Which One of You Took My Grab Bag?!

Posted by Community | 2014 Apr 25 22:09 -0400 GMT

I could have sworn I left it right here. Carol is the prime suspect. She tried to sneak off with last week's Grab Bag, but was thwarted!

We're on to you Carol!

This week's Grab Bag is themed!  As we approach 1.115 coming to live servers, we've asked for a few specific questions around the update. Click the 'More' link to read more!!

Q: Can you give a projected timeline for the rollout? What are some key discussion points that may be holding the patch back?
A: With each feedback-fuelled iteration of 1.115, several changes were made – many of them significant. We’ve been focused on a number of specific aspects of the NF Revamp such as Docks, Porting mechanics, Relic placement. As you might imagine, these subjects are the source of much debate among the player-base and it’s important for us be certain that as large a cross-section of our players are represented and are able to voice their opinion.
Fine tuning certain aspects of the game have also allowed us to fit in more content that would have otherwise been slated for later patches (such as fully-leveled Artifacts).
We realize that this has been a longer-than-usual patch cycle, but this is a nontrivial update to the dynamic of the New Frontiers and RvR, which is the very core of Dark Age of Camelot. It’s something we want to test and discuss until we believe it meets with the high standards of Dark Age of Camelot and Broadsword!
Q: Is there still plans to increase the movement speed for all classes? If so, how will this affect the classes such as Bard, Minstrel and Skald? Will their speed be increased further to maintain their utility?
A: Not at this time. Those 3 classes provide much more than speed to groups and even still, the way their speed songs work is much better than how mounts do. However, that’s not to say we won’t be keeping an extra close eye on how they are performing after the patch. If they need help, we’ll give them some.
Q: These paths are not too-steep-to-climb terrain and can be freely backtracked except for at the path's 'exit' into the central area of Agramon." Please elaborate on how the exit is different and what prevents you from being able to backtrack on it.
A: The exit areas of each one-way path are marked with rocky terrain that can be scaled downwards but not upwards.
Q: How is the new patch going to affect Gaheris? Will you be taking Beno/Crauch/bled out of play there? Will the dopples be available on Gaheris? And how will the changes to the labyrinth zoning and Agramon be done on Gaheris? Hope to hear something about this I know there aren't a ton of us that play gaheris on a regular basis but those of us that do enjoy it there
A: Benowyc, Crauchon, and Bledmeer will behave exactly as they do currently on Gaheris. Nothing will change. 
As for Berkstead, Crimthainn, and Nottmoor, since we moved them and adjusted their footprints with the revamp we have changed them on Gaheris as well to mimic the open courtyard layout of the PKs on Ywain. The keep lords you’re familiar with will still hold residence in these three keeps though, but the encounter may be a bit different now given the layout.
Doppelgangers will not be on Gaheris. 
All of the Labyrinth zoning and Agramon zoning changes will also be on Gaheris. This should not affect Gaheris players too much as it is still possible to enter the Labyrinth via the Agramon towers and to exit to Agramon via the obelisks inside.
Q: Just wondering, the towers you have removed from NF with the coming patch, they seem to leave a lot of empty space. I found the ruined keeps towers at Beno etc… quite interesting and should make good areas for fights especially for lesser numbers to use tactics vs. larger number! Sooooo would it not be an interesting idea to leave the other towers in but as ruined towers such as Surs 4 etc…?
A: This is something we’ve thought about but held off on for now. It’s certainly something we *can* do if players would like to see more ruined structures throughout the frontiers.
Q: playing on the test server and seeing the damaged keeps of Beno, DC and Bledmeer they all seemed staged. There were no under growth. They need tall grass and small tree's to make them more realistic.. If you want to keep them looking so clean you should add mobs in the keeps and broken towers that pull the weeds and an aggro to any outsiders. It would be nice if you could add a haste NPC in the inner ruins.
A: Polishing the art for the Ruined Keep, Portal Keeps, Relic Towns and other aspects of the NF update is among our plans. It certainly does stand to reason that a Ruined Keep should appear more overgrown! We would like to get the players involved in certain aspects of Camelot’s development, such as where art resources might be focused next. We hope to accomplish this through feedback, player polls, and through our Community Lead: Carol Kenny.

Thank you to this week's contributors! We'll see you next week for the next edition of the Friday Grab Bag!