Crossroads Event Update

Posted by Community | 2023 Oct 13 09:04 -0400 GMT

Crossroads Covenant has seen incredible RvR over the first week! Based on player feedback, we’ve made the following adjustments:

Cull the Weak and Purge the Wicked quests have had their objectives reduced from 25 Souls/Hearts to 15 Souls/Hearts and rewards changed from 5K BP/RP to 3K BP/RP.
• Note: previous stacks of 25 will have changed to 15. Souls/hearts will stack to 15 going forward.
• The Gatecrasher and Liberator quests have had their objective reduced from 5 to 3, rewards changed from 5K BP/RP to 3K.
Collector and Salvage quests have had their objective reduced from 30 pieces of the Locus of Power to 15, rewards changed from 5KBP/1.5K RP to 2.5K BP/750 RP.
o Note: This is the exact same RP/BP per item turned in.

Additional Event Reward Information:

• Players who complete phase 1 quests will receive your faction’s cloak reward from the previous event in addition to a Battlefield Potion. Additionally, these faction cloaks will be able to be stored in personal and housing vaults at the end of the first event phase.
• Players are not required to have completed phase 1 quests to earn phase 2 rewards which include the special wing effect for your faction.

• Similarly, phase 3 rewards which include faction masks and Mythirians do not require the completion of any previous event phases.

Phase 2 – The conflict spills into the dank and dangerous tunnels of Darkness Falls

Darkness Falls will be open to all realms beginning Friday, October 20th, ending early morning on Monday, October 23rd. 

Phase 3 will commence on Monday, October 23rd.Please keep an eye on the Camelot herald for more details on the final phase of this event!

Thank you, and we’ll see you in the Frontiers!