1.125A Pendragon Patch Notes


  • Character height can now be modified when changing your Race or Gender at the Mithril shop!
  • The spellcraft tradeskill window now includes each gem's bonus type and amount!
  • The Bountycrafting items are now tradable and always craft at 100% quality!
  • Only the 200+ value heal procs are reduced now!
  • Many more changes from the original Pendragon 1.125 notes based on your feedback!


Mithril Shop Race, Gender, and Name Changes

  • Race and Gender changes now allow players to change their character’s height setting at no additional cost.
    • The height setting will only change upon application of a gender or race change and is not an option otherwise.
      • Users can *only* change the height setting during the gender or race change flow and cannot go back and adjust it after applying said race or gender modification.
    • Please note that while performing a race and gender respec, the newly modified character’s height is reset to Average (the default setting) regardless of what the original character’s height was set to.
      • For race changes, the starting stats are also reset to their default optimized-stat settings. If a character had customized starting stats, they will need to be re-set during or after performing the race change.

Spellcraft Tradeskill Window

  • All recipes in the Spellcrafting tradeskill window have been re-organized and given additional information as follows:
    • Each gem category now explicitly states its gems’ stat, resist, skill, or other bonus in the recipe name.
      • Example: Instead of “Earthen Essence Jewel” the recipe list now says “Earthen Essence Jewel (Constitution Stat)” for its category.
    • Each individual gem within a category now explicitly states its bonus amount at each level.
      • Example: Instead of simply saying “Raw” in the category list, it now says “Raw +2” for a stat gem or “Raw 1%” for a resist gem, etc.
    • Specialization-based Magic Focus recipes have been removed from the spellcraft tradeskill window entirely.
      • +ALL Magic Focus gems (“Brilliant” recipes) can still be crafted and found in the window as normal.
      • Already-crafted magic focus bonus gems that are only for a specific specialization can still be imbued to crafted armor and will work normally, they can just no longer be newly created.
  • Please note that once the gems are crafted they will only have their existing default names with no additional identifying information: “Earthen Essence Jewel”.
    • However, users can already delve these crafted gems to determine their exact bonus type and amount.


Realm vs Realm

Bounty Point Rewards

  • (Gaheris-Only) Dreaded seals now provide higher total bounty point rewards on turn-in at level 50, as follows:
    • Lambent Dreaded Seal: 1,500 BPs
    • Fulgent Dreaded Seal: 10,000 BPs
    • Effulgent Dreaded Seal: 60,000 BPs
    • (Gaheris-only) BP rewards scale down from these values on turn-ins by lower level characters.

RvR Quest Streamlining

  • King’s Ale should now respawn twice as fast on Ellan Vannin for the [Weekly] The King’s Brew quest.
  • More improvements to some of the RvR quests are in the works for subsequent Pendragon versions.


  • The following changes have been made to the Bountycraft system:
    • The end-result crafted items are now tradable.
      • With the items being tradable there are no longer restrictions on which recipes can be crafted; so make doubly sure the item selected is the right one!
    • The following ingredients are now tradable:
      • Recipe: Curse
      • Recipe: Frozen
      • Recipe: Otherworldly
      • Recipe: Aurulite
      • Recipe: Seasonal
      • Recipe: Picstlayer
      • Recipe: Darkness Falls
  • The Weapon, Armor, and Accessory Mold ingredients remain un-tradable.
  • All Bountycrafted items are guaranteed to craft at 100% quality now.
  • Rare alchemy component ingredient costs have been lowered across the recipes.
  • Hallowed Unique Rewards’ Weapon Mold costs have been reduced.
  • The following bugs have been fixed with the Bountycraft system:
    • Otherworldly helm recipes now identify their armor type in the recipe name.
    • Midgard Curse chest-pieces now craft the correct realm’s chestpiece.
    • Pictslayer Vigilant belts now require Accessory Molds instead of Weapon Molds.
    • Curse sleeve recipe categories now appear in the right order within the list.

Bounty Point Store Changes

  • The following items have had their bounty point costs reduced as follows:
    • Bounty Master Insight: 50 down to 25 BPs
    • Bounty Master’s Greater Insight: 500 down to 250 BPs
    • Bounty Master’s Champion Insight: 10,000 down to 5,000 BPs
    • Speed of the Hunt: 200 down to 50 BPs
    • Greater Speed of the Hunt: 4,000 down to 1,000 BPs
    • Superior Speed of the Hunt: 20,000 down to 5,000 BPs
    • Box of Rare Alchemy Components: 5,000 down to 2,500 BPs

Keep Gatehouse Doors

  • The new gatehouse doors above the outer-keep gates have had their health percentages increased from 30% to 50% of the outer keep gate’s health.

Item Changes

New Alchemy Recipes

  • Cauldron of Omni-Healing, Omni-Regen, Celerity, Tenacity, and Supremacy recipes have had their essence ingredient costs reduced slightly.

Proc and /Use Adjustments

  • Hitpoint/Armor Factor item-based buffs have had their values reduced as follows:
    • Otherworldly Boon reduced from 5% to 4% hp/af bonus.
      • This spell was missed unintentionally in the previous 1.125 version.
  • Reactive armor-based Heal Procs have had their values reduced across the board as follows:
    • 120 remains unchanged
    • 130 remains unchanged
    • 180 remains unchanged
    • 200 group-targeted reduced to 130, instead of 150
    • 230 reduced to 180
    • 10% omni-heal reduced to 7%
  • The following omni-heal /uses have been reduced as follows:
    • 15% omni-heal on lesser empowering elixirs reduced to 12%.
    • 25% omni-heal on Curse Blood Gauntlets reduced to 18%.
    • All other omni-heal /uses remain unchanged.
  • The Otherworldly Disarm duration has been reduced from 6s to 4s.

Class Changes

Realm Abilities

  • Viper has had its effectiveness increased as follows:
    • Level 1: 5% increased to 10% poison effectiveness
    • Level 2: 10% increased to 20% poison effectiveness
    • Level 3: 20% increased to 30% poison effectiveness
    • Level 4: 30% increased to 45% poison effectiveness
    • Level5: 40% increased to 60% poison effectiveness
  • Toughness once again awards hit points.

Spirit Baseline

  • The jade simulacrum can now be commanded to [taunt] enemies.
  • The jade simulacrum has been given a rear style chain that melee de-hastes its target with the follow-up stunning its target for 3s.

 Realm Abilities

  • Heretics can no longer train the Ichor realm ability.
  • Heretics can now train the Static Tempest realm ability.

 Realm Abilities

  • Minstrels can no longer train the Static Tempest realm ability.
  • Minstrels can now train the Ichor realm ability.

 Painworking Baseline

  • Chthonic Form's 10% magic resistance buff should now appear correctly.

Client Updates

  • The new cooldown and remaining duration indicators on buffs, debuffs, and quickbar-abilities only appear when the ability has less than 20 minutes now.
    • Abilities lasting longer than 20 minutes will have the indicator pop-up when the duration reaches 20 minutes or less.
  • The Atlantis user-interface’s tradeskill window’s width has been increased slightly to encapsulate all recipe name-lengths.

Bug Fixes

  • (Pendragon-Only) Characters that had items disappearing after zoning should no longer run into any issues.
    • If an old Pendragon character (created prior to 1.125A) is still having these issues, please perform another character copy version of that character and use that new version to continue testing without issue.
  • (Pendragon-Only) Item prefix adjectives will once again show for material-based ingredients and crafted equipment.
    • For example “alloy metal bars” will once again show as “alloy metal bars” instead of just “metal bars” after zoning.
  • Siege tower hookpoints on Caer Berkstead, Nottmoor Faste, and Dun Crimthainn will now always appear to enemy realms.
  • The trade window timer icon is once again the correct size.
  • Salvaged materials will now stack properly.
  • Midgard and Hibernian Helms purchased from bounty merchants in the battlegrounds or in Vindsaul Faste and Druim Cain now properly fit the character's head.