Breach: Mini Event

Posted by Community | 2023 Jun 16 08:48 -0400 GMT
The barriers between worlds is fading. Rumblings have been reported across the island of Ellan Vannin and with them strange crystals have started to form. Tales of old warn speak of these crystals as portents of something to come. Something for which we are not prepared..

Adventurers should speak with the following NPC's to receive two new quests:
  • Albion: Lady Idris in Catterick Hamlet
  • Hibernia: Yda Llonwy in Crair Treflan
  • Midgard: Fathor in Godrborg
Investigate Crystals

Aid your realm in investigating the cause of the breach by collecting  samples of the crystal formations found on Ellan Vannin.

This quest is repeatable and awards 5,000 bounty points and 500 realm points (affected by bonuses) per turn in.

Breached Enemies

Defeat the mobs breaching through the walls between worlds on Ellan Vannin! 

This is a daily quest and is a battlegroup encounter. Defeating any one of these five mobs will complete the quest and award you with a useable crate where you can receive one of the following:
  • Ghostly Weapons
  • Realm Point Bonus Pots
  • Recently Added Extended Potions
  • Old Darkness Falls fashionable items
Note: the quest mobs will also drop their regular loot, however will not give previous quest credits.

The Breach mini event will run until Tuesday, July 4th, 2023.