Friday Grab Bag - 05/14/2021

Posted by Community | 2021 May 14 12:37 -0400 GMT
It's Grab Bag time with some stream news :)

Tune into our official DAoC Twitch channel this Saturday night for a multi-pov stream of the player ran 8v8 draft event! Carol will be joined by host RamikOaken and a plethora of streamers from the groups taking part in the event for a fun and fight filled stream with all the action, and of course, giveaways! Stream will kick off at 4 PM EST / 10PM CET on Saturday, May 15th.

The following Saturday's (May 22nd) stream (from Caledonia!) will be a special giveaway stream as we'll be giving away the following (in no particular order):

  • 30 Charge 50% RP Bonus Potion
  • Name Respec
  • 3 Month Game Timecode (#1)
  • Race Respec
  • Dragon Mount
  • 3 Month Game Timecode (#2)
Don't miss out!! Prizes are limited to one win per person. The stream starts approximately 4:45PM EST / 10:45PM CET with the first giveaway starting at 5PM EST / 11PM CET!

Thanks, as always, to everyone for your questions! You can submit any questions relating to current development plans, to request clarification on basic game mechanic questions, or questions on community issues through the Grab Bag Submission form. For any other feedback or suggestions please use our feedback form.

Continue reading for the questions :)

When it comes to a boon (band of the dream conqueror), how does it apply? Is it hit points/af when you applied the boon, or is it hp/af you have at that point while the boon is up? So for example, if I have 600 hits in temp, and I boon, will the boon be worth less as I take damage? Cause I now have less hits?
And with that, if I say, ran 2 crafted to get higher hits/af, and I boon with them up, does that hp/boon decrease if I swap items?

Band of Dream Conqueror’s Triumphant Aura improves your max health, it does not reference your current hit points at all when applying its bonus. It also recalculates the hit point bonus if your max hit point values change via a gear change or buff (debuffs do not affect max HP).
For example:
If a character has 2,702 hit points buffed and uses the band, they will get 4% additional HP for a new total of 2,810, or an increase of 108 hit points.
If that character improves their gear and gets another 150 max hit points, they would have a new base max hits of 2,852 and so the band’s 4% bonus gets recalculated for a new total of 2,966; an increase of 114 hit points.
It does not matter what order the gear is changed or when the buff is used, the bonus will be the same.
The Armor Factor bonus is calculated the same way as HP; with it only referencing the character’s max AF and recalculating the bonus if that value changes. AF debuffs do not affect the character’s max AF (which is based on their equipped gears’ AF values, any AF stats, and their AF buffs).
So the only enemy combat-effect that would lower the effectiveness of an +AF/Hit buff would be a buff shear that removes a constitution or AF buff. As soon as the character is rebuffed, the +AF/Hit bonus would recalculate and increase again though!

How is the Skalds Song of Ragnar Health and Armor buff calculated? Same goes for the Band of Dream grp Aura. Which one of these buffs stacks with each other. I know Band of Dream and Skald Buff stacks so you can get a total of 10% increased AF+Hits.

The class-based +AF/Hits buffs are calculated identically to the Triumphant Aura described in the previous answer.

Class-based +AF/Hit buffs stack with item-based +AF/Hit buffs; however 2 item-based buffs or 2 class-based buffs do not stack with each other.

In a previous Grab Bag in 2019 you discussed how character model height affected LoS. How does shape shifts affect this, if at all?  If I’m an Elf and use croc/wolf/cat etc shape change, is my LoS based on the original toon height or my shape change?

The LOS would be based on the height of the shape shift form. An Elf standing behind a small barrier may be able to cast over it (and be cast upon) but an Elf using a crocodile shape shift form would be too short to cast over the same barrier (or be cast upon).

How is champion rank 5 calculated for damage? I feel like the damage is not what it used to be when I played champ in previous years when using the ability. Is it working as intended still?

Champion’s Realm Rank 5 ability looks at the targets armor absorption%. The Champion’s melee damage is increased the more absorption% their target has.

Damage against a cloth caster should be about the same with or without the RR5 active because the armor absorption values of cloth wearers is 0%.
However a Chain wearer has 27% armor absorption (ABS) and so the Badge of Valor RR5 would reduce its absorption% down to 0% (Plate armor at 34% is also reduced down to 0%), making them as vulnerable to the Champion’s melee damage as a cloth wearer for the duration of the RR5.
All other damage-mitigating abilities and bonuses are not affected though, so it’s quite possible that a high-ABS target could not take as much damage as expected during the RR5’s duration if they have some other strong damage mitigation ability active that can help offset their loss in absorption%. In most combat circumstances a Champion focusing on high-ABS targets during their RR5 will see a nice boost to their damage though!

Does Blademaster triple wield change your weapon dmg to energy or just give you an energy dmg add?

It does not change the Blademaster’s damage type. Triple wield provides a damage add (energy damage) that also prevents the ability to be critical hit, a 15% damage increase, and a 10% accuracy boost.

Thanks all :) 
Enjoy the weekend!