solo Road quest credit. There seems to be a disrepancy between the solo kill stat and the solo kill credit from the quest that is unrelated to the region restrictions added to the quest. Given the fast action occuring at the ruined areas, this pre-existing issue is simply being noticed more often. Unfortunately, fixing this will require server downtime and so this fix likely won't be until our next major version.
  • Please note that we are also still looking into several client-related crashes and will have fixes for these out as soon possible!

1.124C Live Client Hot Fix

Posted by John Thornhill | 2017 Nov 16 17:20 -0500 GMT
The servers have only been up a short while and we've already witnessed some incredible action and fights in and around the ruined areas and the routes to and from them!

We've been keeping an eye on all of the issues reported and have a quick batch of fixes ready! Please note that players will need to relog to desktop and run the patcher to fix most of these!

  • Fix for the 'warping' movement of other clients' characters.
  • Fix for some missing textures on certain Race/Gender/Hair combinations.
  • Dead characters should no longer be nearest-target-able and their names should appear with the correct color and at the correct height.
  • Stealthers can now stealth when the Lone Wolf buff is active.
  • Any characters experiencing a Lone Wolf buff that only lasts for a short, 60s duration when used should replace their Token of the Lone Wolf at the nearest Ruined area obelisk. Once replaced the buff will correctly refresh its duration every 60s.
  • The Lone Wolf buff now lasts through death. It still is removed on grouping, logout, or zoning.
  • The [Daily Quest] Solo Road Quest should be awarding players credit correctly now.
  • Necromancers should no longer lose health and receive a resist buff when casting their level baseline lifedrain spells.

Live Server Maintenance (AWS) and 1.124C Live Patch Notes

Posted by John Thornhill | 2017 Nov 15 20:35 -0500 GMT
Update 12:20 PM EST / 5:20 PM GMT: All servers are back online!

Please note that a few tweaks have been made to the [Daily Quest] The Solo Road and to the Blacksmith Band item based on your feedback, as we well as some additional clarity on the Currency Exchange merchant stores! Check out the patch notes below for the full details!

The Ywain and Gaheris servers will be coming down tomorrow, November 16th (5:45 AM EST / 10:45 AM GMT) to perform Amazon Server Hosting maintenance. In addition to the maintenance, the Dragon Curse Chapter 9 encounter and the following RvR, class changes, and bug fixes will go live when the servers are back online.

Due to the amount of hosting-related maintenance work, servers are expected back up within 9 hours. Fortunately, this should be the last AWS-based maintenance for several months.

These 1.124C patch notes will be live when the servers return:


  • Check out the new solo-oriented objective in Folley Lake, The Trellebourg, and Moydruim Castle areas!
  • Chapter 9 of the Dragon Curse Campaign is here with a new instance loot-reward system!
  • New item stat caps to Hit Points and Mythical Resists!
  • Buggane’s Obelisk is no longer as easy to camp!
  • Client and server stability has been improved!