Friday Grab Bag - 07/03/2020

Posted by Community | 2020 Jul 02 19:52 -0400 GMT
Time for the Grab Bag!

Just a note to remind everyone that you can keep up to date on reported game bugs and track their progress on our official DAoC Bug Tracker! Should you know of a bug/issue not listed, please report it via the bug-reports channel in our official Discord, or using our official forums!

Thanks, as always, to everyone for your questions! You can submit any questions relating to current development plans, to request clarification on basic game mechanic questions, or questions on community issues through the Grab Bag Submission form. For any other feedback or suggestions please use our feedback form.

Onward to the questions! 

Does savage h2h and mauler fist wraps reduce shield like other dual wield lines?

From our August 2018 grab bag:

Yes, both Hand to Hand and Fist Wraps have the same penetration bonus as Celtic Dual, Dual Wield, and Left Axe as they are also considered “dual-wielding” specializations. Block and evade chances are reduced by 25% vs dual-wielders.

In testing this, the Savage and Mauler will still likely show more blocks and evades over the same number of tested styles than one of the Light Tanks would but this is because of their comparatively lower weaponskill and not due to a difference in their penetration bonus.

Does the bonus level on weapon(s) affect the chance to proc? Ex. Drakulv axe has a bonus level of 50 vs. Hollowed cleaver bonus level 46?

No, the bonus level does not affect an item’s proc rate chance. Only a given weapon’s (or armor’s) proc rate chance value controls this.

Proc rates are set individually on each item and so this can depend. Typically weapon (and armor) proc rates are between 7 and 12%. Some two-handed weapon procs do have a 3-5% higher proc rate but most two-handed weapons have identical proc rates to their one-handed versions.

Could you explain why Theurgist pets don't die when the theurgist does?

The technical reason is because Theurgist pets (and Animist fire and forget turrets) are non-controlled pets that receive their instructions when summoned. This means that once summoned they have their own AI and are disconnected from their owner and so are unaffected if their original caster dies.

Conversely, controlled pets on classes are directly under control of their caster. This means the pet follows the caster, the caster can direct if the pet is in aggressive, defensive, or passive mode and can direct where it moves and who it attacks at all times, but does nothing on its own without those real-time instructions. Without a controller, this sort of pet has no one to direct it and so is set to be de-summoned whenever its controller dies.

In terms of balance, there are many limitations Theurgist pets have specifically:

  • Can only attack 1 target for their entire duration
  • Low hitpoints
  • Only survive for their duration contrasted to controlled pets which last indefinitely
  • Limited to how many can be summoned at once

Animist FnF pets have similar limitations as well:

  • Can switch targets but cannot move
  • Ground-targeted
  • Low hitpoints
  • Only survive for their duration contrasted to controlled pets which last indefinitely
  • Limited to how many can be summoned at once

The above limitations are just inherent to the pets themselves but there are also many counters such as interrupting their casters before they can get the pets out, killing the pets directly with 1-2 casts or melee swings, and the myriad AoE and single-target pet-clearing abilities available.

Both are iconic classes and provide a unique strategy and playstyle to their respective realm. These differences are part of what makes DAoC so great! Changing this fundamental aspect of these pets living beyond their caster is not something we think warrants changing. That said, if you have constructive feedback regarding these, or any classes, we would love to hear from you!

On the DAOC website 'search tool' I can search for "Howling Wraith Bracer", select the "Midgard" realm, and it displays several results.
The top option, Howling Wraith Bracer shows it drops on ALL 3 REALMS and that it drops from "Kertom". However, after spending roughly 50 orbs (1 orb = 5 tries. Each try yields 3 random items. So a total of 750 random items) not once did a Howling Wraith Bracer drop.

Additionally time was spent farming KERTOM directly (30+ kills, no bracer). So the question is, is the database faulty (displaying an item for a realm that doesn't exist on that realm) or is there an issue with the drop rate? Does this item even drop on Mid? A 3rd-party website shows this as a "Hib only" drop. A second item with this issue was also found, Grymvag Mithril-capped Fang. Says it drops on ALL 3 realms, looks like a "Mid only" drop though.

The Howling Wraith Bracer has +Shadow Mastery skill on it, which is for Vampiirs. It is therefore a Hibernia-only drop. Similarly, Midgard only gets the Howling Soothsayer Bracer to drop from Kertom.

The “realms” flag on the item search is looking at the item itself to see if it is flagged for a specific realm. Since accessories can work across realms (unlike armor which has different resistances depending on the realm or weapons that have realm-specific skills), most of it is flagged as usable by all realms even if it only drops in or has stats that apply to a single realm.

For now, the database simply returns which monster or quest the item comes from but does not differentiate which realm’s monster drops it if there are multiple versions. This is something on our list to improve with the search!

Previously there was a push to get DAOC on Steam.  It was Greenlit by Steam but never progressed because of the EA - Origin - Steam dynamic at the time. It appears that EA is now again allowing their games on Steam.   Any chance that DAOC will be allowed on Steam?   Are there any discussions with EA to do so?

Yes, this is still under discussion. We are still working towards getting Dark Age of Camelot onto Steam as soon as possible!


Have a great weekend, everyone!
And to our US players, Happy 4th of July! :)