Friday Grab Bag - 11/12/2021

Posted by Community | 2021 Nov 12 10:33 -0500 GMT
Time for another installment of the Grab Bag!

Hope you've all worked out what realm and characters you'll be playing in the last Caledonia event of the year, starting Monday, Nov 29th! :) I'm still thinking!!

Thanks, as always, to everyone for your questions! You can submit any questions relating to current development plans, to request clarification on basic game mechanic questions, or questions on community issues through the Grab Bag Submission form. For any other feedback or suggestions please use our feedback form.

Read on for the questions :)

When killing the Green Knight for the quest recently, a question kept coming up: do the trees around him heal him or not? He runs around and ports a lot,  but we weren’t sure what heals him. Can you clarify, do they heal/help him in any way?

No, the trees are not part of the encounter. The Green Knight simply heals himself.

With the new implementation of UI scale, most of my fights are disturbed due to UI scaling mid fight because I often use mouse look key and happens to have my mouse in the top left corner. Is there any way or plan to disable this UI scale functionality in a short term ?

Currently there is not a way to disable the UI scaling feature but we can certainly look into implementing a setting to disable it on the character selection screen. We don’t want to do an in-game setting to enable/disable it since there are too many scenarios where users could scale-up and then accidentally lock themselves out of being able to scale-down again in-game.

Can a paladin gain a bonus to evade from the evade mythirian if they have the champion evade buff?

No, when using the Champion Level ability evade/parry buffs to grant the ability to evade or parry, the evade/parry rate is capped at the buff’s value.

Does mythical evade/block/parry increase stack with the champion buff spells of the same type?

There is no Champion Level ability that increases block chance with the ability to block being granted to anyone who is wielding a shield. So the +blocking Mythirian will certainly increase their chance to block further.

The evade and parry buffs grant users the ability to evade and parry and so they will actually cap the caster’s ability to evade or parry to the buff’s values. For instance, a class like the Friar that has Evade 5 is not recommended to use the Champion Level evade abilities Faded Quickness/Nimbleness in combat as their total evade chance will be clamped to the buff’s 11% and 17% values. The same goes for the Champion Level parry abilities Soldier’s Anticipation/Retaliation on classes that can already parry. If they have a high parry specialization that would put them above the 11% or 17% chance to parry, they won’t want to use those abilities.

Hello, there is a TOA proc from a weapon RoG which gives a self damage add.
The info tells " damage : 20% "
But when i hit for 300, the damage added from the self damage add buff is only of 10.
Is that the correct value of this proc ?

After some searching we were able to track down the proc mentioned: a 20% damage add spell, Purestrike.

Damage add damage values are notoriously inconsistent to their delves because their damage gets capped after a certain point and because they are based around unstyled damage swings. Their damage is also lowered the faster the character swings. For instance, a haste buff will decrease the damage add’s damage even while the unstyled melee swing’s damage might be increasing due to strength buffs. So in summary, yes the damage add is working correctly and consistently with all other damage adds, but it is not intended to add 20% extra melee damage to a typical melee swing.

Enjoy the weekend all :)