Crossroads Covenant Resurges

Posted by Community | 2023 Oct 06 06:26 -0400 GMT
The veil between worlds is thinnest both in places of great spiritual uproar and with proximity to All Hallows Eve. Both the Vigilant order and their Demonic foes have been keeping a close eye on Ellan Vannin as time draws ever closer to the witching hour. Ellan Vannin has always been a place where the veil was thin, too thin some might say. One only needs look to the eternal war of spirits, giants, and ghosts raging under the island to guess that boundaries that might hold strong elsewhere bend and even break in that chaos. Leading experts on both sides agree that the great influx of souls observed last year has only further weakened the barriers. Indeed, in the time since, we’ve seen Demons previously thought to be contained to Darkness Falls manifesting in the Frontiers, strange glowing crystals growing on the island itself, and now rumors fly that objects of power have slipped the veil and can be found scattered across Ellan Vannin. For even if the trip from Otherworld is possible, for objects as strong as the Circlet of Rhiannon or the Tome of Fiends the veil is still too closed for more than fragments to slip through.

Notice from the Vigilant Order

The Vigilant Order is tasking all its most loyal followers to comb every inch of Ellan Vannin and its bordering landmasses to find fragments of the Circlet and recover them before the forces of darkness can repair their damned book. We expect that the presence of even small pieces of the Tome of Fiends along with the previously observed demonic corruption of the area will have had adverse effects on those who work in close proximity to the island. We expect those in positions of power as well as the demonic invaders to be hoarding any shards of the Circlet they come across. It is your job to retrieve those pieces and cleanse them of any lingering corruption!

How? Is it not obvious? We shall purify the pieces just as we do the tainted souls of those fallen to the dark. Indeed our foremost experts say that the process shall require the captured and purified souls of the damned to be successful. To this end we task you with gathering the shards of power jealously guarded, collecting the souls for purification, and combing the island for any materials that may have slipped through the veil at the same time. The process of repairing the Circlet will need materials to aid in the repair after all. And then, with the power of the Circlet, we can finally strike back against the fiends where it hurts!

Beware however; for the nefarious Tome of Fiends came into the world in much the same way and in much the same state and you can be sure we will not be the only ones striving to mend an object of unimaginable power…

Followers of the Order will be enchanted in the crossroad areas of the frontiers with the use of the following blessings:

  • 10% reduction in damage taken
  • 10% reduction in damage done
  • 10% reduction in healing done
  • 100% increased realm point earnings

Phase One Quest Details

  • Hunt for the Crown: Liberator - collect 5 Pages from Keep Lords and Demon Invaders within the Crossroads to complete the quest, repeatable
  • Hunt for the Crown: Purge the Wicked - kill 25/5 enemies for souls - repeatable 25 player kill quest while grouped, 5 solo
  • Hunt for the Crown: Salvage - collect 30 Locuses of Power on Ellan Vannin - repeatable gather quest

Power Grows and Grows

Our book! Our lost book of power is finally within our grasp! As the veil thins, sections of our unholy Tome have appeared around the island of Ellan Vannin, a land now pulsing with dark energy. You, our most devoted follower, must scour every inch of Ellan Vannin and its surrounding lands to unearth fragments of the Tome and retrieve them before the feeble forces of light can mend their wretched Circlet. It is certain that the presence of even the tiniest fragments of the Tome of Fiends has already wreaked havoc upon the feeble hearts of those who dwell nearby. We anticipate that the feeble mortals aligning with the demonic cause are concealing any shards of the Tome they stumble upon. You must get them back!

We charge you with the task of seizing the tightly held shards of power, gathering the hearts for corruption, and scouring the island for any materials that might have slipped through the veil. The reconstruction of the Tome demand power items to facilitate the restoration. And then, armed with the might of the corrupted Tome, we shall exact our revenge upon the feeble-minded fiends where it inflicts the most excruciating pain!

Our Followers will enjoy true superiority around the northern crossroads of the frontiers. Bask in the greatness we offer:

  • 10% increased damage
  • 10% increased healing
  • 10% increased Damage taken
  • 100% increased realm point earnings

Phase One Quest Details

  • Hunt for the Time: Gatecrasher - collect 5 Pages from Keep Lords and Demon Invaders within the Crossroads to complete the quest, repeatable
  • Hunt for the Tome: Cull the Weak - kill 25/5 enemies for hearts - repeatable 25 player kill quest while grouped, 5 solo
  • Hunt for the Tome: Collector - collect 30 Locuses of Power on Ellan Vannin - repeatable gather quest

Players alignment to the Demonic and Vigilant paths have been reset from Crossroads Covenant original event. Players must speak to Gwynn at the relic towns to select their paths and can switch to a new path, or stay on their previous path, but only once, so choose wisely! Speak to the path NPC to join that path.


  • Buggane and Battlefield pots (all types) will not stack with the event buff. Battlefield pots will coexist but not be active. Buggane pots will overwrite the event buff RP%. A charge will be used up if a player uses a Buggane or Battlefield pot. Mithril RP Bonus pots will stack with the event buffs.
  • Cloaks and wings from the first Crossroads Covenant event will be available to players further into the event (so make sure you're on you're preferred path!), along with Battlefield potions.
  • You do not need to participate in Phase One in order to take part in Phase 2 or 3. However, you will miss out on the Phase One rewards (event cloak & battlefield potion) if you do skip Phase One. All quests must be completed at least once to collect that Phase's rewards. Each Phase has rewards at the end.
  • The Harvest Crystal quest on Ellan Vannin and at the Ruined Keeps has ended.

Rewards for Completing Event

There are two rewards for completing the overall event:

  • New cosmetic mask
  • New Mythirian (details later during the event)
Demonic Mask Vigilant Mask

Phase one of our Crossroads Covenant event returns today Friday, October 6th, 2023! The Crossroads Covenant event will expand to Phase 2 (Darkness Falls) and 3 (Otherworld) as the event progresses.