Patch 1.115e Comes to Pendragon!

Posted by Community | 2014 Jun 18 21:33 -0400 GMT

Update - 4:45PM EDT / 2245 CET:  Pendragon is back online!
Pendragon will be taken offline tomorrow, Thursday June 19th at 2:00PM EDT / 2000 CET for the deployment of Pendragon Patch 1.115e. The server will be back up by 7:00PM EDT / 0100 CET. 

Please review the patch notes below!

• Agramon Towers get a new look and a new purpose! Read on to learn more!
• Move more freely throughout the Frontiers with our updates to Docks and Keeps!
• Quest changes, bug fixes, and new items! Check out the changes below!


New Frontiers

• Agramon Towers are now old-style NF towers in place of the Labyrinth towers.
• Players can no longer port to the Labyrinth from Agramon
• Agramon Labyrinth quests have been moved to the maze area in Hadrian’s Wall, Jamtland Mountains, and Emain Macha• New Agramon towers are in a perpetual ruined state with opened doors. They cannot be repaired
• New Agramon towers are tied to the outpost system and appear on the /rw Agramon map, can be claimed, captured, and upgraded. They also contribute to control of Darkness Falls
• New Agramon towers are still only a one-way port. They can be reached by standing next to a portal stone and using the Realmwar Map's Agramon tab

Keep Porting Changes
• A home realm can now port to all of its keeps as long as they own the requisite towers. This includes relic and the coastal keeps but not ruined keeps
• Invading realms will still only be able to port to captured coastal keeps if they have the requisite towers controlled
Darkness Falls
• Darkness Falls access is now gated by the number of both keeps and towers controlled by a realm, rather than just keeps

Dock Changes

• A new dock will be added on the coast in-between the ruined keeps and Portal Keeps.

o This dock will take players to the coastline near the enemy realm's Portal Keeps
o The new Portal Keep docks will be able to be captured just like the Mainland docks
o  Captured Dock Guards will award the same RvR quest that the captured Mainland and Relic-town dock guards give
• Agramon docks have had their boat route changed to the take players further down the enemy realm's coastlines
• A new boat option has been added to the Mainland docks that will take players to the enemy realm's coasts near the Ruined Keeps. This is the same drop-off that was used by the Agramon docks
• The Relic-town docks' boat paths have been altered so that it goes straight down the river to their realm's bridgehead entrance to Agramon. This boat path will no longer swing upriver towards the Relic Keeps

General Changes

  • New items have been added to the Doppelganger Shard loot table including the Draught of Supremacy and the Astral Voltaic Polearm
  • A new potion has been introduced and added to the Doppelganger Shard loot table: The Draught of Celerity   
    • This item provides a 15% Celerity buff for 10 minutes. The Potion has 30 charges
  • A new item has been introduced – The Doppelganger Arcane Mace

Logout Changes
• Players can once again logout in friendly keeps and towers
• Players should no longer be erroneously ported to the Relic Town when logging out in the Portal Keeps

Quest Changes

Pict Quest Changes
• The Picts have returned to the power relic temples
• Relic Milegates are now closed by default until the Center Keep is taken
• The Pictslayer quest can only be completed once per character and still asks players to defeat all 3 Pict high lords

Doppelganger Quests
  • Doppelganger spawn locations have been reduced
    • Hadrian’s Wall, Odin’s Gate, and Emain Macha spawn locations have been reduced from 16 to 9
    • Pennine Mountains, Jamtland Mountains, and Breifine spawn locations have been reduced from 8 to 6
    • Agramon spawn locations have been reduced from 10 to 7

Glass Quest Changes
• Atlantean Glass Quests have received an overhaul.
o New quests, that can only be completed once per character, have been added that will yield a substantial amount of glass and XP to players
o These new quests are essentially the same as the old repeatable ones except that players are asked to complete them in a more linear fashion
o New repeatable glass quests will become available to players after they have finished the non-repeatable quest for each monster type. These quests reward significantly less glass and experience than before.

Bug Fixes

• Pets should now follow mounted players better
• Pets should once again perform melee styles
• Some spells should fire more consistently now (zephyr, enervating poisons)
• Warlock chambers should once again appear over their heads when loaded
Timers will continue to countdown while offline but NPC Buffs are now permanent in duration
• Several adjustments have been made to the collision inside the Labyrinth dungeon that should prevent players from accessing areas inside or behind game geometry