Spring Preparations

Posted by Community | 2024 Mar 19 12:47 -0400 GMT
The St. Patrick's Day fun may be over but the season celebrations are just beginning! The Festival Steward is once again in need of your help to get an early start in her preparations for the Spring Festival!

  • Level 50s should visit the Festival Steward in each realm's relic town to obtain the repeatable quest '[Spring] Preparations'
    • Earn realm & bounty points for each completion!
    • This quest will now auto complete.
    • The additional 50% RP bonus in Pennine Mountains, Breifine, and Jamtland Mountains will remain for duration of this mini event.
  • Preparations for the Spring Festival will last until April 2nd, 2024!

The bunny mounts, and more, return in the Rites of Spring event, coming soon!