Inside the Grab Bag's Studio

Posted by Community | 2014 May 16 17:23 -0400 GMT

My noble friends and realm mates:

Sir Grabford Bagsworth here with a special treat for you! This week’s Grab Bag will be an interview with a most popular, sophisticated, and impressive gentleman.  ME!  I’ve locked myself in a tower, the table is set, I look dashing, the wine is flowing, and I will be conversing with a mirror.

I had best begin – Carol is attempting to siege down the door and yelling something about me being "intoxicated" and "crazy".

‘Sorry Carol, maybe if you spent less time stalking players and more time leveling Bruiser you wouldn’t have had your Grab Bag stolen!’

Ahem. Pardon the interruption. Click the ‘More’ link to read my interview! 

Q: Oh wise Sir Grabford - With the last patch, buffs and abilities continue to time out after log-out. A lot of players don’t like the change and would like for buffs to stay as they were. Why was this change made, and did it have the effect that you wanted?

A: A most EXCELLENT query, my Lord – and may I add, those are some very stylish boots you’re wearing!

My good fellow, the change was made because we had wanted players to be able to log in to find that all of their ability timers were ready. Prior to the patch, logging off shortly after using abilities on a timer would freeze that re-use timer.  Unfortunately, this change has caused a few issues we still need to work out. As a result, we are going to revert this change with our next update, 1.115b. Buff and ability timers will no longer continue to count down whilst offline.
Q: My Lord – With 1.115, a change was made preventing players from logging out in keeps. After 10 minutes, any player logged out in a Keep or Tower would log back in to find themselves at their Portal Town. I’ve been asking around, and it seems that this change has negatively affected the preferred play-style of some of my friends and Realm mates. Explain yourself sir!

A: I daresay, old chap easy on the wine!

This was another change made with the hopes of improving the dynamic of a Keep fight. The result however has not been what was anticipated. Logging out in a Keep enables Guilds and indeed any player the opportunity to defend that Keep if it is attacked. Simply kicking players out of the Keeps is not quite the solution we had hoped for – so this feature will be re-enabled in 1.115b and we will be discussing a more elegant dynamic for the future.

Q- Your cup is empty, how about another round? And while we’re discussing Keeps – may I ask why the ability to teleport to Relic Keeps was removed? Does a Realm not have a right to defend its sacred Relics?

A: Don’t mind if I do.

As for the Relic Keeps, this was a change which had to be tested on the live environment over the course of a number of Relic Raids. I’ve personally observed the results and it’s clear that with the new Portal Towns, and the speed with which an invading force can capture a tower, a defending Realm ought to have the right to teleport to their own Relic Keep. You’ll see this as an option in 1.115b when you click on the Portal Stone in your Portal Town.

Q: Portal stone? I may have had a few (dozen) cups of wine, but I’m sure I heard the words “Portal” and “Stone”.  Does this mean that the Portal Ceremony will no longer be used to teleport players to their Portal Keep?

A: Quite. The Portal Ceremony was an important trial. While I still believe that it offers a theoretical improvement to the Frontier dynamic by allowing larger number of players, both grouped and ungrouped, to leave the Portal Keep together and in-force, it does not seem to fit into the current dynamic in the Frontiers. The portal stone will simply replace the ceremony, and players will still be able to teleport to their realm's Portal Keep via the portal stone. Players want to get into the action, and one does not keep a Troll waiting when they are out for blood!


 I had best get on with this. I seem to be running out of time…
Q: My good sir! A gentleman is only as good as his word. You promised us Character and Guild Search months ago! Years! As dashing as you are, I simply will not tolerate any more waiting!

A: As it just so happens, SIR, next week we will be inviting a number of players to assist us in testing the Character and Guild search feature on the Camelot Herald! If you feel your ears burning, it’s because Carol is checking your RvR stats, probably as we speak! If you would like to be considered for Character and Guild Search testing, please advise us through the feedback form on the Camelot Herald! We have a goodly number of slots available, but please be advised that submission does not guarantee admission.
Q: Another wine of cup, Lord Bagsworth. So I’m hearing quite a bit about this 1.115b version. It seems to have some widely requested changes. Can you tell me anything more about it?  

A: You simply must give me the name of your tailor.

Oh, yes. 1.115b. Quite. I’m told that feedback from several sources has been reviewed. The internal Boards and the PostCount forums are great places to interact with the players, but sadly, there are many other players who do not frequent these places and have perfectly valid opinions, and excellent ideas on how to improve the state of the New Frontiers. I know that in many cases, these players have been contacted for direct conversations with the developers and many good ideas were shared. This patch is about improving RvR. The changes I’ve discussed and more will be coming to Pendragon, and when they do – It is my fervent hope that you will help old Sir Grabford B. Bagsworth by continuing the flow of feedback!
Q: I say, your door seems to be quite in shambles. I know a Legendary Woodworker who can fix that right up for you. I’m dreadfully late for dinner with the King, but before I depart. Please tell me a bit about what’s coming up beyond 1.115b.

A: I have heard it through reliable sources that the Kings of the realms have been commissioning the creation of…well…let’s just say some very special things. A break from the normal seasonal event is in store. I’m hearing talk of something new with very interesting rewards for our winners, in-game and out. Oh dear, did I say ‘winners’? That implies a competition…how exciting it would be for all to know of my accomplishments! I simply cannot wait!

So that wraps up this most interesting interview, and may I say Sir Grabford that you’ve been quite the extraordinary host and guest! I'm feeling generous, and will give out some time 30-Day Game Time Codes to people I select in-game!

Oh my. She’s through the gate. Tis no problem, I can charm my way out of this.

‘Why, fair Carol...Hail and well met!

…I say! Unhand me! Let me offer you a nice cup of…’