Special Housing Objects

Chapter 5: Special Housing Objects

New Housing NPC Objects

We'll create several new types of housing objects. You'll be able to buy these "NPC objects" in a store. To access this special store, do the following:

  1. Enter your house and open the interior housing interface.

  2. On this screen, you should see an option to show Housing Hookpoints. Click the button next to this option.

  3. This will display small, white blocks in certain locations on the floors of your home. These are called "Special Object Hookpoints" where you can place these new housing objects.

  4. To access a store to fill that hookpoint with a special housing object, right click on the hookpoint.

When you drop the icon from your backpack onto the house hookpoint, the Special NPC Object will be placed in the spot. The same process applies to the purchasing of tools and other special objects mentioned in this chapter. Below is a list of Housing NPC Objects available to you:

  • Hastener
  • Smith
  • Enchanter
  • Emblemeer
  • Healer
  • Recharger
  • Border Portal Keep and Shrouded Isles Teleporter
  • Border Non-portal Keep Teleporter (Snowdonia, Vindaul Faste, Druim Cain)
  • Capital City Teleporter (Camelot, Jordheim, Tir Na Nog)
  • Vault Keeper
  • Siegecraft Supplies Merchant
  • Apprentice Tradeskills Merchant
  • Grandmaster Tradeskills Merchant
  • Spellcrafting Merchant
  • Alchemy Merchants (2 sets of two merchants, configured differently)

Consignment Merchants

So you've got some finely crafted armor you've just hammered out at the forge, or maybe you've picked up some treasure on your last dungeon crawl that you'd like to sell but you can't find the time to find a willing buyer. Adding a consignment merchant to your home is the perfect solution.

Hiring a consignment merchant requires that you have a side porch add-on. After that, you just need to buy the merchant from the deed merchant in the central market area. Once you've purchased the merchant, drop the consignment merchant item in your inventory anywhere on the outside of the house. The merchant will appear immediately on the side porch and will be ready to get to work selling your items. Right-click on the merchant to open his inventory. Now, drop each item into the merchant storage window.

As you place each item into the merchant's inventory you will be prompted to set the price for each item. Once you set the price, click on accept and the item will now be ready for sale. Other players will only be able to buy from the merchant. Once an item has been bought, you can return to the merchant and press on the withdraw button to collect your earnings.

To remove items from the merchant, open the inventory and click and drag the item back into your own inventory. Note that you can't drag the item over another item in your inventory to quick swap the items. You'll need to transfer all items from the merchant to an empty slot in your inventory.

Please note that if your consignment merchant has already sold over 200 platinum of items and is still holding that money on him, then he will be unable to sell anymore items until the money has been removed from him.

Removing an NPC Object

Target the merchant and hit your "g" key to "Get" the merchant It will reappear in your backpack as an icon. You should remove all items from your merchant before removing it.


Each service NPC (Healer, Smith, Enchanter, Recharger) has a certain discount that is built into the object. This discount will be applied to the cost of the service the NPC performs or provides. The discount is currently set at 25%.

Accessing an NPC

When placed in a house, only those friends designated by the house owner can interact with the NPC's.

Vaults store your
goods in your home.

Placing House Vaults

A house can hold one vault per level. There are 4 vault levels that must be purchased separately from a store index. All of the vault hookpoints are in the basement of the house. Only the owner of a private house may place a vault. Drop the vault icon onto the vault hookpoint to activate the vault. To remove a vault, take all items from the vault, and then you can double click on it to remove it. Any guild leader may place a vault in a guild house.

Accessing a Vault

Each vault level can be accessed individually (and separately) by players with the appropriate permissions as set by the house's owner. Each vault level has its own separate View/Withdraw/Deposit permissions. You can drop and retrieve items from the vault as if it were a normal bankvault.

Vault Deletion and House Bankers

If the house is downgraded or deleted, all objects in the house are accessible via the House Banker in the central Marketplace.

Ten House bankers exist:

4 for a personal house (1 for each vault level)

4 for a guild house (1 for each vault level)

1 for the personal NPC consignment merchant
  • Vivian in Caerwent Market, Albion
  • Ulfar in Erikstaad Market, Midgard
  • Shyla in Meath Market, Hibernia

1 for the guild NPC consignment merchant
  • Fyren in Caerwent Market, Ablion
  • Drafli in Erikstaad Market, Midgard
  • Kineth in Meath Market, Hibernia

Vault Recreation

If you have a vault in a house with items in it, then lose and subsequently recreate the house with a vault - all of the items in your old vault automatically appear in the new vault. Thus, newly created vaults automatically assume all items left over from your old vault.

Player to Guild Vault Transfers

If a player owns a house with a vault with items in it, then transfers the house to a guild, the vaults do not transfer with the house. Instead, the vaults are accessible via the Player House Banker (or by the player creating a new house with a vault). The newly created Guild House will assume any leftover Guild House Vaults.

An Alchemy Table

Placing and Removing House Tools

A house can hold one tool per level. There are various tools that must be purchased separately from a store index. Each floor of the house has one tool hookpoint. Drop the tool icon onto the vault hookpoint to create the tool. Double click on the tool to pick up the tool and place it back in your inventory as an icon.

Accessing Tools

Using the "house friends list" you may set permissions to grand friends 'USE' access for the tools in the house. Only those friend types designated by the house owner can use the tools in the house. Tools in houses have smaller radii (1/2 radius) than tools in the city.

House Bindstones

With Foundations you will be able to purchase a bindstone to place in your house. With this special object, you can make your home your binding location. You can bind to your home by simply typing /bind while standing near the bindstone. In order to successfully /release from a death to your home bind location, you must type /release house and you will return to the safety of your home. If you type just /release, you will return to your last bind point instead of your house.

Player Market System

Dark Age of Camelot now has a new player market system. Using this market system player crafters can choose to publish all the wares being displayed on their consignment merchants to a database. The database then can be searched by other players. Please note that this system will only be available in housing zones.

If you own a consignment merchant and wish to publish the inventory to the search engine database, type the command: 


Typing /listmerchant again removes your merchant from the database. Once a merchant is in the database, all changes to that merchant will be updated on the fly (price changes, adding items to merchant, items being sold from merchant, etc) with no further intervention from the user. Note that /listmerchant will only work when you are near a house you own.

To search the consignment merchant database, you will right click on the Market Explorers that are placed at the entrance to each area, as well as in the central market of each zone. Use the window to enter information about the item you are searching for, and click "search". A list of all items matching your search criteria will be returned to you in pages of 20 items at a time. You can page through the items using the Previous and Next buttons.

Please note that when you get a list of items back from your search, you will be given a lot number where the consignment merchant selling the item can be found - you must then go to that merchant to purchase the item.

Skill lists on the Player Market Query window will only show those skills available to your realm (except on Gaheris and Mordred where it will show skills from all three realms.)