Friday Grab Bag - 07/23/2021

Posted by Community | 2021 Jul 23 10:20 -0400 GMT
Behold! A Grab Bag!

Stay tuned next week for some new keep upgrade system features and changes, reintroduction of the safe teleport on EV, class tweaks, bug fixes, and the midsummer event!

Friday, July 30th, at 8:30PM EST / Saturday July 31st at 2:30AM CET sees the next player ran 8v8 draft night! We'll be hosting a multi pov stream on our official Twitch channel for the event featuring povs not just from our usual dev pov, but also from many streamers within the groups :) There's still time to sign up, so join the draft discord to find out more!

Thanks, as always, to everyone for your questions! You can submit any questions relating to current development plans, to request clarification on basic game mechanic questions, or questions on community issues through the Grab Bag Submission form. For any other feedback or suggestions please use our feedback form.

Onward for the questions!

Hey! is there any reason that the Mid Axe style Valkyrie's Shield doesnt have any to hit bonus across all classes? Axe seems the lesser used weapon on mid for alot of classes, so is there any reason for it? And could it be fixed to have a medium bonus to hit? TY!

Valkyrie’s Shield provides a medium defensive bonus. As a general rule (though of course there are exceptions) most styles provide either a to-hit or defensive bonus but not both. That said, we will certainly take a look at this style and Axe in general to see if it warrants any adjustments!

I have a question concerning bow damages type. Thrust damage is dex/strength, the bows are thrust damage, are they capped on dex/str then? Or only dex?

No matter the damage type, all Archery specialization-based skills or basic bow shots (on other classes that may use bows) are solely dexterity-based.

Technically, damage types have no direct connection to any character stats. The damage type is simply the type of magic or physical damage used for calculating against the target’s resistance values. For example, Legendary Weapons use magical damage types but the damage is still treated like a melee swing, using all of the factors, specializations, and stats from the character that determine melee swing damage.

While damage types are simply a type of damage used, specializations can use different stats or combinations of stats to determine damage. For example the Thrust specialization in Albion (or Piercing in Hibernia) uses a combination of a character’s dexterity and strength stats to directly determine their damage (and increase their weaponskill) while the Slash specialization (or Sword in Midgard and Blades in Hibernia) is solely strength-based.

Regarding Dragonslayer cloth robes, according to the item DB there are 2 versions, one with dex/acuity cap and the other one with 4% range/dmg. Is the one with dex/acuity cap still available in game? At the dragonslayer dude with the quest for the armor piece I’m only getting the option with range/dmg (necro), and I also can't wear it with lvl 44 even though it doesn’t say anything about a level requirement.

The version with 4% range and spell damage is the only version that drops on Ywain and Gaheris. The other version is only from the Bossiney cluster which would require a character transferring over with it now since Bossiney is archived.

Note: Characters with the version from Bossiney can swap it at Trishy in Camelot, Brohd in Jordheim, or Elenora in Tir na Nog for the Ywain/Gaheris version but this exchange is not reversible.

There is a level 45+ requirement to equip the gear and we will correct the issue preventing that requirement from displaying.

Is there any reason why the Hallowed Staff has a CL15 requirement, but none of the other Hallowed items do?

This appears to be an oversight and is now corrected. Thanks!

With how tanky you can make templates these days (CL15, 600 hp, 10 conversion being accessible, etc) is it time that heavy tanks had some of their abilities looked at? Mostly thinking of their free AoM9 passive, rather than their free 10% extra HP or their active abilities. At the time of these abilities' introduction it made a lot of sense why heavy tanks needed them to be viable. Nowadays however killing a heavy tank in any playstyle (1v1, 8v8, zerg) feels like the equivalent of killing a raid boss. Although character toughness is higher across the board and tankiness is an emphasized feature of the heavy tank archetype, it feels as if the recent changes to templating has made them a bit too fool-proof.

We are always looking at class performance and do tend to agree that they may be a bit too sturdy currently. Stay tuned!

Thanks everyone! Fun week ahead next week :)
Enjoy the weekend!