Friday Grab Bag - 04/13/2018

Posted by Community | 2018 Apr 13 16:11 -0400 GMT
Ohhhh...a Friday the 13th Grab Bag! Don't worry, nothing unlucky or scary in here :)

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Read on for this week's questions!

With the addition of the Warlock 4 DOTS of DOOM combo.  Can you guys make the Cure Poison spell cure ALL of the DOTs and Poisons on a target when it is cast.  having to strip them 1 at a time is unfeasible now before you go boom.

There are currently no plans to adjust DoT cures to remove all applied DoTs instead of one at a time.

For Doom specifically, curing any 1 of the 3 preceding DoTs will prevent the application of Doom entirely, so that would be how just one DoT cure can prevent it already – in a way. Additionally, once Doom is applied, curing it won’t prevent its last direct-damage blast from firing regardless. Even multiple poison cures will only remove the applied DoT effects but Doom’s ending DD will still occur as soon as it’s cured.

What does claiming towers do for bonuses, and does it also effect ev towers?

When New Frontier’s launched in patch 1.70 the following bonuses were announced for guilds claiming a keep or tower:

For each hour that your guild has a keep or tower claimed, the guild earns a guild realm point award that is based on the keeps' difficulty level. For keeps, the guild realm points rewarded per hour is equal to 1000 times the difficulty level. For towers, the guild realm points rewarded per hour is equal to 100 times the difficulty level.

At certain upgrade levels, the Keep Lords have a chance to drop special keys that can be used to open supply chests located inside the keep. The supply chests may contain contracts, potions, and special ammunition that can be used for siege engines.

To be clear, this was just a bonus to the guild realm point total and not an actual realm point award to each member of the guild. Investigating this matter, it looks like the guild realm point bonus was removed in patch 1.90 when the keep and tower upgrade costs were removed. Unfortunately, the bonus being removed doesn’t appear to have been noted.

As it stands now, the only benefit to claiming a tower/keep is that it enables the structure to upgrade its level. This is something we can look at improving in the future:  perhaps awarding guilds some merit points for every hour a claimed structure is held.

Is there anything that can be done about the Personal Bind, Personal House, and Guild House Bind Recall stones taking up valuable inventory space?

Yes! It’s about time these were able to be placed into your personal vault, destroyable, and made available elsewhere.

And so they are:

  • Players can now place their Personal Bind, Personal House, and Guild House Bind Recall stones into their personal vaults (/bank) and can now destroy them.
    • Players wishing to obtain another of the Recall Stones can visit the following NPCs:
      • Quartermaster Mills – Albion Throne Room
      • Quartermaster Dreiki – Midgard Throne Room
      • Quartermaster Kindrey – Hibernia Throne Room
    • Make sure to check your /bank for the Recall Stones if you speak to the Quartermasters and they won't give you a new one!

Hello, question is about Mastery of focus, MoF RA abilities. In Pac line level 34 instant mezz spell, would I need MoF5 to increase to lev 50 spell. Or does my specializations and RR play apart in this? For ex. have in Pac specializations 36 +10 from temp & RR, does the plus 10 get added to the level 34 instant Mezz spell and I need MoF 2 for the increase of 6 to bring to level 50?

The Mastery of Focus realm ability raises the base level of a given spell by the listed amount. In your example, the starting point would always the same regardless of your +specialization bonus to the Pacification line, because 34 is the base level of the spell.

How’s Patch 1.125 going?

We’re full-steam ahead on Patch 1.125 development and are still targeting a Spring launch date! Here are some of the highlights that are planned for it:

  • Race, Name, and Gender respec feature along with at least 1 new Race/Class combination in each realm!
  • New Realm vs Realm based alternative currency system that will enable players to obtain certain high-end loot through RvR!
  • A general streamlining of the myriad RvR-related quests and rewards under the new currency system!
  • Keep and tower difficulty adjustments, including attackable ‘postern’ doors that protect keep gatehouses’ boiling oil areas!
  • A new keep-siege dynamic objective system which will be implemented in the Molvik battleground in 1.125 and will potentially be extended in later versions to the other battlegrounds and the Frontier keeps if well-received.
  • Mithril-purchaseable masks that even Minotaurs can wear!
  • Visible cooldown timers on spell icons on the quickbar and on the active buff/debuff area!

There is of course much more but you’ll have to stay tuned for the full patch notes later this Spring!

Exciting changes ahead!

Enjoy the weekend, and see you in the frontiers :)