3 Realms, 7 Questions, 5 Winners...1 Grab Bag!

Posted by Community | 2014 Jun 20 19:35 -0400 GMT

Happy Friday and welcome to another edition of the Dark Age of Camelot Grab Bag! Sir Grabford is still in Carol's dungeon for his theft of her last Grab Bag, so he will not be availble for questions today. The good news is that your good friends on the Dark Age of Camelot Team are!

For your chance to win a 30 Day Game Time Code, please submit your Grab Bag questions to daoc@broadsword.com or via PostCount using the following link:      http://www.postcount.net/forum/forms.php?do=form&fid=5

Q: Things are being worked on. God bless. But is there anyway we could see what you are working on and your priority list are at todays game ?

A: On the horizon are a few initiatives which will broaden the communication between Broadsword and our players. Basic information given through, say, the Grab Bag can be informative – but it’s not always the best way to communicate our vision and progress. We are looking forward to providing video patch notes, dev diaries, and interviews/Q & A with the Dev team so that you can receive important information on a more frequent basis!

Q: Would it be possible to increase size of friend lists please? For years I've been deleting older friends if I wanted to add new ones, it's usually a tough decision. Also it would be great if one could add a short note on the big friend list window, similar to guild notes, for example to remember whose alt toon it is. Adding whole accounts could be an option too, although I like the possibility to stay kind of anonymous when playing different toons.Maybe friend lists could even be the same for all toons of one realm, so I wouldn't have to add them on each one separately.

A: One of the next significant updates we’re planning for the game is UI related. DAoC is a fantastic game, but the UI is rather dated. Some of the features we’re considering are updates to the LFG window, Quest Journal, Inventory Management (how items are moved from players’ inventory to their vaults or paper doll), Chat Windows just to name a few! We’re happy to see that you have so many friends that your list can’t contain them all and will look at increasing the size of the list so you don’t have to kick anybody off!

Q: I am just wondering whether or not the bug where pets cannot keep up with their owner or target is being looked into. Being someone who plays classes who rely on their pets, it's important for my enjoyment of the game.

A: This should be fixed with the new patch on Pendragon. Hop on over there and let us know how it is now!

Q: Some items in game when initially equipped have a 15 minute delay period before you can perform a /use. Some items have a shorter delay period when initially equipped before you can perform a /use. Other items do not have a delay at all when you equip them and perform a /use. Can you explain the logic behind why certain items are assigned to different delay periods when equipped before you can perform a /use? Are there rules/conditions that items must meet or are these different delay periods the product coding inconsistencies?

A: Many items are assigned different timers as a balancing measure. The abilities these items have vary in power and effectiveness, so their timers are determined much in the way that Realm Ability timers are decided.  Some of these items require updating and cleaning up item /use timers to be more consistent and less-punitive is on our list of upcoming game improvements.

Q: When will character transfers be made available?

A: We’re currently focused on the Broadsword Account Center to improve and increase functionality so that players have a much easier experience modifying and creating Dark Age of Camelot accounts. This is a fairly intensive process with many moving parts (such as implementing a system which allows players to locate their characters on archived servers). These changes are necessary for us to pave the way for functionality such as character transfers between accounts. Based on our current schedule, we’re hoping to make character transfers available before the end of the year.

Q: What is Broadswords strategy for bringing back Guild and Realm Pride. A sense of belonging is what keeps the casual and average gamer coming back day after day.

A: In short – compelling new content. Many DAoC players fondly remember large-scale raids requiring the contribution of several classes and a unique level of strategy which made the encounters interesting and rewarding. We are in the process of updating current encounters and creating new content for everyone to enjoy. We have also established Broadsword Official Guilds which will be available to new or returning players in an effort to foster a greater sense of community. The Broadsword Guild Leaders will correspond with the leaders of Guilds that are currently recruiting new members so that all players who prefer to participate in Guilds have the best opportunity to do so.

Q: Does the addition of new Inter-Realm Gear foreshadow the merger of Gaheris into Ywain?

A: Unfortunately, merging Gaheris with Ywain is not a possibility due to the nature of how Realm Points are earned on Gaheris.

A big THANK YOU to all those who have submitted questions! If your question was not answered in this Grab Bag, do not fret - you may just see it on the next one!

From all of us at Broadsword - enjoy your weekend and we'll see you in the Frontiers!