Chapter 1
You must be level 50 to start this quest line. This quest cannot be completed solo, you will need a group or more to complete Chapter 1. 


Once you've completed the Prologue, continue speaking with Lieutenant Haley to obtain the quest: [Spirits]: Picking a Fight.
Lieutenant Haley wants you to travel to Camelot and speak with Magess Dejahra.
Magess Dejahra can be found in the Academy (loc: 24688, 22166, 8008)
Speak with her to complete the first part of the quest.

Continue speaking with Magess Dejahra to obtain the quest: [Spirits]: Energetic Collections.
Magess Dejahra wants you to travel into Darkness Falls and retrieve the spirtual conduit of a Succubus.
Travel to Darkness Falls and kill a Succubus. You may need groupmates to help with this step as Darkness Falls is a RvR dungeon.
You may need to kill more than one to get credit.

Once completed, return to Lieutenant Haley in Lyonesse.
Speak with her to complete this part of the quest.
Continue speaking with Lieutenant Haley to obtain the quest: [Spirits]: Into the Spirit World.
Lieutenant Haley wants you to travel through King Uther's portal, and find Master Burray.
Run towards the glowing portal in King Uther's camp, and port through. You must be on this step of the quest, or have already completed this quest, to enter the portal.

Once you've entered the portal, find and speak with Master Burray to complete this part of the quest.
Continue speaking with Master Burray to obtain the quest: [Spirits]: Lost in Transition.
Master Burray wants to open a two-way portal between the worlds, and needs your protection to complete the ritual.
When ready, tell Master Burray to [begin].
As he ventures between 3 portal stones, ghostly mobs will attack and try to kill him.
Keep him healed, and defeat all attackers!
Once the portal ritual is complete, Master Burray will return to the center of the portal stones, where you can now speak with him to complete the quest.

Continue speaking with Master Burray to obtain the quest: [Spirits]: Removing the Captain.
Master Burray needs your help to keep the portal open. To prevent reinforcements arriving, Master Burray asks you to kill the Spirit Captain.
The Spirit Captain can be found behind the building south-east of the portal stones. Kill him and any adds that come with him. 
Once he's dead, return to Master Burray to complete the quest, and obtain your ring reward.

Additional Quests

There are two additional quests available in this Chapter, seperate from the main quest line. These quests can be obtained from the Otherworld version of Lieutenant Haley, located directly east of the three portal stones. 

[Spirits]: Spiritual Retirement

Lietenant Haley wants to you help thin the ghostly mob numbers by killing an amount of the following mobs:

  • Defeat 10 Spirit Mages
  • Defeat 10 Spirit Scouts
  • Defeat 10 Spirit Soldiers

Once completed, return to Lieutenant Haley for your reward.

[Spirits]: Otherworldly Flora

Lieutenant Haley wants you to collect one of the very tall plants that appear native to the Spirit World for study.

  • Pick one of these plants by right clicking with your mouse.

Return to Leutenant Haley for your reward.
This quest shows you the Otherworldy Essences that you can collect to craft the 6 new potions coming in Chapter 2, including Draught of Supremacy.


Details and information for Chapter 1 can be found in Patch Notes 1.118.

  • Chapter 1 of the campaign continues from the Prologue’s quest and encounters that came out in the 1.117 patch. As such, in order to begin Chapter 1, players will need to complete the Prologue’s quests first if they have not already done so.
    • Earn the new Otherworldly Rings for completing Chapter 1!
    • To begin the Prologue visit the following NPCs once you’ve reached level 50:
      • Albion: Chamberlain Harlen in the Throne Room
      • Midgard: Athr Hasetti Theyr in the Throne Room
      • Hibernia: Seneschal Desmond in the Throne Room
    • For those that have already completed the Prologue and are ready to begin Chapter 1, visit the following NPCs to continue:
      • Albion: Lieutenant Haley in Lyonesse
      • Midgard: Arin Snowtouch in Vanern Swamp
      • Hibernia: Nara Manastrong in Bog of Cullen

Fan Fiction

Journal of Erudithe
Mistress of the Elementals

I woke refreshed this morn with remembrances of quickly fading dreams, a spirit world entwined. It is noted. A consultation with Haley and there is word from beloved Camelot, not my beloved, yet still a Camelot I raise goblet to in remembrance of Master Merlin and his homage to my Isle. I will consult among my order. Who better than Magess Dejahra. If Haley's letter be true, Dejahra has news for my ears alone. A quick journey then. Perhaps forgoing the pleasures of the horse. I travel.

Magess Dejahra welcomes me warmly. Not with smiles, platitudes or open arms, but with possibilities, information, a shared proponent. In Darkness Falls may be found the spiritual conduit of a Succubus. A conduit that may help in the search for understanding of this Uther. I am in her debt, slightly. What I bring will quickly repay all and more. I will gather this conduit, and take it to Haley. Perhaps there I will be able to determine it's usefulness.

Darkness Falls is not as I quite remembered. It is a changed dichotomy of enhanced creatures, along with heightened levels of activity from other realms. I wonder for a brief time if these other realms are likewise experiencing oddities of nature. It matters not; even if so they lack the fortitude, knowledge, and understanding to pierce the veil of blindness so many garb as daily cloth. I press on. My elemental creatures soon overcome one such succubus, offering me just so a conduit as described, perfectly. Before I take my leave, plaintiff folks of Albion, not Avalon, but nevertheless Albion, request my services. They do not understand the changes. They are not able to gather these conduits even after capturing such succubi as they may. I consult my notes and my elementals. After such discernment, it is clear; if not a kill alone, a battle group is most effective for capturing conduits, even capturing many conduits for one kill, though I know not why at this time. A notation is made. Perhaps the magic of the realm assists in tying those conduits that seek to escape capture upon death of the host. Whether or not, Albion is told, and I pass this to a captain of the Defenders of Albion, present at my side. He nods, and will send information to those more learned, than himself of course. With help assured and my self worth again told, I take my leave. To Haley's post, let us discover the secrets of this conduit.

This time, again I take liberties. A simple horse and saddle. I can feel the elements chatting happily with me, alongside me though I am quiet in thought of ancient ways. Bubling with excitement and possibility. They too are interested in the deep changes at work, and follow me back to Lyonesse. Once there Haley bows, and smiles. She has word from one of my order who has traveled ahead. Master Burray, always the upstart. Will he ever plan before he acts? Not likely, so long as he has clearheaded friends such as I to his aid. We all come as we are, and he is more than some, one who may help if truth be told. If he seeks this conduit than perhaps we can have an exchange of sorts. To this portal then, and beyond.

I pause first, as some of Uthers creatures have formed. Yet they sense my understanding of their weakness, and let me pass. It was not for the elementals I called to attack, that was mere distraction. I am too focused on this portal to play with simple spirits at bay.

Master Burray laughs. Of course it is I who bring him a spiritual conduit from a Succubus. Let us talk plainly, Burray, as of old. I agree with his assessment, we must have a two-way portal. Without further study of this.... place, there is no sure way to retain this knowledge. Burray wishes for assistance. Of course he comes to me. I can assist. I will defend him. Mesmerize these nuisances as they appear. My creatures making short work of any bold dervishes. We operate as planned, then. Even with his shaky steps, I keep him on his course, he completes the ritual. There was a useful cleric present, it is scribed. I must remember to thank her Lady Triss when this is finished. She notices my gaze and gives a short curtsy. I might have nodded, but have moved on. These creatures appeared adept at improvising. At two points did I need guard the cleric simply as she healed the Master. Intelligence of sorts then, or heavy and full directives from their conduit; the former seems more plausible, but we will continue to investigate these possibilities.

I speak with Burray again. He pleads with me to capture this Spirit Captain. I shake my head. Poor Burray, you as well as I know the Spirits are not to be captured. To dissipate then. The Defender of Albion behind me frowns. Kill, I clarify. He smiles, thinking I have changed my mind. Simple directives. I glance again without glancing, as only a woman can; a rather large sword for a Briton. Still, too easily won, it would seem as he smiles at me. I gather those looking to me and we go in search of this Spirit Captain. I am for once grateful for the company. While they work at battling, I study. This creature! Such interesting magic for an orange spirit. I consider harnessing its energy, but not without conclusive study. Not yet.

I lend brief assistance, mesmerizing aid arriving to the Spirit Captain. An effective leader then, or simply a strong magnet for spiritual forces. A conduit of sorts, perhaps. That appears so far a strategy, an elemental theme for this Uther. I come back to the present. The Spirit Captain has been dispersed, his essence destroyed. Albion steel then yet appears effective. I pass this information on to the Defenders of Albion. This time it seems they need not my interpretation. Well, they may have their victory, if it provides me true study. I care not for war trophy's or boastings by rune light. Mysteries of tome, therein my true delight.

Thinking these thoughts. I begin to catalouge this strange place. The air is thick with energy, creatures out of the mist disappear at whim, yet still tied to biddings from forces unlearned. There is some energy prohibiting me from passing further. My best efforts, naught. Then it is impossible at present. The way must be circuitous. Nintey degrees from center, I redirect my energy and focus. To Master Burray.

A surprise then of some value. He has fashioned certain rings of power from this strange land. I am hesitant to equip one for fear of reprecussions unleared. Yet a brief glimps of its working and I am reassured. It is simply done, yet powerful. I equip and feel more finely attuned to my elements. I spare a second glance for Burray. If only he were but a century younger. They do not make as they used to. Still, I will stay a while. This plant. Such vibrant foliage. It has a potency fit for the finest alchemist. I must catalogue, everything.

and her notes

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