Patch 1.115b Comes to Live Servers!

Posted by Development | 2014 Jun 25 18:17 -0400 GMT

Update: 1:00PM EDT / 1900 CET - All Live Servers are back online!!

All Live Servers will be taken offline tomorrow June 26th, 2014 at 5:45 AM EDT / 1145 AM CET for the deployment of Patch 1.115b. We anticipate the servers coming back up by 2:00PM EDT / 2000 CET.
Please review the patch notes below, as there have been some changes and additions to the Pendragon patch notes for this version.

• Agramon Towers get a new look and a new purpose! Read on to learn more!
• Move more freely throughout the Frontiers with our updates to Docks and Keeps!
• It’s now easier than ever to turn in reforming energies for your loot!
• Quest changes, bug fixes, and new items! Check out the changes below!


Posted by Development | 2014 May 19 20:17 -0400 GMT
A fix has been deployed to resolve an issue that was preventing a number of spells and procs from functioning properly. 

You Examine the Grab Bag. It is Friendly Towards You.

Posted by Community | 2014 May 02 14:34 -0400 GMT

"How many bags could a grab bag grab if a grab bag grabbed grab bags?" 

Send us a video (of you) saying the above statement 10 times *perfectly clearly* in 30 seconds or less, for a chance to win a 3 month time code! Send your submissions to, and we'll select our time code winner. Your video will be featured in next week's Grab Bag! Honorable mentions and hilarious failed attempts may also be included, so you won't want to miss it. 

Good luck to you, and now - onto the questions! Click the 'More' link to view this week's selection!

Which One of You Took My Grab Bag?!

Posted by Community | 2014 Apr 25 22:09 -0400 GMT

I could have sworn I left it right here. Carol is the prime suspect. She tried to sneak off with last week's Grab Bag, but was thwarted!

We're on to you Carol!

This week's Grab Bag is themed!  As we approach 1.115 coming to live servers, we've asked for a few specific questions around the update. Click the 'More' link to read more!!

Pendragon Coming Down For Patch 1.115d

Posted by Community | 2014 Apr 24 12:41 -0400 GMT
Update 4:30PM EDT / 2230 CET: Pendragon is back online! Happy testing!

Pendragon will be taken offline today, April 24th at 2:00PM EDT / 2000 CET for the deployment of Patch 1.115d. 

The estimated downtime for this deployment is about 4 hours. An update will be provided when Pendragon is back online.

Thank you!

A Message from Grabford B. Bagsworth III

Posted by Community | 2014 Apr 18 14:36 -0400 GMT

Ok Grab Bag, not cool. You missed our last date! We're starting to feel rejected here. People care about you, and want the pleasure of your company so stop being so elusive. I think you owe us an apology. On with it!

Q: Grab Bag, where have you been? 

A: Humble apologies my dear friends. I mean no offense, but sometimes it's difficult to make all of my appointments. I mean...I'm not sure if you know, but...I'm kind of a big deal. People know me...but this is no excuse! I look forward to making a more regular appearance to answer your questions and address your concerns.  

Yours with respect,
Sir Grabford B. Bagsworth III Esq. 

Now - Let's answer some questions! Click the 'More' button to see this week's Grab Bag!

Lord of the Grab Bags...Fellowship of

Posted by Community | 2014 Mar 21 17:13 -0400 GMT

Ok, so this isn't really the Lord of the Grab Bags. It is, however, full of useful information, so please read it before it gets low self esteem.

(We love you Grab Bag. You'll always be special.)

Click 'More' to read on!

Thank You To the Pendragon Testers!

Posted by Development | 2014 Mar 13 16:27 -0400 GMT

A heartfelt THANK YOU to all those who joined us today for our Pendragon Test, and congratulations to our 5 grand-prize winners!

Players can pick up their Pendragon's Chest from the Beibhinn NPC in Castle Sauvage, Svasud Faste, and Druim Ligen. Only chest per account!

As always, we appreciate your patience and support as we work to improve Dark Age of Camelot.We hope you had fun, and we'll update you soon on our next test!

We'll see you in the Frontiers!

Pendragon Test Event - Thursday, March 13th!

Posted by Development | 2014 Mar 08 17:44 -0500 GMT

Friends and Realm mates,

On Thursday, March 13th starting at 1PM EDT / 1900 CET the Dark Age of Camelot team with the help of some volunteers will be conducting a test event on Pendragon. The test will run for about three hours. Ywain will be offline for the duration of the test.

We will be testing the updates made to the New Frontiers, and giving away some great prizes! Click the ‘More’ link to find out the details. This is an event you will not want to miss!

We Are Pleased to Introduce Carol!

Posted by Talal Saad | 2014 Feb 08 18:13 -0500 GMT
Friends and Realm Mates,

In our announcement of Dark Age of Camelot's transition to Broadsword, we mentioned many changes on the horizon. True to our word, we are very pleased to announce Carol Kenny in the role of Community Lead for Dark Age of Camelot!