Traveling Merchants to Depart!

Posted by Community | 2014 Jan 03 22:52 -0500 GMT
Having made their fortunes, the Traveling Merchants have passed word that they are soon to depart. Please be sure to stock up on goods, as it may be some time before these merchants return to the Realms. 

The Merchants will pack up and leave on Monday, January 6th 2014. 

We hope you enjoyed your shopping, and we'll see you in the Frontiers!

Ywain is Back Online!

Posted by Development | 2013 Dec 20 05:11 -0500 GMT
Ywain is now back online. We offer our most sincere apologies for this inconvenience, and for any frustration it has caused.

Players may once again create new characters, and the underlying issue which resulted in the character creation problems has been rectified. 

We are very grateful for your patience and understanding. 

We'll see you in the Frontiers!

Patch 1.115 Comes to Pendragon!

Posted by Development | 2013 Dec 12 22:36 -0500 GMT


  • NEW New Frontiers is here! Check out the changes to your Realm’s battlefields!
  • New Capture-able Docks, Boating Changes, and More!
  • Speed Changes! Move about the New Frontiers quickly and easily!
  • New RvR Objectives! A new twist on old monuments!
  • The Doppelgangers are back, and uglier than ever. Read about the updated rewards!
  • Check out the changes to the Labyrinth!

New Frontiers Update is Coming!

Posted by Development | 2013 Dec 06 16:35 -0500 GMT

Banners have been raised, commands shouted, and battles fought. Towers have been razed, Keeps overrun, and Relics captured. What we’ve long called “New” Frontiers has hosted hundreds of thousands of players over its lifespan who have fought tooth and nail for every inch of terrain. So long, in fact, that New Frontiers has been in use much longer than Old Frontiers ever was. Which brings us to the point of this posting: On December 12th, 2013 The New Frontiers Revamp is coming to Pendragon!
Below you will find our outline of planned changes. Click the ‘More’ Button to read on!


Posted by Development | 2013 Nov 10 19:09 -0500 GMT
All Pictish Weapons have had their sell value reduced and their salvage value increased. Please note that this change does not affect Pictslayer Weapons.

All Hallows Eve!

Posted by Community | 2013 Oct 30 20:34 -0400 GMT
Witches, Goblins, Ghouls, and Demons! The time to imbibe your Costume Potions and run about the lands of Albion, Midgard, and Hibernia is upon us!

The restriction on Costume Potions has been removed and will be reinstated on the morning of Saturday, November 2nd.

Speak to the Crazy Old Lady in your Realm's Capital City to obtain the potion of your choice! 


Posted by Development | 2013 Oct 26 21:27 -0400 GMT
 The Melodic Mantle of Samhain may now be traded in to Nera, the Ghostly Harvest quest NPC in Mag Mell. Handing the helm to the NPC will present players with the option to choose another Ghostly Harvest quest reward. 

It's the Friday Grab Bag!! Wait...What Day is it?

Posted by Community | 2013 Oct 12 19:02 -0400 GMT

Welcome to another edition of the Grab Bag! 

Please click the 'More' link to review this round of questions from our fervent players. Among today's topics are: pet buffs, upcoming events, and some information on the priority order for combat events such as blocking and evading. Read on, there's some good information in there!

Please visit the Post Count Grab Bag Submission page to submit question for our next Grab Bag on Frday, October 25th!

Caledonia Hotfix and Event Update!

Posted by Development | 2013 Oct 05 14:13 -0400 GMT
An issue with the Portal Keep and Central Keep doors not opening has been resolved. Any player wishing to rectify the problem must log out and re-patch their client. 

Additionally, the Caledonia event has been extended through Tuesday, October 8th! The Portal will be closed on the morning of Wednesday, October 9th, 2013. 

We'll see you in Caledonia!!

September Grab Bag - Edition 2!

Posted by Community | 2013 Sep 27 20:57 -0400 GMT
Welcome to the second installation of September's Bimonthly Friday Grab Bag!

In this Grab Bag, we cover a wide variety of topics from additional Housing Teleporters to opening up new Race/Class combinations! To view some selections from the Q and A, please click the 'More' link in this article. We encourage you to view the full PostCount Grab Bag here!

We hope you enjoy this week's questions, and remember - anyone may participate! Simply visit the Post Count Grab Bag Submission page to submit question for our next Grab Bag on October 11th!