Getting Started

Chapter 1: Getting Started

Important Things to Know

Before you get started on purchasing your new home, here are some important things you should know:

  • Houses cost rent
  • Houses can be very expensive
  • Houses can be either personal or guild houses
  • You can set permissions to give access to others.

If you are satisfied with these important aspects of housing and still wish to build your own home or guildhall, then let's move on through the manual and get started!

NOTE: You can also bring up the manual in-game by typing:



Finding Your Housing Zone

Each realm has six housing zones available for players to populate:

Albion Housing Zones

  • Caerwent
  • Rilan
  • Dalton
  • Old Sarum
  • Brisworthy
  • Aylesbury
  • Chiltern
  • Sherbourne
  • Stoneleigh

Directions: (Loc 0,5696,40704) After you cross the Cotswold bridge toward Camelot, turn to your left and proceed in a southward direction. The player housing zone will be on your right hand side.

Hibernia Housing Zones

  • Meath
  • Torrylin
  • Kilcullen
  • Dunshire
  • Saeranthal
  • Aberillan
  • Tullamore
  • Moycullen
  • Broughshane

Directions: (Loc 207,11136,62080) Just head out of Tir na Nog's North Gate into Connacht and then turn down the road heading to the southwest and you'll see the entrance to the Player Housing on the left hand side.

Midgard Housing Zones

  • Eirikstaad
  • Carlingford
  • Wyndham
  • Arothi
  • Frisia
  • Kaupang
  • Holmestrand
  • Nittedal
  • Stavgaard

Directions: (Loc 100,60864,50240) From Mularn's bindstone, head due east to enter the Player Housing zone.

Maps: Maps of the housing zones can be found on the Housing Zone Map page of this manual.

Staking Your Claim

Before you lies a vast territory to stake your claim. Before you can begin construction of your new home, you must first stake out your property. Each realm has its own unique housing zone. Property has already been divided up into lots and marked by distinct markers. We've arranged these lots into small villages of 10 lots each and each lot has a sign with a house number. Some villages may be more desirable than others, as they may be located near a picturesque waterfront or with scenic overlooks.

The price of any lot will change with time in the reverse auction process described below. Once you choose the location, it's time to claim your property. To do this, just double click on the marker and you will get a confirmation of your intention to purchase the property and a notification of its cost.

Reverse Auction

In the reverse auction process, house lots start at a high price of 95 platinum, and then prices will step down at steady time increments of 1.2 platinum per real time hour. Eventually, lots will reach a set low price of 300 gold - where they will remain until purchased. At any point in time, players can check the price of a lot, and purchase it immediately, if they wish to purchase it at that price. Or they can wait for a lower price, and purchase the lot if no one else has.

When a house lot becomes available through repossession, the lot prices will reset to the starting auction price of 95 platinum, and drop again until purchased.

Choosing Your House


You can purchase your deed by right-clicking on your lot marker after you have purchased the lot.
Or you can speak with a deed merchant in the local marketplace.
A housing deed is used for building or upgrading your house.
There is also a title which will be discussed later in the manual.

Congratulations! You have just bought property.

Now it's time to build your house. to view a list of houses and their purchase prices. The larger the house, the more expensive the deed and the more expensive the weekly rent will be. Purchase the deed for the house you would like to place. The deed will now be in your inventory. Now you can build your house by dragging the deed icon on to your lot marker. Your dream house will appear in front of you.

Type Name Cost Weekly Rent Merchants Tools Vault Bindstone
Tier 1 Cottage 1p 20 gold 3 1 1 1
Tier 2 House 5p 35 gold 4 2 2 1
Tier 3 Villa 10p 60 gold 5 3 4 1
Tier 4 Mansion 25p 100 gold 6 3 8 1

Be careful, simply buying the house deed and placing the house is only the first step.

You will have to pay a weekly rent on your house and the larger the house, the larger the rent will be. A wise house owner may wish to pay the rent immediately before beginning to decorate. This will ensure they don't spend all their money on the many wonderful items to accent their home and be unable to pay the rent!


Houses at night
Very Important: From the moment you buy your lot, you will have 7 days from this point to pay your rent. Please note, the rent timer starts with the purchase of the lot, not the house. If you have not built a house by the 7th day, the lot will be repossessed and the reverse auction will begin again.

In order to pay your rent, first press Info on the housing interface to see how much your rent will be. Then click out the number of coins you need and then drag the coin icon on to the outside or inside wall of the house. This money is now in your "lockbox."

To see how much you have deposited in your lockbox, press "Info" again.

If you want to upgrade or downgrade your house later, you can do so by talking to the merchants in the Housing Market area and purchasing the deed for a larger or smaller house. When you upgrade to a larger house, you will receive back the deed for the housing type you are replacing. Downgrades and "side-grades" (Gaheris and Mordred-only) will not return a deed. Please remember that upgrading your house changes your rent price but does not change the rent due date. When you have finished upgrading your house, it is a good idea to deposit enough money in the lockbox to cover the new rent charges immediately. Please be aware that during the construction process of upgrading or downgrading a house, all porches are destroyed.

When downgrading or upgrading a house, you should remove the items from the vaults and merchants first. Remove all items from the inside and from the outside of the house including the vaults and merchants. If you fail to remove all items before upgrading or downgrading the house, they will not transfer to the new house type and be unable to reclaim.

Very Important: When you downgrade a house you do not get back a deed.

Please note: The only way to free a house lot is to stop paying the rent and allow the house to be repossessed.

For information on purchasing and maintaining a guild house, please click here!

Housing Options for PvE and PvP Servers

If you play on the PvE Server (Gaheris) or on one of the PvP Server (Mordred) the teleporters in the capital cities and Shrouded Isles will now offer a teleport to the front door of your home.

In addition, new teleporter NPC's are waiting in the housing market areas to port you to the other realm's market areas as well as the original teleport locations for the original teleporters.

In Albion:

Master Torrel - Caerwent Market
Master Gerrard - Rilan Market
Master Seglen - Dalton
Master Cormanth - Old Sarum
Master Caladar - Brisworthy
Master Caroy - Aylesbury
Stor Gothi Goreg - Erikstaad Market
Seran - Meath Market

In Midgard:

Stor Gothi Magra - Arothi
Stor Goti Grentor - Wyndham
Stor Gothi Agreg - Carlingford
Stor Gothi Goreg - Erikstaad
Stor Gothi Magra - Frisia
Stor Gothi Leidar - Kaupang

In Hibernia:

Seran - Meath
Maran - Torrylin
Gerta - Kilcullen
Yirbryn - Dunshire
Muirinn - Saeranthal
Neras - Aberillan

On Mordred and Gaheris servers, players can acquire houses not of their realm from the NPC merchants or through title trading. When the player attempts to purchase items from the interior/exterior store, and from hookpoints, the store windows show items from that player's realm, not the realm of their house. Note that cross-realm merchants for your house hookpoints are available for sale at the central marketplace, as well. All players buying from, say, an Albion materials merchant, will have access to Albion materials, regardless of the player's own realm.

On both PVP and PVE servers, players may buy one house for each realm they have a character in. Basically, this means that in each realm you can own a house, for a total of 3 houses on a single account. However, you cannot build two houses in the same housing zone, and a character cannot own more than one house at a time.

Upgrading a house on these servers also works a bit differently. In order to upgrade, the character must be from the same realm as the house you wish you upgrade to. If you are upgrading to a Midgard Mansion from an Albion cottage you would need to use a Midgard character. This is called a "Side-grade".

On PVP servers, the healing merchant does not offer the normal 25% discount.

Housing Options for Pendragon (Test Server)

In addition, to help the Pendragon regulars offset the cost of houses - a new merchant selling reduced cost house deeds has been added to each Marketplace

Soan in the Albion Housing Marketplace
Munn in the Midgard Housing Marketplace
Drere in the Hibernian Housing Marketplace

Please note that rent costs remain the same, and deeds purchased at the lotstones and regular merchants will cost the same as live servers.