Friday Grab Bag - 09/03/2021

Posted by Community | 2021 Sep 03 09:53 -0400 GMT
Grab Bag time! Woo!

Hope everyone is enjoying our Caledonia Event! :) Level 50 opens up later today for crazy fun weekend RvR! Don't forget to make your new characters and log them into Caledonia before the cut off time of 3PM EST / 9PM CET TODAY! 

Thanks, as always, to everyone for your questions! You can submit any questions relating to current development plans, to request clarification on basic game mechanic questions, or questions on community issues through the Grab Bag Submission form. For any other feedback or suggestions please use our feedback form.

Continue on for the questions :)

Is there a way you can deselect certain spell effects from group mates or make them smaller? The issue I have is when the minstrel does his resist buff and the range buff the purple sphere is so large on my character that I cant see thru it. Effects group or self don’t affect it.

Unfortunately the only command that will eliminate this particular spell effect is ‘/effects none’ as it is both a group-based spell and one that is cast on your character directly. We can, however, look at adjusting these effects to be less obtrusive!

What’s the reasoning behind vampiirs getting wall climb for free while Minstrel have to skill 25 stealth and Savage even 50 in savagery (which makes the H2H build have to sacrifice the 9 second side chain stun style)? Wouldn’t it be justified to have vampiirs sacrifice something as well like 20 points in shadow mastery for example?

There are always balance distinctions among the realms as very few classes are mirrors of each other and even when classes are extremely similar they all have class-defining differences. Climb walls is a powerful and popular ability and one that is not given out lightly.

Minstrels and Vampiirs were both designed from the beginning to have climb walls while it’s been a late addition to Savages. Savages are much less vulnerable to crowd control than either Minstrels or Vampiirs and can deal much more consistent damage than either, even when sacrificing for the climb wall ability. That is why they are required to give up some of their melee prowess when going for climb walls.

That said we are always looking at the classes and will adjust accordingly if deemed necessary!

Are the pre 50 pictish camps ever going to be back? Or mass pve/levelling the way these camps worked? I know Caledonia is a level event but for times outside Caledonia.

The Pictish camps were put in as part of the Pictish Invasion event and were never meant to be a permanent fixture. These camps also had a downside of allowing players to reach level 50 with minimal active play and that is not something we want to encourage. However, there are still several efficient ways to level in PvE only with the New User Journey, Atlantean bounty quests, in the classic dungeons with their bonus experience, as well as various popular monster camps throughout the world.

Are people going to get in trouble for joining random guilds in Caledonia or making them?

In short, no. We will be adjusting things for the next Caledonia event so that this practice is no longer possible or necessary. For this event we’ve also added the RP/XP guild bonuses to the starter guilds for the duration of the event!

Are there any hints on what’s to come for daoc’s 20th birthday you can share?

Lions, Wolves, and Stags – oh my – 20 years!!!!

We will be having a massive celebration for the month of October complete with new Veteran Rewards, a true “Arthurian” questing journey, bonuses, and so much more! That’s all you get for now *wink*.

Off to make the last of my toons and a bunch of realm points!

Enjoy the weekend all :)