Twelve Days of Midwinter

Posted by John Thornhill | 2017 Dec 21 11:11 -0500 GMT
The 21st of December is here which means that Midwinter is truly upon us. Celebrate the holiday spirit with our Twelve Days of Midwinter give-a-way event!

On the first day of Midwinter, Broadsword gave to me...

  • Login to the game and visit the following NPCs to receive a special reward each day!
    • Albion: Santa Nicholas in Camelot's church
    • Midgard: Kris Kringle in Jordheim's Assembly Hall
    • Hibernia: Daidi na Nollag in Tir na Nog's Alainn Cuir
  • Speak with the above NPCs to reveal your reward for each day.
    • Each day's reward will be revealed around 10:15 AM EST / 3:15 PM GMT and last the remainder of that day.
    • If you miss a day, you will be able to catch up and receive the missed rewards by visiting the NPC on subsequent days.
      • This means if you simply login on the twelfth day, you'll receive all 12 rewards!
        • Make sure you have room in your inventory!
  • These rewards are limited to level 50s and can only be obtained once per character.
    • All rewards will be tradable.
  • This event will run from today, December 21st, 2017 for the next twelve days, with the last day being January 1st, 2018!


Producer's Letter: 2018 and Beyond

Posted by John Thornhill | 2017 Dec 20 11:58 -0500 GMT

Another exciting year in Dark Age of Camelot is almost in the books and another, even more exciting year is about to begin! Even more exciting, you say? Unquestionably - but I can’t just spoil things right away, you’ll have to read through the letter to find out why!

There are three major development goals that we intend to accomplish over the next year.

  1. Make Realm vs Realm the best experience possible. This means returning RvR’s focus to the combat and realm war.
  2. Improve the returning player experience. Streamline and update the many avenues to getting a character back up to speed.
  3. Grow the game’s population. More marketing, community engagement, a continued focus on user experience (UX) updates, and new incentives to play.

Midwinter Festival Returns

Posted by John Thornhill | 2017 Dec 19 07:32 -0500 GMT
In celebration of the Midwinter Festival, we have the following notes (including one Hot Fix!) for you:


Hot Fix
  • Buggane's Obelisk will no longer spawn at the Lucan's Summit, Uald Heights, or Cavana Drift locations.
    • The obelisk can still spawn at the three realm maze locations or on Ellan Vannin.
      • The chance for it to spawn on Ellan Vannin is now double that of any of the maze locations.
Midwinter Festival
  • The Frozen Medal of Honor and Frozen Cloaks of Midwinter are once again available!
  • Battleground Presents are there to be gathered!
  • 50% RP, BP, and XP bonuses are now live!
  • The Traveling Merchants have made their winterly return to the realms!
  • The Frozen Cavern instance will not return with Midwinter and instead will be available in a separate event in late January.

Midwinter will start today, December 19th, and will run until January 15th, 2018.
The 12 days of Midwinter event will begin on Thursday, December 21st!

Read on for more details!

Friday Grab Bag - 12/15/2017

Posted by Community | 2017 Dec 15 16:13 -0500 GMT
Welcome to the last Grab Bag of 2017! We've had a lot of interesting, fun and, I hope, helpful Grab Bags. Looking forward to more in 2018 :) We're going to take a litle bag break here for the holidays, and will return with more Grab Bags after the New Year!

For those wondering where our Midwinter event is, fear not! Midwinter festival returns to the realms early next week, with the 12 days of Midwinter back for the 2nd year running later in the week. 

If you have any game related questions for our DAoC Devs, please send them in through our Grab Bag submission form. Please note this is for game questions, feedback should be sent in through our feedback form.

Click 'more' to read this week's Grab Bag! :)

A Dragon's Curse Campaign: Chapter 10 and Hot Fix Notes

Posted by John Thornhill | 2017 Dec 12 18:43 -0500 GMT


1v1 Tournament Final and Reward Details

Posted by Community | 2017 Dec 06 15:08 -0500 GMT
A lot of fights, fun, and drama later we have our overall 1v1 final players! Well done to everyone who took part, and congrats to the below winners. The final will be held this Sunday, Dec 10th, at 3PM EST / 9PM CET on the Pendragon server, and streamed live on our official Twitch channel!

Winner Roundup

Archers Assassins Casters
  • 1st - Niightstalkerr (Hunter)
  • 1st - Fantam (SB)
  • 2nd - Snowdog (SB)
  • 1st - Goinghurd (BD)
  • 2nd - Evoenia (WL)
Hybrids Light Tanks Heavy Tanks
  • 1st - Haoas (Reav)
  • 2nd - Yeias (Champ)
  • 1st - Axv (Merc)
  • 2nd - Waltr (BM)
  • 1st - Romanvs (Arms)
  • 2nd - Rauk (Warr)

Match ups will be announced the day of the tournament. A note for our finalists: please be on Pendragon and ready to start at least 10 minutes beforehand!

Details on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd placed rewards has also been updated. Head over to our 1v1 Tournament page and check out the prizes :) 

Good luck to all!  

Friday Grab Bag - 12/01/2017

Posted by Community | 2017 Dec 01 18:21 -0500 GMT
Happy December! Time flies when you're having fun, and the Grab Bag is always fun! :)

Before we get on to the questions, our November newsletter went out earlier this week so check your inboxes! If you haven't signed up yet, all is not lost, you can sign up via this link. In the meantime, you can view the full newsletter, and past issues, in your browser by clicking here.

Congrats to Romanvs (1st place) and Rauk (2nd place) for advancing through the Heavy Tanks 1v1 archetype! Archers are the next and final archetypes to go head to head before our overall 1v1 final. Tune in to our official Twitch channel on Sunday, Dec 3rd from 3PM EST/8PM CET to catch all the fights!

If you have any game related questions for our DAoC Devs, please send them in through our Grab Bag submission form. Please note this is for game questions, feedback should be sent in through our feedback form.

Clicky clicky on the more link for this weeks questions :)

Live Hot Fix Notes #2

Posted by John Thornhill | 2017 Nov 21 12:11 -0500 GMT
Feedback on patch 1.124C has been rolling in and it's been great to read all of your thoughts! With that in mind, here are a few notes for your perusal!

Ruined Areas

  • Grouped characters that are within 3,500 in-game units of the center of the ruined areas at Folley Lake, The Trellebourg, and Moydruim Castle will have their Buggane's Folly, Lone Wolf, and unlocked obelisk-teleport buffs forcibly removed.
    • Judging by the feedback we've received on these areas, they are clearly a big hit! Possibly too-big of a hit. This change is meant to alleviate and disincent some of the group-traffic in the areas but is NOT designed to eliminate it. These areas are still a part of the Frontiers and we do not intend to create any areas where only certain types of players or playstyles can venture. While we can encourage a certain type of play in some areas, the Frontiers are a sandbox for all playstyles and players. This change follows in that vein and is designed to encourage one type of play without also eliminating the other playstyles.
  • Minstrel pets should no longer stop for a split-second when casting the Song of Everlasting Fervor (celerity).
A Dragon's Curse

Chapter 9

  • Loot chests from defeating each boss in A Dragon's Curse campaign Chapter 9 instance will now disappear 60 seconds after spawning. Be sure to get your loot!
  • Loot chests should now always drop something in Chapter 9's instance:
    • Some items from previous chapters, as well as Pure aurulite, have been given a small chance to drop.
    • Cracked aurulite has been added to the loot chests that will drop if no other item is received.
    • These additions do not affect the existing chance of getting your class' set armor or the existing small chance at getting any class' set armor.
  • Sleeves, Chest-pieces, and Leggings/Boots from Chapter 9's instance that were missing armor procs now have them. Characters that do not see the procs when delving the items may need to zone or relog.
    • Procs are as follows:
      • 150 absorption ablative proc, 50% damage absorbed
      • 120 point heal proc
  • Several classes' erroneous Set Bonus descriptions have been adjusted to reflect their actual ability upgrades.
    • Please note that the ability upgrades are meant to be useful, but not game-changing, and to work with most/all specializations within each class.
Bug Fixes

  • A Dragon's Curse Chapter 7 and Chapter 8 encounters in all realms should now award credit more reliably.
  • The Pure Aurulite reward for completing the Chapter 9 quests should be correctly awarded now.
  • Chapter 9's Ingolf encounter should reset properly now.
  • Chapter 9's Najah's damage protection shatter should correctly trigger now.
  • Chapter 9's Varshe should now correctly toggle between his modes with the correct visual cues.
  • The Undead NPC in Camelot now shows its pending quest step knot on [Curse] A Friendly Face.
  • Please note that we are still looking into issues with the [Daily Quest] The Solo Road quest credit. There seems to be a disrepancy between the solo kill stat and the solo kill credit from the quest that is unrelated to the region restrictions added to the quest. Given the fast action occuring at the ruined areas, this pre-existing issue is simply being noticed more often. Unfortunately, fixing this will require server downtime and so this fix likely won't be until our next major version.
  • Please note that we are also still looking into several client-related crashes and will have fixes for these out as soon possible!

Live Hot Fix Notes

Posted by John Thornhill | 2017 Nov 18 16:19 -0500 GMT
Two quick, but exciting notes for you today!

  • [Daily Quest] The Solo Road
    • Quest objectives changed as follows:
      • Earn 1 solo kills in the Ruined or Maze areas
      • Earn 5 solo kills anywhere in the Frontiers
    • This change will allow solo kills in the Ruined or Maze areas to count for both steps of the quest, so if fighting there, it will be possible to get just 5 total solo kills and complete the quest. This change should address some of the issues players were seeing with getting credit when on the 2nd step of the quest.
    • Players that already have the quest should be able to relog and the objectives will update in their journal to the new values and restrictions.
  • Crafted armors and weapons now have a recharge cost of 10g per charge.
    • This change will allow players to recharge crafted gear at Recharger NPCs. 
    • Characters currently in-game may need to zone or relog to have their already-crafted gear update properly.
    • Crafted gear can still be recharged at no-cost by Alchemists.

Friday Grab Bag - 11/17/2017

Posted by Community | 2017 Nov 17 16:50 -0500 GMT
Time to dive into another Grab Bag! 

Heavy Tanks are up next in our 1v1 tournament this Sunday (Nov, 12th). Congrats to Axv (1st place) and Waltr (2nd place) for advancing through Light Tanks! Wondering what this is all about? Our tournament page has all the details, and you can sign up here for the remaining Heavy Tanks and Archers archetypes. Getting ever closer to that overall final!!

If you have any game related questions for our DAoC Devs, please send them in through our Grab Bag submission form. Please note this is for game questions, feedback should be sent in through our feedback form.

Clicky clicky on the more link for this weeks questions :)


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