Friday Grab Bag - 06/22/2018

Posted by Community | 2018 Jun 22 15:39 -0400 GMT
Hot on the heels of our Producer's Letter yesterday comes the Grab Bag!

We've had a lot of feedback and questions on yesterday's Producer's Letter so you'll find answers and info to the most asked below :) There is still a lot in the works so make sure you send in your thoughts and feedback to our feedback form!

As always, thanks for all your questions, keep 'em coming! You can send in any game related questions you have for our DAoC Devs through our Grab Bag submission form

Read on for the questions!

Hello, I was wondering if you’d still be able/willing to check to see if either Marquis Halphas or Earl Serapis or any other mobs from  Brimstone Caverns (Alb) still drop the Belt of Deepest Darkness  or other “Deepest Darkness” items? I have been killing them but with no such items.

The drop chance for the belt is fairly rare, but it is still dropping on both Marquis Halphas and Earl Serapis.  Good luck!

How does the armor debuff on CS styles function? I see in a grab bag that the %ages can stack, but is it like an ABS debuff or is it a chance to penetrate armor (wither effect)?
Follow up: can any armor piece be withered? Or just head, chest, legs?

The Critical Strike styles use a special, stackable absorption debuff. They do not target a specific piece of equipment like armor wither debuffs but instead reduce the absorption of all equipped armor on the target by their listed amounts; just like normal ABS debuffs except that these also stack with each other.

As for armor wither debuffs like those used by Vampiirs:  only the head, chest, and legs can be targeted by them.

I’ve got my /disband macro ready for whenever I’m near death based on the plan to require targets to be grouped for the Roaming with Friends and For the Realm daily quests!

This is something that we’ve already received a lot of thoughtful feedback on and are planning on changing our approach. We’ll likely leave these quests as they are currently with no requirement that the target be grouped. Thanks again for all of your feedback!

I’m a bit confused about the newly announced in-game Race and Gender change process. Are these changes only going to be cosmetic now?

No. The in-game Race and Gender changes will still change the actual race and gender of your character; however we are planning on a cosmetic-only previewing system that players can use prior to confirming the change(s) to their characters’ race and gender.

I’m curious about the change to Otherworldly Essences and them only dropping Essences of Supremacy and Celerity or nothing at all? What is the reasoning for that?

Some of the changes to RvR rewards are aimed at de-cluttering player inventories when out RvRing more than adjusting the actual rewards. Players who run around picking up Otherworldly Essences, Otherworldy Ores, and killing Doppelgangers quickly fill up their inventory which makes for a bad experience. By moving many of these rewards to the Bounty Point merchant, players get to choose when they are filling up their inventory.

Players will still be able to gather Otherworldly Essences and have a small chance at getting an Essence of Supremacy/Celerity (same chance as they have now) or killing Doppelgangers and getting their realm point rewards without also filling up their inventory with the much more common essences or doppelganger shards that are going to be made available on the BP store.

That said, it likely won’t be exactly nothing when there isn’t a successful roll for an Essence of Supremacy/Celerity. It will more than likely be some sort of small gold or bounty point reward.

You mentioned that players would lose their extra bounty points beyond the new cap coming in Patch 1.125. Can you give us something to spend some of those extra bounty points on prior to the patch?

Absolutely! We’re planning on putting out a small hot fix next week with some goodies to purchase with those extra, hard-earned bounty points. Your ideas are welcome!

Thanks all, every bit is read and appreciated! 

Enjoy the weekend :)