Friday Grab Bag - 08/02/2019

Posted by Community | 2019 Aug 02 13:38 -0400 GMT
Welcome to the Grab Bag!

Our July newsletter, which went out earlier in the week, contained an update regarding Endless Conquest, a new mask pattern, and much more. Make sure you are signed up to get our newsletter direct to your inbox! In the meantime you can view July's newsletter in your browser here :)

As always, thanks everyone for your questions, do please keep sending them in! You can submit any game related questions you have for our DAoC Devs through our Grab Bag submission formPlease note this is for game mechanic questions. Feedback/ideas/suggestions should be sent in through our feedback form.

On to the questions :)

With the change from alt currencies to bps talked about in newsletter will you be increasing the bp cap?

No. The bounty point cap is there to incentivize players to use their BPs. There are ways for players to spend their BPs crafting equipment, purchasing artifact or master level credit, buying alchemy ingredients, and many others that hold value to other players (can be sold/traded for platinum or other items) or would be valuable to an alternate character on the same account.

Further, the additional ways to earn BPs that are coming with the alternate currency consolidation are being put in place with the existing cap in mind. It will be much easier to earn LOTS of bounty points, but you’ll need to use them to make the most of it!

Please clarify the difference, if any, between Archery Speed/Casting Speed and Archery Damage/Magic Damage as it pertains to all archery classes now. Are they basically the same even though the wording is different or are these two separate values? If a player in Molvik has one item with %5 Casting Speed and another item with 2% Archery Speed, do they hit the Molvik cap of 7%Casting/Archery speed?

When using a bow, Archery Speed = Casting Speed and Archery Damage = Magic Damage.

They stack with each other and are essentially the same thing. In the provided example, having 2% archery speed and 5% casting speed would be the same as having 7% casting speed when using a bow.

What exactly does the buff from Forest Protector, the level 23 Crush weapon style, actually affect? IE. Offensive Heal Proc?

Yes, it would help the heal amounts of the offensive heal procs and any casted heals. Wardens can frequently switch from melee to support roles and maintaining the Forest Protector buff, while sometimes difficult, can have a huge payoff when used in conjunction with casted heals.

I've significantly upgraded my display since my playing days to a triple monitor 7680x1440 display.  I tried playing but this resolution makes it awkward as the camera is too zoomed in and cannot see as much vertically or downwards.  I can't change the perspective no matter what I do.

We’re well aware of how far hardware technology has advanced in recent years and we love updating our rigs too! However, we have to make sure that hardware updates don’t provide players an unfair advantage in RvR.

Anything wider than a 4:3 aspect ratio is adjusted by the game’s engine to maintain the same horizontal-screen visibility to the left and right of the character. Allowing for wider resolutions to continually zoom out to maintain the same vertical-visibiity as lower aspect ratios would let players see much further to either side of the character and would give an unfair advantage in RvR.

For instance, an 800x600 (4:3) resolution game-screen can see just as far to the left and right of a character as a 2560x1440 (16:9) game window can, but the 800x600 actually has better vertical-visibility. At wider resolutions and aspect ratios than 4:3, the only way to maintain that same horizontal-visibility is to zoom in on the character, and at aspect ratios higher than 16:9 the amount of zoom can become too much and so we wouldn’t recommend those resolutions.

Total horizontal-visibility at 7680x1440 is identical to other resolutions but vertical-visibility has to be reduced to maintain that and to prevent any advantage in RvR. The best bet is to reduce the resolution down to a 16:9 aspect ratio or perhaps a slightly higher one that you are still comfortable with.

The /level command appears to no longer function on the Gaheris. Can you confirm is now disabled?

Yes, the /level command and its functionality is entirely disabled.

Enjoy the weekend everyone!
See you in the frontiers! :)