Pendragon Kill Kenny Event Winners

Posted by Community | 2016 Jul 11 09:55 -0400 GMT
Thanks so much to everyone who came out on Saturday to help test patch 1.121 and to take part in a really really fun event! Hectic, maybe even a little chaotic, but incredibly fun. Even if the aim was my death, over and over, and over...and over. You guys really liked that part!

Thoroughly enjoyed, though :)

We even managed to run the event twice, giving away lots of bracers,and also 3 one month game timecodes.Yay!

Bracer Winners

Ulfrika and their group (Mid's 1st deathblow)
Usetactics and their group (Hib's 1st deathblow)
Norezzforu and their group (Alb's 1st deathblow)
Odinbjorn and their group (Mid's 2nd deathblow)
Ashketchem and their group (Alb's 2nd deathblow)
Elendhriel and their group (Hib's 2nd deathblow)
Plzkillkennyforme and their group (most kills - loved the name!)
Korkhe and their group (most heals)
Riddles and their group (most deathblows)

Timecode Winners


Timecodes have all been issued, and all but a couple of the bracers delivered. If you are one of those who hasn't received their bracer yet, check the email you sent us on Saturday and get in touch (same email) - you forgot to tell us what live server character is to receive the bracer!

Also thanks to Lea for streaming the event. You can watch that back on our official YouTube channel here:

Congrats to all the winners, and many thanks again to all of the participants for their testing and feedback on 1.121!