Dying Your Armor

One of the fun aspects of the game is creating your own look. NPC merchants sell dyes for all cloth, leather, and enamel armor and some weapons. Additionally, Alchemists can create unique dyes for a more special look, and to dye higher end weapons.

Our Mithril stores sell omni dyes which includes every dye colour available in DAoC. Omni dyes are not limited to armor or weapon type, they will dye any item the requested color. Mithril merchants are located in the capital cities and Mithril can be purchased here.

Veteran accounts can use all dyes, however Endless Conquest accounts can only avail of the omni dyes.


Merchant Dyes

Light Yellow Yellow Royal Yellow
Light Brown Brown Dark Brown
Light Orange Orange Royal Orange
Light Red Rust Red
Royal Red Crimson
Light Green Green Forest Green
Royal Green
Light Turquoise Turquoise Royal Torquoise
Light Teal Teal Dark Teal
Royal Teal
Light Blue Blue Dark Blue
Royal Blue
Light Purple Purple Dark Purple
Royal Purple Violet
Dark Grey Charcoal Black
Cloth Bleach
(removes all dye)

Crafted Dyes

Tan Light Gray Olive Gray
Light Gold Dusky Orange Dark Gold
Earthen Brown
Dusky Rose Bright Rose Bright Red
Sage Green Pale Green Lime Green
Olive Green
Gray Teal Pale Blue Gray Blue
Dusky Violet Deep Violet Dark Violet

Omni Dyes

Light Red Rust Red
Bright Red Royal Red  Fuschia 
Crimson  Burgundy 
Dusky Orange  Light Orange  Orange 
Burnt Orange  Royal Orange 
Light Yellow  Light Gold  Yellow 
Royal Yellow  Golden  Dark Gold 
Sage Green  Pale Green  Light Green 
Green  Royal Green  Forest Green 
Emerald  Deep Forest Green  Olive Green 
Lime Green 
Light Turquoise  Turquoise  Royal Turquoise 
Gray Teal  Light Teal  Teal 
Royal Teal  Dark Teal 
Pale Blue  Gray Blue  Light Blue 
Silvery Blue  Ocean Blue  Blue 
Twilight Blue  Royal Blue  Dark Blue 
Navy  Cobalt 
Dusky Violet  Dusky Rose  Light Purple 
Violet  Bright Rose  Purple 
Royal Purple  Dark Purple  Mauve 
Plum  Deep Violet  Dark Violet 
Tan  Light Brown  Brown 
Dark Brown  Earthen Brown 
Light Gray  Olive Gray  Dark Gray 
Charcoal  Black 
Omni Dye Remover
(removes all dye)