Agramon Event and Hot Fix Notes

Posted by Development | 2014 May 22 13:49 -0400 GMT
Update: The Event and Hot Fix Notes are now live!

Greetings friends!

Our response to your New Frontiers Revamp feedback continues apace. While we still have several ideas and fixes brewing, some are ready-to-go! We wanted to get these out to you as soon as possible, so...

We're excited to announce that we'll be doing a temporary Live event designed around the center island of Agramon on Ywain starting this Friday, May 23rd and running until Monday, June 2nd.

This event is special in that it's an example of how we'd like to introduce game changes in the future. Whenever we're planning on making significant changes to the way Frontiers, or any major game system works, we'll introduce the change with a limited Live event. Then we'll eagerly await your feedback. While we know we can't always please everyone, you can rest assured that your thoughtful feedback helps improve our designs and guides our focus.

The most popular of these events will likely be integrated into the game permanently. The not-so-popular events will be just that: a limited-time, unpopular event that runs its course and is soon forgotten.

Note that we do want these events to last long enough to give everyone a chance to try them and give us feedback. Right now we're thinking that would normally be something like 1 to 2 weeks.

Now that that's out of the way, on to the notes!

Control the Island! Agramon Event

Live on Friday, May 23rd; Ends Monday, June 2nd

 Each realm has placed a small contingent of guards in their Labyrinth Agramon Tower and laid claim to it.
      • The Southeast Agramon tower is controlled by Albion
      • The North Agramon tower is controlled by Midgard
      •  The Southwest Agramon tower is controlled by Hibernia

• Whenever a tower’s Captain is killed, the realm that killed them will now control the tower.
      • A broadcast will go out to the realms when a tower is captured.

• Owning an Agramon tower means your realm gets to teleport directly to it from inside your Portal Keep!
      • This teleport is one-way only
      • It is possible to own all 3 Agramon towers at once


• Teleport is achieved by entering the realm specific Bindstone effects that spawn inside the PKs.
       • The Albion Bindstone effect will always teleport players to the Southeast Tower
       • The Midgard Bindstone effect will always teleport players to the North Tower
       • The Hibernia Bindstone effect will always teleport players to the Southwest Tower
       • These effects will disappear at the Portal Keep if your realm loses control of the tower.
       • The location of these teleports will be on the bottom walkway of the wall directly opposite where players port into the PK from the Portal Ceremony. Be sure to move your characters away or they will be ported when the event goes up!

• A new quest has been added, Control the Island!, that awards a platinum-bound chest and your choice of Pictslayer belt.
       • Albion players can visit Sir Yvain in Caer Berkstead to obtain the quest
       • Midgard players can visit Sinfjotli Sigmundarson in Nottmoor Faste to obtain the quest
       • Hibernia players can visit Fionn mac Cumhaill in Dun Crimthainn to obtain the quest

• The Agramon zone points to the Labyrinth will no longer allow players to enter them when the player is in combat.

Hot Fix Notes

Live on Friday, May 23rd

• (Ywain Only) The Ongoing Pictish Nuisance quest has been disabled for the duration of the event.
      • The Pict mobs at each Ruined Keep will no longer spawn 

• (Ywain Only) The Ongoing Pictish Nuisance quest will only be able to be completed once from now on.

• The Doppelgangers on Agramon have been reduced in number from 6 to 3 and have had their potential spawn locations reduced from 10 to 7.

• Bounty items should once again be able to be placed into house vaults.

• Visit the Quartermaster NPC in each realm’s throne room to purchase a Champion Armor Replacement Voucher that will allow you to receive the new Epic Armor if you have accidentally destroyed it.
• Enervating Poisons should now fire consistently.

• Players should be able to get more Nethril Ore if they become stuck on the Recovery of Nethril Ore quest