Mordred's Revenge - Betrayal in Caledonia

Posted by Community | 2023 Nov 18 18:11 -0500 GMT

Friends and realm mates,

We are excited to reveal that the recently announced Catch-Up in Caledonia event will be Player vs. Player!

The spirit of Mordred has returned and has cursed the Battleground at Caledonia. This evil has infected the hearts and souls of all who enter, destroying their ability to distinguish friend from foe. Caledonia’s PvP mode will allow players to take up arms against their realm-mates and ally with members of enemy realms. Click 'More' below for details!

The PvP ruleset is specifically limited to the battleground of Caledonia and will remain active for the duration of the event. The standard Catch-Up in Caledonia dynamic of daily level caps and accelerated progression remains largely intact.

The PvP nature of this event includes the following:

• Players may create and join cross realm groups
• Everyone not in your group is considered an enemy, and may be attacked
• Those who fall in combat will release to one of the 3 staging areas which function as safe zones where players may train, regroup, ready-up, and re-enter the fight
• Players may port between all 3 safe zones via the group port Obelisk
• Chat channels such as Region, LFG, and Advice will be visible to all realms

Additional updates and changes include:

• Battlegroups will be unavailable for the PvP Caledonia event (chat groups will still be available)
• Overwhelming Force will not be available for this event
• Newly created characters will be removed from starter guilds
• Certain spells and abilities have been updated, and will be reverted at the conclusion of the event

Players participating in Mordred’s Revenge will get the chance to earn the new title: Kinslayer!

The event starts Monday, December 4th at 3PM EDT / 9PM CET and will conclude on Monday, December 11th at 3PM EDT / 9PM CET. Be sure not to miss this one! Gather your allies and your enemies and start working on those new group set ups!

We are looking forward to seeing you on the Battleground at Caledonia. For power. For glory.

For Mordred.