Friday Grab Bag - 08/20/2021

Posted by Community | 2021 Aug 20 12:39 -0400 GMT
Time for the Grab Bag!

Stay tuned during the week for our official announcement post on the upcoming Catch Up In Caledonia event starting August 30th :)

Thanks, as always, to everyone for your questions! You can submit any questions relating to current development plans, to request clarification on basic game mechanic questions, or questions on community issues through the Grab Bag Submission form. For any other feedback or suggestions please use our feedback form.

Read on for this week's questions!

I’ve been told in PvE, spell level is irrelevant and all spells no matter the level are brought up to your own toon level – is this true?

No, all spells take their set spell level and check it against the target’s level for resistance rates. The target of a spell could be a monster (PvE) or enemy realm guard, pet, or player (RvR) and its level is used against the spell’s level to determine resistance rates. The same is true for spells on style procs where the level of the style determines the level of the proccing spell.

This is why the Mastery of Focus realm ability can be quite important in both PvE and RvR as it raises the level of your character’s spells so that resistance rates are lower.

Here’s some more context on resistance rates from a previous grab bag (again, spell levels work the same as style levels when discussing style procs):

All spells have a base chance of 10% to be resisted, so a level 50 style proc will still get resisted at around that 10% rate, on average, when attacking a level 50 target. However, a level 12 style proc with no Mastery of Focus will see around a 30-35% resist rate vs a level 50 target and a level 34 style proc without MoF would have a 15-20% resist rate, on average.

I have a question on Endless Conquest and Champion stuff. While EC characters can't get champion levels. I was wondering, if I sub play and get the Champion levels and abilities on a character. Then unsub/wait the cooldown to play. Will my character still about to use Champion abilities even though my account is EC again?

Endless Conquest (free) accounts can earn Champion Levels normally. They do not get access to the CL abilities though.

In the above example, the re-activated EC account’s characters would still have their CLs but their CL abilities would be removed. If that account were to subscribe and return to Veteran status, the characters would need to re-train their CL abilities.

Does the Multi-spectral Goblin Bracer still drop?  If so, from who? Herald search shows two entries for "current" mobs that drop it, Spectramancer Gozier and nervous ketos.  However, per patch notes from April 2007, the following statement was made: Ki'atra and the Nervous Ketos (Uilani) have disappeared as the magic holding them to the planes has faded.

If the nervouse ketos is no longer in game it can't drop from it. Gozier is stated to be in either Laby or Briefine and both locations have been searched endlessly, no luck. Any chance you can verify if Spectramancer Gozier is still able to be located and killed in game, and the region it's located in?

Spectramancer Gozier is the Temel minotaur relic guard that spawns on a hill in Breifine. He drops the bracer as a One-Time-Drop to level 45+ characters.

The Multi-spectral Goblin Bracer is also still available via the copper-bound chests (2 platinum) that offer randomized rewards and can be purchased on the classic-world side of each realm’s Borderkeep though!

Is there any way to know through the account center which classes on accounts meet the /played requirement for EC? Or possible to get it added?

We can look at adding this to the account center eventually, among other data. For now the character selection screens are the only area where this information is displayed (via the Play button being accessible).

Is it working as intended that you guys removed AoM from melee necro form but you still can’t use an AoM charge while in melee form? So they basically are only class in game that can’t get it?

Necromancers should be able to use item magic resist charges now. If a magic resist charge item still states that it cannot be /used, please relog and it should work now.

Off to get ready for Caledonia, new toons, new names!

Enjoy the weekend, all :)