21st Anniversary King's Tournament

Posted by Community | 2022 Sep 23 07:59 -0400 GMT
Friends and Realm mates,

In celebration of our 21st Year Anniversary, the Dark Age of Camelot team is pleased to announce the return of our King's Tournament!

With the King’s Tournament there will be three winning categories:
  • Solo Kills
  • Keeps Captured
  • “Skill Index” score based on a combination of RvR metrics (including RPs-per-kill and kills-to-deaths ratios, as well as some others).

The top winner in each category in each realm will win their very own statue in-game, stylized after their character and placed in their realm's capital city! We'll also be offering rewards for the top 10 in each category, details of which will follow.

The tournament starts October 1st and ends midnight October 31st!

King Constantine of Albion, King Eirik of Midgard, and King Lamfhota of Hibernia are looking for champions to inspire their realm to even greater glory! Will you be one of them!?

More info and leaderboards (from Oct 1st) can be found here.