1.125B Pendragon Patch Notes


  • The Ruined Areas in the Frontier have been significantly expanded and improved!
  • Players can now swim underwater in Shrouded Isles and the Housing regions!
  • Many more fixes and changes from the original Pendragon 1.125 notes based on your feedback!


Water changes

  • Players can now use water potions and swim underwater in the Shrouded Isles and Housing regions.
    • Water in these regions should now function identically to how it does in all other zones, including the risk to drown!

Moydruim Castle

 The realms have waged a harsh guerrilla war over Moydruim Castle’s ruins in Emain Macha. Throughout it all King Lamfhota has kept his explorers searching the site for anything of value during their moments of respite. Little did he expect for them to uncover something so valuable as building plans for an ancient fort… and promise of yet more ruins buried in the earth nearby!

Lamfhota immediately instructed his best men to excavate the remaining area. Alas, the original Moydruim Castle’s walls were in too sorry a state to salvage. But with so much stone now lying around the King set his craftsman and masons to constructing this ancient fort on Moydruim’s very site!

  • Moydruim Castle and its surrounding area have received an overhaul.
    • Moydruim Castle has been re-built to this ancient fortification’s design.
    • Significant portions of the hills behind Moydruim have been excavated to reveal additional ruins and expand the area.
  • Hibernia's Adolescent Dragon, Sarnvasath, has relocated from near Moydruim Castle to south of Dun Crimthainn.

The Trellebourg

King Eirik’s throne creaked as he shifted on it. He was going to need to have it replaced soon, but small matters like that could wait. Eirik’s grand plan was coming together. He knew Lamfhota and his ilk had been up to something near Moydruim Castle and he’d already dispatched two raiding parties to investigate. Only one had returned, but again, a small matter.  

 That his men returned with sketches of plans for ancient fortifications made the hair on his neck stand on end. It almost fit too perfectly. He’d been slowly working towards gathering enough wood and stone to re-build The Trellebourg to its former glory. But then this falls in his lap!? His chair creaked louder as Eirik grinned and leaned over to trace his sketches of not one, but two strongholds at The Trellebourg!

  • The Trellebourg largely remains intact but its surrounding area has received an overhaul.
    • The Trellebourg now consists of its original fortifications as well as a newly built one based on this ancient fortification’s design on a newly created plateau.
    • The entire footprint of the ruined area has been greatly expanded.
  • The Unver Minotaur relic near The Trellebourg has been relocated to the plateau to the east of the ruined area.

Folley Lake

King Constantine knew Folley Lake’s keep was in trouble. As soon as the dam broke and the water rushed in, it was only a matter of time before the keep’s foundation would be scoured and start to quickly erode. Albion’s King spent many a long night trying to come up with a solution.

A chance skirmish won against a Norse raiding party led him to a better answer than he had hoped. One of the dead Norsemen had a stolen copy of plans for an ancient Hibernian fortification. Constantine chuckled to himself thinking of one group of barbarians stealing from another. But these plans were somehow sound!

A few tweaks from Albion’s finest architects and this new fortification would stand the test of time. The entire area would need to be re-forged as well but that was within Albion’s power. He just had to set them to the task…

  • Folley Lake and its surrounding area have received an overhaul.
    • Folley Lake’s keep has been re-built to Albion’s take on this ancient fortification’s design.
    • Folley Lake’s water level is low enough to wade/run through now.
    • Significant portions of the hills and impassable terrain surrounding Folley Lake have been cleared and excavated, greatly expanding the area and revealing additional ruins.

Realm vs Realm

Ruined Area Changes

  • Folley Lake, The Trellebourg, and Moydruim Castle’s “ruined areas” have had the following changes made:
    • Each of their footprints has been significantly expanded, requiring the surrounding land to be altered.
      • This was done to make these areas more open and easier to play in on all classes and across all playstyles as well as to allow more space to complete the [Weekly] Supplies for the Cause quest.
      • While these areas still maintain the Lone Wolf buff and obelisks, they are no longer considered protected “solo” areas.
    • Ancient fortifications (ruined keeps) have been constructed at each location along with additional ruins excavated and discovered!
      • These new ruined keeps are not currently planned to be capturable or become part of the outpost system, but this may change in the future.
      • All gates and postern doors on these new ruined keeps are open!
    • Buggane’s Folly buff is no longer stripped from grouped players in these ruined areas.
      • The Lone Wolf buff is still removed if an ungrouped player has it active and then groups in these areas.
    • The number of obelisks at each ruined area has been increased from 1 to 3.
      • This was done to help ungrouped players receive the Lone Wolf buff a bit more easily and have a better chance at obtaining the obelisks’ teleport when the areas are highly trafficked.
        • As it currently works on live servers, only ungrouped players can obtain and maintain these obelisks’ teleports and the Lone Wolf buff.
      • The PvP-immunity timer after an ungrouped player teleports has been increased from 15s to 20s.
        • Please remember that this immunity also prevents the player from casting heals or buffs for its duration.
      • The act of teleporting should no longer cause speed chants to drop or players to be placed in combat.
      • The teleport-in locations have been adjusted to accommodate the expanded footprint of these areas.
    • The number of gatherable Repair Supplies and Otherworldly Essences have been increased commensurately with the expanded areas.
    • The regions associated with these areas for various quest credit have been expanded to fit their new footprint.
    • Doppelganger spawn locations that were previously in these ruined areas have been consolidated into the ruined keeps’ courtyards.
    • Cup, Hammer, and Tree /realmwar map notifications now appear in these areas for all realms when the requisite number of enemy players are in the vicinity.
      • These notifications will appear for all 3 realms, simultaneously and are not tied to any realm controlling the areas, which again, cannot be captured at this time.

Bounty Point Rewards

  • (Gaheris-Only) Dreaded seals now provide bounty points at a ratio of one third the amount of realm points awarded by each seal.
    • The realm point award amounts remain unchanged at all levels and for all seal categories.
    • This means an Effulgent Dreaded Seal which awards 750,000 realm points now awards 250,000 bounty points too while a Glowing Seal that awards 3,000 RPs now also awards 1,000 BPs.
      • Please note that for BP-awards over 50,000 the player will see the awards in maximum increments of 50,000. For example, a 250,000 BP award will have 5x 50,000 BPs granted in the combat window.

RvR Quest Streamlining

  • All four [Daily] RvR quests have had their bounty point reward increased from 5,000 to 7,500.
  • The [Weekly] Doppelganger Invasion quest now rewards 25,000 realm points in addition to its Bounty Point reward.
  • Doppelgangers now give bounty points when killed.
    • Bounty point rewards will correspond as exactly half the amount of realm points received from doppelganger kills.
      • The amount of realm points received from doppelgangers remains unchanged.
      • For example, an ungrouped level 50 will receive 250 bounty points per doppelganger kill.


  • Otherworldly recipes on Albion now require the correct mold and recipe category ingredients.
  • (Pendragon-only) Stardust’s price has been reduced to 1 copper for testing purposes.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an additional cause of crashes in dungeons and capital city regions.
    • Users that were still experiencing these crashes (for example, in Jordheim) should visit Pendragon and see if it’s still occurring!
  • (Pendragon-only) Pulsing songs and chants’ buff icons should no longer become transparent when they refresh.
  • (Pendragon-only) Higher than base-material crafted gear is once again created at 100% condition.