Rites of Spring and Killaloe BG Weekend Events

Posted by Community | 2024 Mar 28 15:28 -0400 GMT
The killer bunny makes his annual return! Defeat the Harbinger and earn your own bunny mount!

  • Collect and choose your Gem of the Harbinger reward!
    • Remember, the gem no longer drops as a One-Time-Drop and instead is a loot-choice on the Rites of Spring quest.
    • Killing the Harbinger of Spring mob (battlegroup-credit) still grants the quest automatically.
    • There will be no item exchange service for the Gem of the Harbinger or any of its variants, choose carefully!
    • Players who defeat the Harbinger should be careful, or they'll find themselves forever reminded of the battle!
  • Bunny mounts return! 5 Varieties!
  • Fun and mayhem in Killaloe!
  • Check out the Event Shop in the capital city to pick up your spring-themed shield pattern!
  • 50% RP Bonus on the isle of Ellan Vannin for the duration of the Rites of Spring event!

Read on for the full details!

The Rites of Spring event will be active until Tuesday, April 16th, 2024.

Rites of Spring Event

Visit the following to receive the Rites of Spring quest:

Albion: Sir Yvain in Castle Sauvage or in the Catterick Hamlet relic town
Midgard: Sinfjotli Sigmundarson in Svasud Faste or in the Godrborg relic town
Hibernia: Fionn mac Cumhaill in Druim LIgen or in the Crair Treflan relic town

Remember, the quest is battlegroup credit and also automatically given upon defeating the Harbinger of Spring so don't worry if you forgot to grab it. Note: All characters will be able to obtain the Gem of the Harbinger (or one of its variants) and Bracelet of Springtime Folly, even if they got one last year! 

Defeat the Harbinger to receive your very own Bunny Mount. 

Spring Harbinger

Awarded with the Rites of Spring quest.

Spring Harbinger
(awarded with the Rites of Spring quest)

Additional rare drops from killing the Harbinger of Spring.

Mystic Cony
Coinin Draiocht
Hari of Ostara

Battleground players, don't forget to speak with Lady Mirabelle in Castle Sauvage, Svasud Faste, or Druim Ligen in order to obtain the Egg Hunt quests (unlimited completions now!)!

Don't forget to do the Spring Egg Trophy quest! Simply complete any of the Egg Hunt battleground quests or the Rites of Spring quest to be eligible for and offered it.

The Garden Nest and Flower Box trophies will spruce up any home's garden!

Spring Festival

  • Visit the Event Shop in your realm's capital city to pick up your spring-themed shield pattern!

Killaloe Battleground Weekend

Spring into Killaloe for a hopping time of fun and fights!

The carnage and mayhem is just what the Dread Harbinger thrives on! Pick up the new Quest from the Commanders at your realm's portal keep to earn your very own killer bunny!

Note: the 50% RP bonus in NF will carry into Killaloe.

Dread Harbinger

Killaloe will be open to all from Friday April 5th to Monday, April 8th.