1.125C Pendragon Patch Notes



  • Buggane’s Obelisk is now found on Ellan Vannin permanently!
  • Check out the Molvik Dynamic Keep Objective improvements based directly on last week’s playtest feedback!
  • Several class adjustments based on your feedback!


Currency Exchange Merchant

  • Users can now right-click the currency they are planning to purchase to see that currency’s “count” on the mini-delve.

Realm vs Realm

Molvik Dynamic Keep Objectives

  • The Siege Workshop objective has been re-worked as follows:
    • No longer spawns siege engines on or around Molvik’s keep.
    • Now affects the sturdiness/difficulty of Molvik’s keep gates and gatehouse doors as follows:
      • When the defending realm owns the Siege Workshop door difficulty will be increased by 100%.
      • When attacking realms own the Siege Workshop door difficulty is normal.
    • The difficulty of the Siegemaster NPC that gates control of the Siege Workshop objective has been increased slightly.
  • The Quarrymaster objective now properly adjusts Molvik’s keep level based on its current level every 3 minutes.
    • When the defending realm owns the Quarry objective the keep’s level is incremented from its current level every 3 minutes to a max of level 10.
      • This incrementation of level happens regardless of the keep being claimed.
    • When the attacking realm owns the Quarry objective the keep’s level is decremented from its current level every 3 minutes to a low of level 1.
  • The difficulty of the Quarrymaster NPC that gates control of the Quarry objective has been increased slightly.
  • The Mercenary Camp functions remain the same but the difficulty of the Mercenaries spawned at the keep has been adjusted as follows:
    • Their level has been lowered so that they con orange to level 39s instead of red.
    • Their aggression radius has been increased to mimic that of standard keep guards.
  • The difficulty of the Mercenary Captain NPC that gates control of the Mercenary Camp has been increased slightly.

Battleground Siege Changes

  • Keeps in the battlegrounds are now properly flagged as “under siege” when their door or wall health reaches 75% or below.
  • All battleground-specific rams have had their base swing speed halved and are also only able to be controlled by 1 character now.
    • Please note that to control a ram, users must RIGHT-click or type /control with the ram targeted; double-left-clicking will no longer board rams.
  • Rams deployed by Siegemaster NPCs in battlegrounds are no longer owner-exclusive.
    • This means when the ram is deployed and the original owner dies or otherwise releases control of the ram, another character in that realm can control it.
    • All other battleground siege weapons placed by Siegemaster NPCs remain owner-exclusive.
  • Siege weapons can no longer be deployed or moved onto the roof of inner keeps in the Battlegrounds.

Buggane’s Obelisk

  • Buggane’s Obelisk now spawns on Ellan Vannin exclusively and does not switch locations.

Class Changes

Realm Abilities

  • Thornweed Field users must still remain stationary when firing this ability but its 2s cast time has been removed and it now fires instantly.


Body Specialization

  • The level 45 lifetap Abduct Lifeforce has had its delve reduced from 199 to 184 body damage.

  • Necromancer’s now properly receive the Demon Mana buff (11% secondary magic resistance) when using their Call of Darkness realm rank 5 ability.

  • Runemasters can now train the Static Tempest realm ability.


Savagery specialization

  • Savages can now train the climb walls ability at level 50 Savagery specialization.
    • This is a passive ability that is always enabled once specialized.
      • This means it does not appear in the training window but will show up in the Savage’s ability list (where realm abilities show) once trained.


Witchcraft specialization

  • The Minor Agony, Lesser Agony, and Agony damage-over-time spells are now normal-cast non-secondary spells.
    • Their cast times have been sped up from 3.0s to 2.5s.
    • This means that these DoTs are no longer modified by a Warlock’s primers.