Live Server Downtime - Patch 1.123B

Posted by John Thornhill | 2017 Jul 31 08:37 -0400 GMT
11 AM EST / 4 PM GMT: Ywain and Gaheris are open to all players once again! 
Developer Note: Due to feedback, the Warlock notes have been adjusted from their first postin

All live servers will be coming down tomorrow, Tuesday, 8/1/17 at 5:45AM EDT / 10:45AM GMT for patch 1.123B!


  • Realm Point “worth” timers have been reduced for /released players!
  • Daily quests have been streamlined and improved!
  • The Hidden Lair instance is here for levels 39 and below!
  • Several bug fixes and class changes!
Check out the full patch notes by clicking the image below!