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The lands of Dark Age of Camelot are full with persons you want to meet - and others you prefer to see lying dead at your feet. There are beautiful places to explore or abandoned wastelands to find defeat.
From the rolling hills of Camelot to the mountainous peaks of Snowdonia, Albion is through and through the land of Arthur. Forged from his iron will, paid for by the blood of Knights and commoner alike, Albion encompasses the ideals, laws and heritage of its most famous King. The people of Albion are a mostly homogenous lot--sturdy Britons, hulking Highlanders, graceful swift Saracens, the tall intelligent Avalonians and the small mysterious Inconnu make up the different races in the Realm.
Hibernia, closest to nature and magic of all the Realms, brings a potent ability to channel for forces of magic and unleash its destructive force on their enemies. Human Celts and the almost-giant Firbolg live in close harmony with forest, glen, and all nature's creations. The Otherworldly beautiful Elves, small mischievous Lurikeen, and sleek magical Sylvan harness the power of primal magic.
From the snowy lands of glacier and fjord come the legions of the Norse, heeding the call to once and for all establish the rule of Midgard upon all the Realms. Midgard, land of lakes and wide slow rivers full of snow-melt, is home to four of the most diverse races found in the three Realms. Norsemen, humans who make themselves at home in these snowy wastes, short but resilient and tenacious Dwarves, huge lumbering trolls, and lithe dexterous Kobolds.
When the Battle Herald cruises through the Frontiers, he encounters a lot of scenes worth capturing. Not all of them can be part of the News from the Frontlines. This is a selection of additional scenes. Do you recognize yourself?
Oldies but Goldies
Albion Heroic Heavy Armor
Albion Champion Level 15 class loyalty cloaks.
Hibernia Champion Level 15 class loyalty cloaks.
Midgard Champion Level 15 class loyalty cloaks.
New dyeable Mask patterns purchasable through our MTX currency, Mithril. More coming soon!
Gallery of custom Consignment Merchants available ingame through MTX or Veteran Rewards!
A look at all the vanity pets available ingame through events and MTX stores! Click on each image for more details on the pet!
Gallery of cosmetic visual effects for characters available ingame through MTX!