Agramon Tower Event Ends!

Posted by Development | 2014 Jun 02 14:03 -0400 GMT
Today marks the conclusion of our Agramon Tower event. As you know, this change to the New Frontiers was implemented as a temporary event in order to observe and measure how the change would impact action in NF. Should the change be approved as a permanent change, it will return with patch 1.115b. 

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We’ve been observing the action, reviewing the feedback, and participating in the event ourselves. We feel that the Agramon Towers bring an interesting layer of strategy and convenience to movement in the Frontiers and the action on Agramon over the past 10 days has certainly been bustling and interesting. Milegate fights and tri-realm engagements in the Decayed Lands were compelling, long-lived, and enjoyable.

The quest to take the Agramon Towers was removed because we felt it detracted from these capture-points as the necessary part of the Realm War that they are. The Towers are strong objectives and we found that there is no need to provide an incentive to take them beyond their inherent strategic value.

If you have not already provided your feedback on the Agramon Tower event, please do so here: as we are very interested in getting your perspective on how you feel the change affected your RvR experience in the Frontiers. Your feedback will help us determine if the Agramon Towers will become a permanent feature in the New Frontiers.

1.115b will be here soon, and with it some exciting changes to the game beyond tweaks to the New Frontiers (New Camelot Herald features as well as Inventory, Art, and Quest updates!). It’s exciting stuff, so make sure to keep an eye on the Herald for the full list of changes!

Thank you for your feedback and for your support, and we’ll see you in the Frontiers!