Traveling Merchants Return!

Posted by Community | 2022 Jul 08 14:35 -0400 GMT
We're happy to announce that the Traveling Merchants have made their return - in a big way!

Prices have been adjusted for some stores, and a wide range of items have been added including event and campaign items, and a bigger potion selection!

The Merchants have set up shop in their usual areas, so be sure to pay them a visit and stock up before they take their leave!

In Albion: Just outside of Castle Sauvage in Camelot Hills
In Midgard: Just outside of Svasud Faste in the Vale of Mularn
In Hibernia: Just outside of Druim Ligen in Connacht

The event will run until Monday, August 1st, 2022!

Additionally, Supremacy buffs have been restored to their original AF and Acuity values, and now include Ultimate Soul and Elemental resists.

Cathal Valley Player Event

The player run zerg events have been a real blast and lots of fun for everyone participating! The next event is already on the horizon and takes us to Cathal Valley! Save the date to take part in this exciting event:

  • July 9th EU prime time, from 7PM CET / 1PM EDT led by Jennypala (Alb), Herorius (Hib), and Vergibtnix (Mid)
  • July 16th during US prime time from 8PM EDT / 2AM CET led by Timbuhktu (Alb), Herorius (Hib), and Leegyn (Mid)
Big thanks to the zerg leaders, and Muylasav for organizing these events!

Cathal Valley will be opened to level 50's for the duration of each event and will have a 50% RP bonus enabled.