Breach: The Mazes & Traveling Merchants

Posted by Community | 2024 Apr 29 11:33 -0400 GMT
Our Caledonia event has come to a close but the events don't stop there! Our Breach event in the mazes returns along with the Traveling Merchants!

  • Defeat the Maze bosses to earn realm points and an item reward!
  • New Artifact Level 10 Token reward!
  • Maze Crystals gather quest returns!
  • Travelling Merchants have set up shop once again! 
  • Enjoy a 50% RP bonus in the areas of Pennine Mountains, Breifine, and Jamtland Mountains!
Maze event, Merchants, and RP bonus lasts until Tuesday, May 14th, 2024! Friday, May 17th, 2024! (extended)

Adventurers around the ruins of the old maze are vanishing and scouting parties sent to investigate the ruins of other realms have not returned. We fear a larger evil is brewing deep within, and demons have found another way to enter our lands. Threats to our worlds must be crushed!

Adventurers should speak with the following NPC's to receive two new quests:
  • Albion: Lady Idris in Catterick Hamlet
  • Hibernia: Yda Llonwy in Crair Treflan
  • Midgard: Fathor in Godrborg
Harvesting Crystals

Harvest the crystals that have appeared at the ruins of the old mazes across the realms.

This quest is repeatable, auto completes, and awards 5,000 Bounty Points and 500 Realm Points (affected by bonuses).

Further Breaches

The evil on Ellan Vannin has been halted, but the demons persist on trying to enter our world. Defeat these threats at the ancient maze ruins! 

This is a daily quest and is a Battlegroup encounter. Completing the quest by defeating all three mobs awards you with 10,000 Realm Points (affected by bonuses) and a useable crate which will provide one of the following:

  • Various Trophies
  • Realm Point Bonus Pots
  • Recently Added Extended Potions
  • Wares from Dungeons of Old
  • Artifact Level 10 Token
Note: the quest mobs will not give previous quest credits or drops. The rewards also have a very small chance to drop Catacombs bows. The Artifact Level 10 Token must be handed into an NPC in the Hall of Heroes and does not include the new Mythirians at this time.

Traveling Merchants

The traveling merchants have returned to the realms.

The Merchants have set up shop in their usual areas, so be sure to pay them a visit and stock up before they take their leave!

In Albion: Just outside of gates of Castle Sauvage in Camelot Hills
In Midgard: Just outside of Svasud Faste in the Vale of Mularn
In Hibernia: Just outside of Druim Ligen in Connacht

Maze event, Merchants, and RP bonus lasts until Tuesday, May 14th, 2024! Friday, May 17th, 2024! (extended)