Get your DAoC T-Shirts Here!

Posted by Development | 2014 Oct 08 13:30 -0400 GMT

Greetings friends!

We've been receiving feedback for a while now asking when DAoC T-shirts would be available again. With the 13th Anniversary month here, we decided it would be the perfect time to offer them!

We are offering three different versions of the shirt - one for each realm - through Custom Ink's Booster program. This means the shirts are only available for purchase for the next 25 days, or until November 1st, and in order to get your realm's shirt, at least 50 others must be sold. All proceeds will go towards future Event Rewards.

Which realm will get their shirts ordered first!?
Albion                        Midgard                        Hibernia

*Please note that the shirts will look slightly different than they appear in these links. The Cup, Hammer, and Tree will actually be located on the left sleeve and the Broadsword logo on the back will be plain white text like the rest of the shirt.