Pendragon Kill Kenny Event Winners

Posted by Community | 2016 Jul 11 09:55 -0400 GMT
Thanks so much to everyone who came out on Saturday to help test patch 1.121 and to take part in a really really fun event! Hectic, maybe even a little chaotic, but incredibly fun. Even if the aim was my death, over and over, and over...and over. You guys really liked that part!

Thoroughly enjoyed, though :)

We even managed to run the event twice, giving away lots of bracers,and also 3 one month game timecodes.Yay!

Bracer Winners

Ulfrika and their group (Mid's 1st deathblow)
Usetactics and their group (Hib's 1st deathblow)
Norezzforu and their group (Alb's 1st deathblow)
Odinbjorn and their group (Mid's 2nd deathblow)
Ashketchem and their group (Alb's 2nd deathblow)
Elendhriel and their group (Hib's 2nd deathblow)
Plzkillkennyforme and their group (most kills - loved the name!)
Korkhe and their group (most heals)
Riddles and their group (most deathblows)

Timecode Winners


Timecodes have all been issued, and all but a couple of the bracers delivered. If you are one of those who hasn't received their bracer yet, check the email you sent us on Saturday and get in touch (same email) - you forgot to tell us what live server character is to receive the bracer!

Also thanks to Lea for streaming the event. You can watch that back on our official YouTube channel here:

Congrats to all the winners, and many thanks again to all of the participants for their testing and feedback on 1.121!

Pendragon Playtest Fun: Kill Kenny!

Posted by Community | 2016 Jul 07 09:36 -0400 GMT
Kill Kenny... as in kill ME! Ever wanted to get me back for those perfectly timed screenshots of your death that I shared? Or your group wiping in that embarassing way that one time on my stream?! I do love traps :)

Well here's your chance!

On Saturday, July 9th, at 3 PM EST/8PM GMT/9PM CET I'll be holding an RvR playtest event on Pendragon's Ellan Vannin. All players are welcome, so please come along and drag your guildies/friends out for some fun. The object of this event is to get the deathblow on me! Some of you old timers might remember this event from years back :)

Here’'s how it will work:

  • Copy your favorite RvR Character to Pendragon sometime this week. For instructions on copying your character over, go here.
  • At 3PM EST/9PM CET on Saturday, July 9th, please assemble at your realm's milegate on Ellan Vannin. I'll do a "/who Ellan Vannin" for each realm.
  • Round 1: A random group will be chosen from the realm with the highest number of players. That group will be the Protectors of Carol for Round 1 (you'’ll need to invite me to your group). When the signal is given, groups from the other two realms will try to rush in for the kill. Whoever gets the killing blow on me for Round 1 will win a PENDRAGON'S BRACER for themselves and everyone in their group!
  • Round 2: Carol will join the winning group from Round 1, and the other two realms will have a chance. Whoever gets the deathblow on me for Round 2 will win a PENDRAGON'S BRACER for themselves and everyone in their group!
  • Round 3: Carol will join the winning group from Round 2, and give the final realm a chance to win a PENDRAGON'S BRACER. This round will continue until the winning group is from the remaining realm. (In other words, if Midgard wins round 1 and Hibernia wins Round 2, then Round 3 will go on until the Deathblow comes from Albion.)
  • We will also be giving away a 1 month DAoC game timecode to one lucky player from each realm!
    • Members of groups who won a Pendragon's Bracer will not be able to win a time code.
    • Groups, or individuals who were part of a winning group, cannot win a round more than once.
    • Winners of Pendragon's Bracer will get to choose 1 character on the Live servers to receive the item. Character must be level 45+.
  • Event will be streamed on our official DAoC Twitch channel.

By the end of the event only three groups will have won, one from each realm.

Will yours be the winning group? Will I pay dearly for this?! Bring your best (or worst) and see!

Pendragon Ruleset Change

Posted by John Thornhill | 2016 Jun 29 12:22 -0400 GMT
The Pendragon Test Server is being changed to the Free-for-All PvP ruleset until the next announced playtest. This is to facilitate communication and testing across realms.

Players can teleport to the strength-relic towns using the normal NPC channelers where they will find Testermatic and Buff NPCs.

Pendragon RvR Playtest

Posted by Community | 2016 Jun 27 11:53 -0400 GMT
On Tuesday, June 28th, at 8PM EST/1AM GMT BG Leaders Luvly and Smeger will be running a playtest on Pendragon to see what the upcoming Patch 1.121 brings for zerg and group fights as the realms go head to head!

Everyone is welcome to take part, the more the merrier,  so bring your characters out and kill, kill, kill!!

To get involved: create a new character on Pendragon, or copy your existing characters from Ywain. Instructions on how to copy your characters can be found here, and it's best you do it ahead of time so you're all set up and ready to go for Tuesday night! Tester NPC's can be found in the capital cities for each realm.

As always, we'll be there to osberve, chat, and help :)

We are very grateful for the assistance of the community, and we look forward to seeing you on Pendragon tomorrow night!

Pendragon Ruleset Change

Posted by John Thornhill | 2016 Jun 21 15:13 -0400 GMT
The Pendragon Test Server is being changed to the Free-for-All PvP ruleset for the remainder of the week. It will be changed back to the normal ruleset by Saturday morning. This is to facilitate communication and testing across realms.

Knights and Internal Board Applications Open

Posted by Community | 2016 Jun 13 09:50 -0400 GMT
Applications for joining our Knight program or participating on our internal boards are once again open

Before filling out the application, here are some descriptions of each position:

Knight of the Roundtable
  • Knights are a volunteer position that receives a comped account and involves signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement as they are generally the first to know about upcoming development plans.
  • Primarily, Knights will be expected to lead scheduled in-game events, host Q&As, create written or video guides, stream, and generally interface with the community in a positive, organizer role.
  • Secondarily, Knights are also expected to participate in internal forum discussions, bring game-related issues to developer attention, help test new changes on the Pendragon test-server, and to act in a mature, constructive manner whenever interfacing (within their capacity as a Knight) with each other, development, or the community.
  • Knights are required to be active and interact with the community in and out of DAoC.

Internal Forum Member
  • Internal Forum members are a volunteers that generally contribute to and provide feedback to the developmental direction of the game.
  • Members are expected to be constructive and interact with each other in a positive manner, even when disagreements occur.
  • There are no expectations for internal board members to participate or run community events, but it's also not forbidden!

If either of those are of interest to you, and even if you applied before, please fill out an application

Account Center Issues

Posted by John Thornhill | 2016 Jun 05 16:32 -0400 GMT

Update: Thank you everyone for your patience, this issue has been resolved! It is once again possible to resubscribe using a credit or debit card. 

The Account Center is currently experiencing issues with subscribing and re-subscribing when using credit and debit cards.

Origin Game Time Codes do still work, so we encourage players experiencing this issue to use those in the meantime. We are actively working with our billing partner to get the issue corrected as soon as possible and appreciate your patience as we resolve this matter.

We'll update you here as soon as we have more news!

Devcast Video and Transcript

Posted by John Thornhill | 2016 May 26 13:33 -0400 GMT
We had a lot of fun on the Devcast going over our plans for patch 1.121, 1.122, and beyond as well as throwing out several off-the-wall ideas for some of the classes to get your feedback on!

So much so, that we'll be doing a follow-up podcast at a soon-to-be announced time that will have taken into account your feedback and will announce our more finalized ideas for the classes!

If you missed this first one, tune in below!

In addition to the video, Carol, Lea, and Fugo have transcribed the devcast in English, German, and French for you to enjoy as well!

English Summary             German Summary             French Summary

Dev Class Focus Podcast - Thursday May 19th

Posted by Community | 2016 May 16 12:18 -0400 GMT

Following on from our numerous and valuable Knight class focus podcasts with Knights and player volunteers, it's time to hear the thoughts and ideas on class balancing straight from the devs!

DAoC Producer John Thornhill will be joined by Knight Boxy on Thursday, May 19th at 3PM EST/8PM GMT/9PM CET on our official Twitch channel to discuss the previous feedback from podcasts, and a look a head to what we may see with the coming class balance patch.

A video and transcript of the Q&A will be available on the Herald in the days following the stream (in English, German, and French).

Friday Hot Fix and Bonuses Announcement

Posted by John Thornhill | 2016 May 13 16:07 -0400 GMT
We have a quick but important Hot Fix involving keep lords sometimes being able to be killed outside their lord room!


  • Keep Lords should no longer be able to leave their lord room.
In other news, Memorial Day RvR bonuses will start next Monday, May 16th and last through Tuesday, May 31st. Stay tuned for more details Monday!