Lord of the Grab Bags...Fellowship of the...um...

Posted by Community | 2014 Mar 21 17:13 -0400 GMT

Ok, so this isn't really the Lord of the Grab Bags. It is, however, full of useful information, so please read it before it gets low self esteem.

(We love you Grab Bag. You'll always be special.)

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Q1    Is there any chance that a mailbox system will be added to the game?

A: It’s (high) on our list of priorities! Mail opens up the possibilities for many many other things so we definitely want it in the game sooner rather than later.

Q2   I'm a Legendary crafter in several craft but if i want to set a title i have to check my trainer baaaah, boring... Any chance we can have all title available or - i dream - a title for someone with lot of legendary on the same char? Like Legendary Crafter or somethin?
A: Between the two options it’s easier to implement one-title-to-rule-them –all. It’s something we’d be happy to do for all of you hard working Crafters out there. We'll let you know when it's available so you can strut your stuff. You deserve it.

Q3   What is the predicted effect on zerg vs zerg warfare from the upcoming NF changes?

A: Predicting how everything will play out on a large scale after the revamp is next to impossible, however, here’s an outline of what we’d like to see happen in general:

  • There will be a lot more large-scale, open-field battles than there are currently.
  • Most large-scale invasions will wait until an open-field victory gives the would-be-invaders the chance they need to venture into another realm and establish a foothold.
  • Realm defense will start at the milegates, then move to the boat drop-offs, docks, closest coastal keep, center keep, and end at the relic keeps.
  • Realm defense will be a more frequent feature of everyone’s playtime. Teaming up with realm-mates to ensure access to your Mainland Dock and/or Agramon on each run out from the Portal Keep.
  • Maintaining port to the Center Keep will be critical to a successful defense. If this becomes too hard to do, it’s something we can tweak.
  • Invaders will have to choose between establishing a foothold at a coastal keep or attempting to cut port from the Center Keep. Defenders will have to anticipate and move quickly to thwart either.
Q4   For the upcoming patch, there are 6 total relics and there are three non relic keep, keeps. So my question is where is the 6th relic goes to be placed in that realm? Double relic in one keep just sounds bad. Maybe Reactivting the relic temples would be good. Right now with all the action is seems that there is now reason two enemy realms can't open relic gates now. Plus the relic town is far enough away from temple to make it good to rally and defend temple.

A: We agree that 2 relics in 1 keep isn’t the best solution. However, with the strength relic temple so close to the portal ceremony and the power relic temple being integral to the final Pict event encounter, that just leaves one place left to house the 6th relic. The Ruined Keep!

    Owning all 6 relics is something only the most powerful and organized of realms can accomplish. We rather like the idea of the 6th relic having to go into an always-open keep. That said, when a relic is stored in the Ruined Keep, a small contingent of guards, along with the Keep Lord, will spawn in the lord room. Just like in the other keeps, the relic will become capturable once the Keep Lord is defeated.
Q5   Is it possible for the server lists to display whether or not they have any characters located on them?

Also is it possible to implement a system where you can change between servers without completely logging out of the game client?

A: Improving the log-in dynamic is a big part of what we have in store for players after 1.115 because…well… currently it’s not great. You’ll likely see the updates in the order in which you asked about them – character lists first, then the ability to switch servers without having to close out your client. Can’t wait? Us too.
Bonus questions!

Q6   Could you correct the title Venerable Elder bug for European players?

A:  With the update in our Account Center, this issue will be resolved. More information will be included in a post on the Camelot Herald, and we’ll let you know when it’s time to check /title!

Q7   Do crafted weapons and shields both have the to-hit bonus? What about Summoner's Hall weapons, and how much exactly is the hidden to-hit bonus? 
A: Here is a list of all weapons and shields that get the 5% to-hit bonus:
  • Crafted
  • Summoner’s Hall
  • Artifacts
  • Pictslayer
  • Pictish
  • Champion
  • Dragonslayer
  • ML10
  • Weapons and shields purchased in the battlegrounds
  • New-User-Journey quest-obtained weapons and shields
  • Free weapons and shields received from the King

That's it for this week's Grab Bag! Be sure to keep an eye on the Herald for some announcements. Next week is shaping up to bring us something interesting!

Until next time, my friends - remember not to fall victim to any classic blunders. 
- Never get involved in a land war in Yggdra Forest
- (only slightly less well-known) ... never go in against a Lurikeen when death is on the line!