Pendragon Test Event - Monday, March 24th!

Posted by Community | 2014 Mar 22 13:35 -0400 GMT

On Monday, Marth 24th starting at 7PM EDT / 0000 CET the Dark Age of Camelot team with the help of some volunteers will be conducting a test event on Pendragon. The test will run for two to three hours. Unlike our test from March 13th, Ywain will not be taken offline for this test.

We will be testing the updates made to the New Frontiers, and giving away some great prizes! Click the ‘More’ link to find out the details!

Prepare For Tomorrow's Pendragon Test!

Posted by Community | 2014 Mar 12 17:09 -0400 GMT

Tomorrow's New Frontiers test on Pendragon is rapidly approaching! If you have not already, please make sure to /charcopy all the characters you would like to use for the test. Please remember that there is an NPC available to create an RvR-Ready character if you would prefer not to /charcopy.

Detailed instructions on the /charcopy process can be found here! <-- Click there!

We look forward to seeing you on Pendragon tomorrow, March 13th at 1:00PM EDT / 1800 CET!

Brief Pendragon Maintenance

Posted by Community | 2014 Mar 07 16:02 -0500 GMT

Update 4:00 PM EDT / 2200 CET: Pendragon is back online. 

Please note that characters created on Pendragon prior to this afternoon's downtime are no longer accessible. Characters may be copied again using the /charcopy command, or you may create a new character and take advantage of the Pendragon NPCs to receive experience, armor, weapons, and other items. This is in preparation for a public test event which is taking place on Pendragon next week! 

More information on the test event will be posted to the Herald soon, so be sure to check the site regularly!

Thank you and we'll see you in the Frontiers!

Pendragon Coming Down For A Patch

Posted by Community | 2014 Mar 06 12:58 -0500 GMT
Update 5:30PM EDT/ 2330 CET Pendragon is back online! 

Ywain, Gaheris, and all Legacy servers will remain available during this Pendragon downtime. The server is expected to be up no later than 7:00PM EDT / 0100 CET

We will provide an update here when Pendragon is back up. Please be sure to check out the 1.115b Patch Notes here!

Thank you and we'll see you in the Frontiers!

Account Center - Intermittent Outages

Posted by Community | 2014 Mar 03 02:03 -0500 GMT
Over the weekend, the Dark Age of Camelot Account Center experienced intermittent outages. The issue is being investigated, and access to the Account Center should now be restored.

If you are experiencing any issues with your account, please contact our Billing Support department by email at 

Thank you!

Friday Grab Bag!

Posted by Community | 2014 Feb 28 15:17 -0500 GMT

Welcome, friends and Realm mates! Carol Kenny here, bringing you the Friday Grab Bag!

Also, be sure to keep an eye on the Herald, as I will be opening new avenues for question submission. You'll be able to submit your Grab Bag questions via The Camelot Herald, Facebook, PostCount, and more! Submitting a question along with a valid Email address puts you in the running to win a 30-day Dark Age of Camelot Game Time Code!!

Click the 'More' button on the right to view the questions!

Account Center Issues - Resolved

Posted by Community | 2014 Feb 18 17:54 -0500 GMT

The Dark Age of Camelot Account Center has been experiencing intermittent outages over the past few days. This issue has been resolved. If you had been unable to access the account center during one of these outages, you may try again now by clicking the link below.

Thank you for bearing with us through this transition, and we'll see you in the Frontiers!

Platinum Bound Chests Return!

Posted by Community | 2014 Feb 14 20:34 -0500 GMT

Feeling lucky? Great! Platinum-Bound Mystery Boxes have returned!

These mysterious chests contain an updated variety of great loot, and are available from  the following merchants:
Mary – near the portal pad in Castle Sauvage
Edith – near the portal pad in Svasud Faste
Sybil – near the portal pad in Druim Ligen

Happy Valentine's Day!


Friday Grab Bag - The Broadsword Version!

Posted by Community | 2014 Feb 14 19:59 -0500 GMT

Greetings my friends, and welcome to the first edition of the Broadsword Friday Grab Bag!

We requested a list of questions from the fine community of players over at PostCount, and a fine list we recieved! 

Click the 'More' button to read the Q&A, and follow the link below to see the question contributors on! 

For the Post Count Grab Bag - Click Here!

Return to the Realms!

Posted by Community | 2014 Feb 11 14:22 -0500 GMT

Friends and Realm Mates!
Dark Age of Camelot cordially invites you to Return to the Realms! Effective immediately, any account inactive for more than 60 days is eligible for one week of free game time!
Activate your free week of game time now to check out recent changes to Dark Age of Camelot! Also, be sure to use some of your free game time to log onto Pendragon to explore, test, and submit your feedback on the updates to The New Frontiers coming with Patch 1.115! 
Click to visit the Dark Age of Camelot Account Center, redeem your free game time, and Return to the Realms today!!
We’ll see you in the Frontiers!