Crossroads Covenant Comes to a Close

Posted by Community | 2023 Nov 07 19:56 -0500 GMT
Crossroads Covenant has concluded! We sincerely hope you enjoyed the event's multiple phases, including a trip to Old Frontiers' Odin's Gate!

Players who have completed all 3 Phases and have a level 10 Mythirian can speak to Gwynn at their relic town to complete a turn in quest for the final Mythirians (stats can be found here):

  • [Coming Home] Ascension - Vigilant path
  • [Enemy Territory] Ascension - Demonic path
    • Note: if Gwynn doesn't speak to you, un-equip the myth and re-equip it

Players with a Phase 2 level 10 or unleveled Mythirian will need to level the Mythirian stages in order to unlock the final version.

Additional Rewards:

Those who have completed all 3 phases of the event can also obtain the below quests from Gwynn and receive their new cosmetic mask reward and a Battlefield RP Potion. The Demonic Mantle and the Visage of the Vigilant Patterns may be applied to any helm to give them the appearance of these masks. Understanding that helms often change, Gwynn soon intends to start offering a replacement pattern provided you were eligible for the original reward. 

Players of the Demonic Order may obtain these rewards via the quest: "A Bargain Fulfilled"

Players loyal to the Order of Vigilance may obtain these rewards via the quest: "Virtue Signaling"

Note: Ruined Keeps will remain until Harvest event.

Coming Up:

Coming later in November we'll have the Harvest event!

December 4th sees the return of the Catch Up in Caledonia event, our 10th such event! Followed by our Midwinter event, including Midwinter Gifts, later in December. And maybe a couple of surprises between now and the end of the year ;)

Stay tuned!