1.118 Live Patch Notes


  • Prove yourself against the newest threat to the realms and unlock new stat caps for your character in the Otherworlds Campaign!
  • The New Frontiers pathing fixes are in!
  • Keltoi Fogou, The Cursed Tomb, Spraggon Den, Tepok’s Mine, Vendo Caverns, and Kaolinth Cavern dungeons have been revamped with new monster difficulty and rewards!
  • The Casual Group Finder system should form groups much more quickly than before!
  • Darkness Falls mob difficulty is now reduced!

Otherworlds Campaign

  • Chapter 1 of the Otherworlds Campaign is now live!
  • Chapter 1 of the campaign continues from the Prologue’s quest and encounters that came out in the 1.117 patch. As such, in order to begin Chapter 1, players will need to complete the Prologue’s quests first if they have not already done so.
    • Earn the new Otherworldly Rings for completing Chapter 1!
    • To begin the Prologue visit the following NPCs once you’ve reached level 50:
      • Albion: Chamberlain Harlen in the Throne Room
      • Midgard: Athr Hasetti Theyr in the Throne Room
      • Hibernia: Seneschal Desmond in the Throne Room
    • For those that have already completed the Prologue and are ready to begin Chapter 1, visit the following NPCs to continue:
      • Albion: Lieutenant Haley in Lyonesse
      • Midgard: Arin Snowtouch in Vanern Swamp
      • Hibernia: Nara Manastrong in Bog of Cullen
  • The Otherworlds campaign will encompass 11 total chapters, including the prologue, to be released every few weeks throughout the summer and fall!
    • Each chapter’s release will be accompanied by new item rewards or a crafting update:
      • New item rewards will be obtainable via the chapter’s quest chain and trade-able; no need to farm boss mobs over and over!
      • New item rewards will contain new Mythical stat cap bonuses!
      • Chapter 2, coming in only a few weeks, will allow players to craft 6 new potions, including the Draught of Supremacy!
  • Stay tuned for more detailed notes when Chapter 2 releases!
    • Craftable Legendary Weapons will be receiving improvements in a later chapter as well!
  • A new Herald feature, the Otherworlds Campaign Calendar will let you easily follow along as the campaign progresses (follow along HERE)!
    • Walkthroughs for previously released chapters will be added to the calendar at each new chapters’ release, along with notes for the new one!



  • Several changes have been made to the pet pathing in all New Frontiers zones. The end result should be better pet pathing on the whole and specifically across bridges such as the Occasus' Bridge in Hadrian's Wall and around the Midgard “maze” area.
    • Please note that while these fixes should drastically improve the pathing seen in the New Frontiers, they will not be perfect. For instance, we’re aware of a few outstanding issues around the base of some bridges and the Albion "maze" area that we have plans to fix later this summer!
  • Doppelgangers now have a higher chance to drop alchemy’s specialty components and a lower chance to drop the rare siege ammunition.



  • Powerful surges of magic have once again been detected in several dungeons across the realms. Sages report that the dungeons most recently affected are Keltoi Fogou and Tepok's Mine in Albion, the Cursed Tomb and the Vendo Caverns in Midgard, and the Spraggon Den and the Koalinth Tribal Cavern in Hibernia. These surges of magic appeared more powerful than the first round, and adventurers are once again requested to investigate.
    • The monster levels in Keltoi Fogou, the Cursed Tomb, and the Spraggon Den have been adjusted. Players from levels 18 to 26 should find these locations to be good hunting grounds, offering increased experience and coin.
    • The monster levels in Tepok's Mine, the Vendo Caverns, and the Koalinth Tribal Cavern have been adjusted. Players from level 26 to 34 should find these locations to be good hunting grounds, offering increased experience and coin.
    • The loot in Keltoi Fogou, the Cursed Tomb, the Spraggon Den, Tepok's Mine, the Vendo Caverns, and the Koalinth Tribal Cavern has been updated. Players adventuring in this area may find basic armor of all kinds off of most of the dungeon enemies. Additionally, the named enemies in these dungeons now have a chance to drop new, improved items.
    • Several quests have been added to the different towns throughout the world directing players to these dungeons. These will have players investigating these dungeons, learning more about the enemies within and attempting to stop whatever evil plans they are hatching.


Casual Group Finder          

  • The Casual Group Finder system was built to form functional, yet casual full groups. However, after observing it in action, the time it took to find Crowd Control classes was making the system take much longer than anticipated. As such, we've changed the way RvR groups get formed which should drastically speed up the process of creating Casual groups. After listening to your feedback, we feel confident that this is the correct direction as we've made the hard part of initial group formation easier with these changes. Once groups are initially formed, the CGF will automatically fill the remaining slots as outlined below -or- if the group members wish to change to a normal group ruleset, they can add/remove players manually. So, if you've tried the CGF system on Live before without results, or if you haven't yet, give it a shot now!
    • The Casual Group Finder's RvR group-forming rules have been changed as follows:
Core group of 3 roles (CC, Healer, DPS)
4th group slot: Utility
5th group slot: DPS
6th group slot: Healer
7th group slot: DPS
8th group slot: Utility first, then DPS

Core group of 3 roles (Utility, Healer, DPS)
4th group slot: Utility
5th group slot: DPS
6th group slot: Healer
7th group slot: DPS
8th group slot: CC first, then DPS
  • To bring up the Casual Group Finder, simply type /cgf!
  • The rest of information about how the Casual Group Finder works can be found in the FAQ HERE or you can watch the how-to video HERE!
  • The Casual Group Finder window will now appear when first logging into the game and whenever a character zones into the New Frontiers region ungrouped.
    • The Casual Group Finder window will not appear to players under level 5.
    • The Casual Group Finder window will not appear when relogging; instead only showing when logging into the game for the first time and when zoning into a New Frontiers zone ungrouped.



  • Non-boss and non-encounter mobs in the Darkness Falls dungeon have had their difficulty reduced.
  • All stat buffs received from potions can now be sheared. This includes but is not limited to the Draught of Supremacy and Heroism potions.
  • Draughts of Supremacy and Heroism will now trigger a 30s global potion reuse timer instead of 5s.
  • The /who command will no longer display zone names for listed characters in New Frontiers. Instead, players will just see “in the frontiers” when using /who to search for characters there.
    • A side effect of this change means all New Frontiers /who <zone name> commands no longer return results.
    • (Gaheris Only) The /who command will return specific zone results for players in the frontier regions. For example, on Gaheris, players who /who a player in Pennine Mountains will return "Pennine Mountains" still instead of just "Frontiers" as they do on the Ywain server now.
  • Mythical item stat bonuses and their caps have been changed in the following way:
    • Mythical stat cap items previously introduced have allowed players to exceed the traditional item stat caps of 101. However, until now, these mythical stats caps were uncapped. With the coming Otherworlds campaign and more mythical stat cap availability, the overall stat cap from items is now set to 127 (or 75+52).
    • This stat cap of 127 can be reached either solely with mythical item stat caps (75+52=127) or in combination with traditional stat caps which still have the same +26 limit.
      • Traditional stat caps are still only able to go up to +26 stat cap at level 50.
      • Mythical stat caps are able to go up to +52 stat cap at level 50, but cannot exceed the new 127 stat cap threshold even if used in combination with traditional stat caps.
  • Spellcrafted gems have had their +stat bonus values rounded up to remove the hidden values as follows:
Old stat bonus values on spellcrafted gems (hidden values in parentheses):
  • 1  (1.5)
  • 4 (4.5)
  • 7 (7.5)
  • 10 (10.5)
  • 13 (13.5)
  • 16 (16.5)
  • 19 (19.5)
  • 22 (22.5)
  • 25 (25.5)
  • 28 (28.5)
New stat bonus values on spellcrafted gems:
  • 2
  • 5
  • 8
  • 11
  • 14
  • 17
  • 20
  • 23
  • 26
  • 29
    • Note that the spellcrafting stat bonus value increase will not affect already-imbued items but will affect already-crafted gems that have not been imbued to an item yet.
    • Note that spellcrafted items that exist or were created prior to this patch will lose the .5 hidden stat bonuses mentioned above. 
  • In addition to raising the stat bonus levels of spellcrafted gems, the imbue cost values have been reduced for stat bonuses as follows:
Old imbue costs:
  • 1
  • 3
  • 5
  • 7
  • 9
  • 11
  • 13
  • 15
  • 17
  • 19
New imbue costs (these have been raised slightly from their 1.118c Pendragon values due to feedback):
  • 1
  • 2
  • 4
  • 6
  • 8
  • 9
  • 11
  • 13
  • 15
  • 16
    • Note that this will not affect imbue cost values on already-imbued items but will affect the imbue cost values on already-crafted gems that have yet to be imbued to an item.
  • The changes to stat bonus values and imbue costs will allow players to fit in more stat bonuses per spellcrafted piece than previously possible!
  • Along with the changes to Mythical stat cap and spellcrafted stat bonuses, bonus levels on most items (unless specifically set to 50) have had their values reduced by 1-2 levels.
    • This means that some previously unused items will now be usable by lower levels.
    • It also means that any pre-existing bonus level 51 ROG (Random Object Generated) items should now be bonus level 50 or lower. 

Bug Fixes

  • (Gaheris Only) Characters will no longer be teleported to portal keeps when logging in near outposts in NF.
  • (Gaheris Only) Players can now accept and complete all realms’ versions of the New User Journey and Tutorial quests.
  • Level 10-18 classic-world dungeon mythirians should now be set to their proper bonus level values.
  • Characters must now be logged in for 15 minutes before they can salvage siege weapons.
  • Trial account characters can no longer salvage materials from items.