Crossroads Covenant -Schedule Update

Posted by Community | 2023 Oct 21 20:36 -0400 GMT
Due to zone stability issues in Darkness Falls, the second phase of the Crossroads Covenant event may now be completed on Ellan Vannin.
  • The Princes and Princess can be found on Ellan Vannin and will grant quest credit for 'Competition' and 'Extermination' quests.
  • Credit for enemy realm kills for 'When in Rome' and 'Homewrecker' RvR quests may now be obtained on Ellan Vannin.
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Phase 3 - Old Frontiers  / Hadrian's Wall

Phase 3 will begin shortly after the conclusion of Phase 2 on Tuesday. We will update the Camelot Herald and send out a server-wide message in advance to provide time to prepare!

Anniversary Chests

In celebration of the anniversary and in appreciation for all of our current players, visit your realm's King and receive a gift box! The Anniversary Chests reward will be available from Wednesday, October 25th until Wednesday, November 1st.

Additionally, the Mournful King Halloween dungeon will now open on Thursday, October 26th.

Happy hunting!