Friday Grab Bag - 03/05/2021 - Event Edition

Posted by Community | 2021 Mar 05 15:15 -0500 GMT
A mini sort of Grab Bag this week just covering most of the questions we've been asked about the Catch Up in Caledonia Event! Make sure you don't miss out on any of the fun of this event, starts today! :)

For regular grab bags please continue to submit any questions relating to current development plans, to request clarification on basic game mechanic questions, or questions on community issues through the Grab Bag Submission form. For any other feedback or suggestions please use our feedback form.

To the event questions we go!

What pots will be available?

There are endurance regen, endurance heal, water potions, and speed of the hunt gems available on the Bounty Master in Caledonia, among several other goodies!

What about horses/saddles for mount speed?

There are no mounts in the battleground this go around!

What is being done to try to make all 3 realms balanced and prevent portal keep camping?

Caledonia’s zone has been changed slightly for the event.

Players do not start out in their traditional portal keeps and instead are in staging-areas outside of the RvR-enabled area.  In fact, the old portal keeps are completely defenseless now and can be fought over!

Players will one-way teleport (along with their group – think Labyrinth obelisk teleports) to a random location in the RvR-enabled area when they are ready.

This should drastically reduce or wholesale eliminate portal keep-camping and will also make it much more difficult for realms to coalesce as large battlegroups in the zone since there is no guarantee they will port to the same location or even the same side of the zone! To be clear, a grouped player will always teleport along with their nearby group members to the same location, but multiple groups will not teleport together.

Is there a way to quickly find a group?

Yes! Use the /cgf command to flag yourself as looking for a group. Just set your archetype (or several) and click “set” and you’re queued!

Group leaders out there, don’t forget about the /goption (/go for short) command that lets you flag your group as open and able to accept queued players!

What do we do if we’re a pet (charm) class?

Visit the Pet Collector NPC in the staging areas and choose your pet. Charm it quickly as un-charmed pets do not stick around for long!

Can we bind in the zone? How do we get back to the staging areas?

Yes, when you initially zone into the staging area the game will automatically bind your character there. Unlike New Frontiers regions, characters can make use of their Personal Bind Recall stone (and later on, Gateway and Mass Gateway ML abilities) to return to their bind point. Otherwise, your best option may just be a head-long battle charge towards enemy lines – for glory!

Are buffbots allowed?

Yes, buff bots are allowed, but keep in mind that they will need to be levelled too. Please remember that multi-boxing in RvR zones is strictly prohibited. Even just 2 characters that are being actively played with a multi-boxing software or hardware setup qualifies as “multi-boxing”.

What items will be available for purchase and how?

All of the standard battleground bounty point gear is purchasable inside the zone as well as Illustrious gear, doppelganger shards, magic orbs (Random-object-generated gear), and all Bountycraft ingredients that can be used to Bountycraft in the zone!

To obtain the gear players will need to earn bounty points through RvR kills and quest completions and then purchase the gear at the relevant merchants in the staging areas.

In addition to purchasable gear, there is a King’s Emissary who will grant players the ability to train Champion Levels and gift them the free level  King’s Epic gear set, including accessories, as well as the Loyalty Cloak upon reaching level 50!

Will the class Cl15 cloak be available at 50? If so how do you complete the tower quest part?

The Class Loyalty Cloak quests of either Loyalty Rewarded or Loyalty Needed will be given by the King’s Emissary exactly like they are from the King. If the account only qualifies for the Loyalty Needed quest, the character still must complete that tower quest part (after the event is over) to receive the cloak.

Is xp/rp rate increased or same as normal zones?

There is a 200% bonus to experience gain given to Endless Conquest (free) and Veteran (subscribed) characters that are level 10+ in the zone!

In addition, there is a 200% bounty and realm point bonus too!

Will the realm underpop bonus work in Caledonia?

No, the underpopulation system only looks at the New Frontiers region.

Thanks for all the questions and feedback on this event, everyone, wa great to get it all!

Now off to plan my new level 1's :)

See you in Caledonia!