A Ghostly Incursion.....

Posted by Community | 2024 Jan 18 12:33 -0500 GMT

The Ghost Keep event returns to the Frontiers!
  • The Ghost Keep event has begun and will last until February 20th!
  • RvR bonuses will remain through the duration of the Ghost Keep event!
  • An additional 50% RP Bonuses will be active in the areas of Hadrian's Wall, Emain Macha, and Odin's Gate 
  • 4 new Ghostly weapons have been added!


Ghost Keep Event

  • Members of each realm should make haste to their ghostly ambassador to strengthen their realm's cause:
    • Albion - See the Ancient Paladin in the Catterick Hamlet relic town
    • Midgard - See the Ancient Thane in the Godrborg relic town
    • Hibernia - See the Ancient Champion in the Crair Treflan relic town
  • Players should ask the 'Ancient' NPCs for a [progress] report to be directed to the current task at hand.
    • These NPCs offer two quests during the 'supply' phase of the event that can only be obtained and completed during that phase.
    • Once a ghost keep has been triggered by a realm, the 'supply' phase ends for all three realms and these NPCs will direct players to defend or attack the appropriate ghostly keep lord!
    • Be sure to visit this NPC at each phase to ensure you pick up any available quests.
  • Earn extra realm and bounty points for completing the tasks throughout each phase of the event!
  • A successfully summoned ghostly keep lord will offer the Ring of the Summoned reward, along with a quest for the Ghostly Medal of Valor!
    • Please note that players who have already completed the Ring of the Summoned quest can obtain another one or exchange their existing one for another at the ghostly keep lord.
    • Players who obtained the Ghostly Medal of Valor last year can obtain one more with this event.
  • The Dynamic Keep Channelers at Caer Berkstead, Nottmoor Faste, and Dun Crimthainn that can teleport players into the inner keep of their respective keeps make their return for the event.
    • The channelers will spawn when their Ghost Keep Lord is active AND the keep is actively under siege (flames on the realmwar map).
  • Speak to the ghostly ambassador at the relic towns to obtain the additional quest [Ghost Keep] Ghosts of Enemies Past. Complete this quest to earn a Ghostly Weapon token to turn in for a weapon of your choice!
    • Can only be completed once per toon
    • Note players who have last year's quest pending will be able to complete it, but will not receive a weapon token.
    • 4 new Ghostly weapons have been added:
        • Ghostly Fang (H2H)
        • Ghostly Drum
        • Ghostly Quarterstaff
        • Ghostly Axe
  • For more in-depth information, our handy guide explains the phases of this event in detail!
  • The Ghost Keep event will be available until February 20th, 2024.