The Dark Age of Camelot Wiki

Posted by Kai Schober | 2011 Jul 13 18:23 -0400 GMT


In the last Producer’s Letter we announced a new Dark Age of Camelot wiki as one of the projects we had planned.  The goal was to allow an easy entry to the immense knowledge surrounding the game and to improve the overall experience both inside and outside the game world.

The wiki had a soft launch together with the new website, and was quickly discovered by some of you. It has since grown by hundreds of articles – especially regarding classes and zones, and the structure of the wiki was improved as well.

Several players have already became regular contributors, amongst which Etaew is most active, with a whole list of ideas on how to improve the wiki.

From today on you will find a direct link to the wiki in the right corner of the news box, next to the Facebook, Twitter and YouTube buttons. Why don’t you check it out and contribute your knowledge about your favorite template, skill set, quest or anything else people might find useful?