Breach: Mini Event

Posted by Community | 2023 Jun 16 08:48 -0400 GMT
The barriers between worlds is fading. Rumblings have been reported across the island of Ellan Vannin and with them strange crystals have started to form. Tales of old warn speak of these crystals as portents of something to come. Something for which we are not prepared..

Adventurers should speak with the following NPC's to receive two new quests:
  • Albion: Lady Idris in Catterick Hamlet
  • Hibernia: Yda Llonwy in Crair Treflan
  • Midgard: Fathor in Godrborg
Investigate Crystals

Aid your realm in investigating the cause of the breach by collecting  samples of the crystal formations found on Ellan Vannin.

This quest is repeatable and awards 5,000 bounty points and 500 realm points (affected by bonuses) per turn in.

Breached Enemies

Defeat the mobs breaching through the walls between worlds on Ellan Vannin! 

This is a daily quest and is a battlegroup encounter. Defeating any one of these five mobs will complete the quest and award you with a useable crate where you can receive one of the following:
  • Ghostly Weapons
  • Realm Point Bonus Pots
  • Recently Added Extended Potions
  • Old Darkness Falls fashionable items
Note: the quest mobs will also drop their regular loot, however will not give previous quest credits.

The Breach mini event will run until Tuesday, July 4th, 2023.

Pendragon Update - Patch 1.128

Posted by Community | 2023 May 18 16:44 -0400 GMT
We're delighted to announce that Patch 1.128 is now on the Pendragon test server!

  • Less used damage RA's buffed
  • Light tanks no longer gain charge for free
  • Heavy tanks can no longer climb walls
  • First Aid changed
  • Warlock and Vamp r5s reworked
  • Assorted balance changes and bug fixes
Please hop on Pendragon and check out the below changes! Let us know your thoughts and report any issues you may find in the 1.128 patch channels in our official DAoC Discord, thank you!

Important Note:
  • We highly suggest separating out your normal game directory from your Pendragon game directory *before* patching and testing on Pendragon.
    • If you do not do this, you *will* experience issues when patching back to live.
      • To force the live client to fix these issues, you will need to delete the mft.myp in your game's directory and run the patcher again.

For those interested in testing on Pendragon, follow the character copy process here!

Molvik BG Weekend - Flowers, Merchants, and Doppelganger Updates

Posted by Community | 2023 May 17 13:58 -0400 GMT

Join us for another weekend of Battleground fun!

Molvik Battleground will be open to all from Friday, May 19th, until Monday, May 22nd! A 75% RP bonus and 100% BP bonus will be enabled in Molvik for the duration of the event.

The following changes will take effect on Ywain from Monday, May 22nd.

Gaheris Server Downtime, Tuesday April 18th, 2023

Posted by Community | 2023 Apr 17 10:53 -0400 GMT
Update : 10:50AM EDT / 16:50 CET - Gaheris server is back online! Thank you!

Gaheris server will be coming down Tuesday, April 18th, 2023 at 08:45AM EDT / 14:45PM CET for scheduled maintenance.

Downtime is expected to be approximately 5 hours. We will provide notification as to when Gaheris is back up.

Thank you!

Killaloe Battlegrounds Event

Posted by Community | 2023 Apr 14 11:05 -0400 GMT
Spring into Killaloe for a hopping time of fun and fights!

The carnage and mayhem is just what the Dread Harbinger thrives on. Pick up the new Quest from the Commanders at your realm's portal keep to earn your very own killer bunny!

A 200% RP Bonus and 150% BP bonus will be enabled in Killaloe for the duration of the weekend's event.

Rites of Spring Event and Killaloe BG Weekend

Posted by Community | 2023 Apr 06 15:52 -0400 GMT
The killer bunny makes his annual return, and this time he's brought some friends!

  • Collect and choose your Gem of the Harbinger reward!
    • Remember, the gem no longer drops as a One-Time-Drop and instead is a loot-choice on the Rites of Spring quest.
    • Killing the Harbinger of Spring mob (battlegroup-credit) still grants the quest automatically.
    • There will be no item exchange service for the Gem of the Harbinger or any of its variants, choose carefully!
    • Players who defeat the Harbinger should be careful, or they'll find themselves forever reminded of the battle!
  • New Bunny mounts! 5 Varieties!
  • The '[Spring] Preparations' quest extension!
  • Fun and mayhem in Killaloe!
  • Check out the Event Shop in the capital city to pick up your spring-themed shield pattern!

Read on for the full details!

The Rites of Spring event will be active until Tuesday, April 25th, 2023.

Spring Preparations

Posted by Community | 2023 Mar 23 15:30 -0400 GMT
The Festival Steward is getting an early start in her preparations for the Spring Festival!

  • Level 50s should visit the Festival Steward in each realm's relic town to obtain the repeatable quest '[Spring] Preparations'
    • Earn bounty points for each completion!
    • And now earn realm points for each quest completion!
  • Preparations for the Spring Festival will last until April 6th, 2023!

Catch Up in Caledonia Returns!

Posted by Community | 2023 Mar 06 10:52 -0500 GMT
Have you or your friends been thinking of coming back to Dark Age of Camelot? Or are you a veteran player just looking for a change of pace!? Now is a great time to return home to DAoC!

Our 7th Catch Up In Caledonia event begins today, Monday, March 6th at 3 PM EST / 9 PM CET!

Read on for the full details!

What is Catch Up in Caledonia?

It's a way to start fresh and rapidly progress to the end-game with players around your level!

The 7-day long event that will take place entirely in the Realm vs Realm-enabled Caledonia battleground zone.

Players will start at level 1 and rapidly progress to level 50 all while earning gear, master levels, champion levels, and realm ranks along the way!

By event's end participants will be ready to compete in the Frontier!

When does the event start and end?

The event starts precisely at 3 PM EST / 9 PM CET on Monday, March 6th a nd will end at 3 PM EST / 9 PM CET time on Monday, March 13th.

How does the event work?

  • For the first 4 days of the event, newly created level 1 characters will be automatically zoned into the Caledonia battleground where they will vie for control against the enemy realms!
    • This will be the ONLY way to get inside the battleground zone. Once inside, characters can voluntarily leave but CANNOT return!
    • All monsters, center-keep guards, and siege weapons are removed for the event. The only way to progress is by defeating realm enemies in battle and completing the related quests.
    • Charm-pet classes will be able to create a pet to charm at their realm's portal keep.
  • ​At 3 PM EST / 9 PM CET on Friday, March 10th, character starting locations will reset to their default zones and no new characters will be able to join the event. Everyone still inside Caledonia will be able to continue progressing for the remainder of the event's duration.
  • Experience, bounty, and realm point bonuses will be granted to both free and subscribed accounts in the battleground to help them progress!
  • Earn bounty points for completing quests and defeating enemy realm players and use them to purchase level-appropriate gear as you strive to 50 and then master and champion levels!
  • All characters will begin and remain in the same Caledonia zone for the entirety of the event.
    • The following level caps will be in place for all characters in Caledonia and will increase as follows every 24 hours:
      • Day 1 (Monday): Level 19 maximum
      • Day 2 (Tuesday): Level 29 
      • Day 3 (Wednesday): Level 39 
      • Day 4 (Thursday) : Level 49
      • Days 5-7 (Fri-Mon): Level 50
    • Characters that reach the day's level cap will still be able to earn realm and bounty points.
  • Characters that are 5 levels or more below the day's level cap will receive the Caledonia Boost buff.
    • This buff greatly increases the damage dealt and greatly reduces damage received from characters that do not have the buff (higher level characters)!
    • Characters with the Caledonia Boost buff active will also DOUBLE the XP and BP rewards for themselves and their group!
    • When the level cap reaches 49 the buff will be given out to characters 3 or more levels under the cap.
  • Overwhelming Force system:
    • There is no overwhelming force enabled for this current event.

How far will I be able to progress?

Players that start at the beginning of the event should be able to reach level 50, Champion level 15, Master level 10, and Realm Rank 5+ with the potential to earn much higher realm ranks! Characters will also be able to earn enough bounty points to not only obtain gear as they progress towards level 50 but also to use for end-game gear via Bountycrafting after reaching level 50!

We'll see you on the battlefields of Caledonia!


Valentine's Day Event and Caledonia Catch Up Dates!

Posted by Community | 2023 Feb 13 15:50 -0500 GMT
Love is in the air as we celebrate the return of our Valentine's Day event and announce the next Catch Up in Caledonia event!
Valentine's event will run from Monday, February 13th, until Monday February 20th


Valentine's Day Event 

  • A Matter of the Heart: This quest will give players of all realms the chance find the imp, Russel, located mainland side of Castle Sauvage/Druim Ligen/Svasud Faste. He's ready to offer some interesting tasks from the local imp's union in return for a Lawn Cupid trophy, experience and coin. Don't forget to speak to Lady Payne and earn your ROG Valentine's Ring or Bracer too!
    • ​Whitman will only continue to drop his One-Time-Drop Valentine's Day Present reward to characters who have not completed the quest: [OTD] Valentine's Day Present.
  • Keeping Company: This quest will be offered to characters level 45 and above and will have a unique challenge for players in Albion, Midgard and Hibernia.  As a reward, players will receive a Tiny Compatriot Crate, experience and coin. Visit Lailen in Jordheim, Pondar Cully in Camelot, and Harris MacCullogh in Tir na Nog to start the quest.
  • Valentine's Traditions: These quests will offer three old style quests which were part of the original Dark Age of Camelot Valentine's Day content. Players will be able to complete the quest up to eight times, which is based on the number of times the original quest has been issued online.  Players will be rewarded with a Hearts Cloak, Heart-Shaped Box, experience and coin. Visit  Rumdor in Mag Mell, Hrolf in Mularn, or Sir Prescott in Camelot Hills to start the quest.

Note: players will need to repatch their client to embrace the love in RvR!

Catch Up in Caledonia Event

Our Catch Up in Caledonia event will return to Caledonia on Monday, March 6th at 3PM EST / 9PM CET, and run until Monday, March 13th at 3PM EST / 9PM CET.

This event will follow the same format as our previous event with the following level caps in place for all characters, increasing as follows every 24 hours:
  • Day 1 (Monday): Level 19 maximum
  • Day 2 (Tuesday): Level 29
  • Day 3 (Wednesday): Level 39
  • Day 4 (Thursday) : Level 49
  • Days 5-7 (Fri-Mon): Level 50

Leirvik Battleground Weekend & Statue Quests

Posted by Community | 2023 Feb 01 20:03 -0500 GMT
Get your 50's ready for a return to the watery lands of Leirvik!

This coming Friday, February 3rd, 2023, will see Leirvik open to all players until Monday, February 6th, 2023. Please note, the current 50% bonus RP in NF will carry into Leirvik for the event.

King's Tournament Statue Quests

Three new statue quests have been added in each realm, asking players to pay homage to the latest King’s RvR Tournament winners!

In Albion, players should visit each of the following statues in Camelot:
  • Statue of Barbaa, Challenger
  • Statue of Assassi, Vanquisher
  • Statue of Xuuu, Victor

In Midgard, players should visit each of the following statues in Jordheim:
  • Statue of Leetsongs, Challenger
  • Statue of Petsmartsupplies, Vanquisher
  • Statue of Oomzer, Victor

In Hibernia, players should visit each of the following statues in Tir na Nog:
  • Statue of Dwalami, Challenger
  • Statue of Mahm, Vanquisher
  • Statue of Prissymistress, Victor