Valentine's Day Event with New Shield Reward!

Posted by Community | 2024 Feb 13 10:33 -0500 GMT
Love is in the air as we celebrate the return of our Valentine's Day event! Defeat the Golden Lovers in our new Ellan Vannin mini event and earn your new heart shield!
Valentine's event will run from today, Tuesday February 13th, until Tuesday, February 20th. 

Read on for full event details!

Valentine's Day Event 

  • A Matter of the Heart: This quest will give players of all realms the chance find the imp, Russel, located mainland side of Castle Sauvage/Druim Ligen/Svasud Faste. Complete the offered tasks from the local imp's union in return for a Lawn Cupid trophy, experience, and coin. Be sure to speak to Lady Payne and earn your ROG Valentine's Ring or Bracer as well!
    • ​Whitman will only provide the One-Time-Drop Valentine's Day Present to characters who have not completed the quest: "[OTD] Valentine's Day Present".
  • Keeping Company: This quest will be offered to characters level 45 and above and will have a unique challenge for players in Albion, Midgard, and Hibernia.  As a reward, players will receive a Tiny Compatriot Crate, experience, and coin. Visit Lailen in Jordheim, Pondar Cully in Camelot, and Harris MacCullogh in Tir na Nog to start the quest.
  • Valentine's Traditions: These quests will offer three old style quests which were part of the original Dark Age of Camelot Valentine's Day content. Players will be able to complete the quest up to eight times, which is based on the number of times the original quest has been offered.  Players will be rewarded with a Hearts Cloak, Heart-Shaped Box, experience, and coin. Visit  Rumdor in Mag Mell, Hrolf in Mularn, or Sir Prescott in Camelot Hills to begin the quest!

Valentine's Day: Love's Shield

As the Valentine's Day festivities spread across the realm, whispers of a sinister presence emanating from the isle of Ellan Vannin have begun to surface. Tales tell of a malevolent pair, their love steeped in darkness, spreading chaos and corruption as they revel in their twisted affection.

A new Ellan Vannin mini event has begun! Players can visit the following NPC's to obtain the quest [Valentine's] Love's Shield:
  • Albion: Lady Idris in Catterick Hamlet
  • Hibernia: Yda Llonwy in Crair Treflan
  • Midgard: Fathor in Godrborg

This quest may be completed once per character, and is a battlegroup encounter. Defeat Solerila 5 times, or finish the [Daily] Roaming with Friends quest twice to complete the quest.

Quest rewards:

  • Our new heart shaped shield!
  • 50% Realm Point Bonus Potion (3 charges)
  • 5,000 Bounty Points
  • 5,000 Realm Points

Additionally, Solabas drops the ROG Solabas' Bracer, and Solerila drops the ROG Solerila's Ring. These ROG's are similar to the St. Patrick's Day event ROGs.

Ellan Vannin will have a 50% bonus to Realm Points for the duration of the Valentine's Day Event.

Note: players will need to repatch their client to embrace the love in all it's glory!